How Long Do Budgies Sleep?

Budgies (also known as Budgerigars or Parakeets) are super-popular among avian-enthusiasts.

And why not? Budgies are very social, playful, colorful, and love to chat (as much as any other talking parrot).

These wonderful little birdies are easily cared for too, and often termed beginner birds.

If you’re the proud parent of a vivacious little budgie or plan to get one, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with a budgie’s daily needs and routine.

One common question most budgie fans are curious about is

How long do budgies sleep?

If you’ve been surfing through countless results on Google, trying to ascertain your Parakeet’s nightly routine, then you might want to stick around.

We’re about to break down all there is to know about budgie sleep patterns and what you need to do to ensure your feathered friend catches the appropriate amount of Z’s.

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The Budgie Sleep Cycle – How Long Do Budgies Sleep?

How Much Sleep Do Budgies Need?

On average, birds need to sleep at least 12 to 13 hours per day.

And, you’ll be surprised to learn that you could have cranky budgie on your hands if it’s not getting enough sleep.

And, even more surprisingly, birds can enter the breeding phase if their rest isn’t what it’s supposed to be. 

But, before you get a full-blown panic attack, you need to understand that budgies in captivity will unlikely be able to sleep and awaken like their counterparts in the wild.

Birds are photosensitive like Count Dracula, which means a lot of their life is controlled via the sun’s light. For example, birds in the wild sleep when the sun goes down and awaken when the sun rises.

And, budgies mate in the spring and summer periods – when the daylight hours are aplenty. 

We’re not trying to give you a budgie information overload – but you must understand that your parakeet’s natural relation with light plays a significant role in when it falls asleep. 

If you place your feathered friend’s cage in an area of your house that receives a lot of light (direct or indirect), your pet is going to have difficulty sleeping. 

We understand that you can’t exist in perpetual darkness, nor would we want you to.

The good news is you can invest in a sleep cage (Something like this) for your budgie and place the cage in a location where there’s not too much noise – that’ll help your parakeet stick to its daily sleep.

Also, try and ensure that you stick to a schedule when it comes to your budgies sleep and waking regimen.

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What Time Do Budgies Sleep?

Remember when we said birds’ lives kind of revolve around the sun?

Well, when to put your budgie to sleep depends first and foremost on what season it is. 

We know that sounds like crazy talk – but in summers, your budgie will likely wake up earlier in the mornings because the sun rises early and sets, taking its own sweet time.

Conversely, in winters, your birdie will prefer to wake up a little later because winter means fewer daylight hours. 

Another factor you should consider while trying to set your pet’s sleepy time is when things quieten down in your house.

If your family home is hustling and bustling till 8 in the evening, then getting your budgie to settle down before then will prove a little tricky. 

Ideally, your budgie’s sleeping time should be past sunset – whenever your house or daily routine settles down to ensure undisturbed sleep for your pet. 

My Budgie Is Puffed Up And Sleepy – Should You Be Worried?

It’s quite natural to see your pet budgie fluff or puff up when it’s trying to relax or keep itself warm.

As a matter of fact, budgies also tend to fluff up when trying to attract a mate, when excited, in need of a bath, or are trying to settle their feathers the right way.

So, you may catch your little songbird puffing up during night time when it’s trying to unwind before bedtime. 

However, if your budgie stays puffed up all day, along with symptoms like fast breathing, wheezing, lethargy, loss of appetite, or excessive sleep – then a quick trip to the vet is in order because chances are your pet is sick. 

Do Budgies Sleep During The Day?

It’s pretty normal for your pet bird to take a little nap every so often during the day.

Don’t let the naps make you anxious about overthrowing your budgie’s sleep pattern because that’s just your pet trying to live its life normally. 

You have a higher chance of catching your parakeet taking a siesta if it has had a restless night or its daily sleep routine was somehow disturbed (i.e., you hosted a party at your home). 

Do Budgies Sleep With Their Eyes Open?

When your budgie is all nice and warm and feels safe in its surroundings – it will generally sleep with its eyes closed and rest its head on its back.

Your budgie’s sleeping position might seem like your worst orthopedic nightmare – but that’s just how budgies roll. 

However, if your budgie is unwilling to shut its eyes for sleepy time, it may be that your pet is afraid or lonely or both – and it’s time to get your budgie a pal for some company. 

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Do Budgies Need Darkness To Sleep?

A Parakeet is hard-wired by nature to set its sleeping time according to the sun’s movement.

That’s why your budgie most certainly needs darkness to sleep because that’s how your feathered pet understands it’s time to turn in. 

You can ensure your budgie’s beauty sleep by covering its cage with a blanket or by turning off the lights in the room where the cage is located. 

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Can Budgies Sleep With Noise?

Budgies are pretty noise-sensitive, and that means that they’ll be unlikely to settle down for the night when there’s some sort of sound of movement to distract them.

However, having said that, some budgies seem to take noisy background noise in their stride – it all depends on your pet’s personality.

Parakeets may also grow used to certain sounds over time, which helps them fall asleep despite the lack of silence. 

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How Do Budgies Sleep?

It’s important to always make sure our little birdies are sleeping well

We want to make sure they are well and healthy especially when they are sleeping

Budgies do need their sleep

Otherwise they can become grumpy!

So how exactly do these little cute budgies sleep?

Here’s three things to look out for

Your parakeet is resting on one leg

Yep, they sleep on one leg

I don’t know how they find that comfortable but it is what it is!

The reason why they do this is because it helps minimize heat loss from their featherless legs (pretty interesting right?)

Don’t worry about them falling off their perch as there four toes are arranged in such a way that they have a very good grasp on their perch, swing or cage bar

Eyes are closed! 

It’s pretty obvious but worth a mention

If your birds eyes are closed, chances are they are sleeping and resting

But here’s the thing

Closed eyes is not the only sign that your budgie is sleeping

Sometimes they close their eyes when they are just feeling nice and cozy!

Head tucked into their feathers

Another weird of sleeping but hey it’s pretty interesting!

Budgies will tuck their head under their wing


To relax!

It makes it easier for them to fall asleep because it’s comfier, it’s dark and they can rest their cute little head

Final Words 

Yup, your budgie is more like you according to habits than you think – be it the need for darkness or silence to fall asleep.

As a proud budgie parent, we’re sure you are always on the lookout for ways of making your little birdie’s life easier. 

And, trying to get your parakeet to fall asleep according to schedule is easier than you think.

All you have to do is pick a spot that offers plenty of privacy and darkness – and you’ll be all set. 

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