Can Birds Sleep With Noise

Birds need quietness and calmness when they sleep

If it’s noisy in the household or whatever room they are in it may not just be difficult for a bird to sleep but impossible

And this is not good for your birds health as they need sleep

In this article we’ll get into more detail

We’re going to cover the following topics

  • Do birds need quiet to sleep?
  • Are birds sensitive to noise?
  • Do birds like loud noises?
  • What time should I put my bird to bed?

Lots to cover!

Sound good?

Let’s get started

Do Birds Need Quiet To Sleep?

Yes, birds need quietness to sleep according to

If it’s noisy in your household at the time your bird is trying to sleep it’s going to be literally impossible for your birdie to get some sleep

That’s why it is important to keep your bird in another room where there is no disturbance

A bird needs 10 – 12 hours sleep

They usually go to sleep at sunset and wake up at sunrise

A bird that does not get their full sleep can cause problems

Consequence of less sleep

If you don’t get much sleep it can affect you during the day

So just like humans, pet birds can often experience unpleasant consequences due to lack of sleep

Birds that don’t get enough sleep can become anxious and this can result in unwanted behavior such as

  • Shrieking
  • Biting
  • Tugging out their feathers

Lack of sleep can also weaken their immune system and this can make them get ill quickly

A sweet bird that does not get much sleep can become grumpy and grouchy which I’m sure you wouldn’t want

As you can see, sleep is very important to a bird

What Time Should You Put Your Bird To Sleep?

A bird usually sleeps at sunset

So at this time you should start to get your bird ready to go sleep

Try to keep to a routine so it makes it easier for your bird to know when it’s bedtime

If it’s possible then you should keep your birds cage in a separate room when they go to sleep

If you can’t do this then the bird cage should be kept in a room where the family is not active

You don’t want your bird sleeping in the living room where the family is watching TV or spend majority of their time

Remember, your birds need quietness when they sleep

Just like how your bird needs quiet they also need darkness

Make sure you have a bird cage cover and cover the cage when it’s time for bed

Final Words

Birds need quietness when they go to sleep so it’s important you make sure your bird is not disturbed when they are sleeping

A bird that has lack of sleep is not good for your birds health

They can become grumpy

It also can cause anxious which can lead to tugging at their feathers, shrieking and biting

Lack of sleep can also weaken your birds immune system which makes them susceptible to illness

If your want your bird to be healthy and happy then make sure your bird gets enough sleep by making sure they don’t get disturbed with noise

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Birds Sensitive To Noise?

Birds are not sensitive to noise but it can have an effect on them

I’m talking about wildbirds

Nesting in a noisy environment lead to smaller body sizes of the young birds and reduced feather development which reduced the chances of survival

You see, the noise really messes with a birds ability to find out what’s going on in the environment because they have to be aware of any predators

So with all this noise going on, they can’t figure out what’s going on which causes stress

What about pet birds such as parakeet? 

Well they are used to noises in the household

There’s always something going on such as the TV being on, the radio, loud children

But not all parakeets are the same

Some may be scared of loud noise and may react differently

For example turning on the vacuum cleaner your parakeet may freak out

It’s all about trial and error

If your bird gets stressed with loud noise – here’s are some things to look out for

  • Your birdie chatters constantly
  • Be completely quiet
  • Pluck their own feathers
  • Refuse to eat
  • Sit at the bottom of the cage

If you notice any of these signs when theirs too much loud noise then you should help your parakeet out by reducing the noise in the house or moving your budgie to a different room where it’s more quiet

Do Birds Like Loud Noises?

Some birds may like loud noises and some may not be very fond of it

It all depends on their personality

Pet birds are used to noises in the house but a sudden loud random noise can cause them to get scared

As I mentioned earlier you have to watch your bird and see how they react to noises

If you think loud noises is affecting your birdie then you can reduce the noise in the house

As you spend more time with your birdie you’ll get to know their personality more better

How Long Do Birds Sleep?

Birds sleep for 12 hours a day

So they are awake for 12 hours and sleep for 12 hours

Bird species that live further away from the equator have slightly different habits

They would sleep longer during the winter months and shorter in the summer months

Your pet bird most probably will sleep for 12 hours

The problem here is you’re at work all day so in the evening is the only chance you get to spend time with your birdie

The good news is you can adjust your birds sleep cycle to match with your lifestyle but as long as it meets their required sleeping time

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