Why Does My Budgie Stand On One Leg?

Have you ever seen your budgie standing on one leg?

You may be wondering – Why do budgies stand on one leg?

The answer to this is and you’re going to be surprised

They actually find this position comfortable to rest!

Yes I know what you’re thinking – How do they find standing on leg comfortable!

Another possible reason could be they are feeling cold so they do this to preserve heat

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Let’s get into more detail about this awkward but comfortable position for your budgie Standing on one leg

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Budgie Standing On One Leg (Possible Reasons)

Many birds stand in a peg-legged stance while keeping the other leg tucked underneath their body.

You may wonder – Why does my budgie stand on one leg?

Is your budgie okay?

Has something happened to their leg?


Good news is they are perfectly fine

You see, birds have to manage heat loss.

The arteries transport blood throughout the body of a bird.

These arteries are in contact with the veins that return the blood to the heart.

The arteries heat the veins.

But, close to the legs, the veins cool up the arteries as the bird’s feet are close to the environmental temperature.

To avoid losing heat, birds such as heron or ducks tuck one foot under their body and stand on the other.

Budgies are tiny birds.

And, a bird’s heart is much larger in proportion to its body size.

It still has to adapt to methods of conserving body heat.

Hence, budgies too practice similar habits to that of the duck.

Also, budgies tend to tuck one foot under their bodies when they are overly relaxed.

Thus, if you see your budgie hanging around its cage standing on one leg, then you need not worry.

As a matter of fact, you can be happy with the knowledge that your pet is loving its life.

Happy days! 

About Budgies – Why They Are So Adorable!

Ever heard the vroom sounds or cheeky comments from a budgie?

If the answer is yes, then you’ll understand why the budgie is the third most adored pet in the world.

Also known as the budgerigar, a budgie is famous not just for its speech.

Instead, many love its colorful plumage too. 

You see, pint-sized budgies sport fabulous colors.

There’s the vibrant yellow, elegant blue, pearly whites, and beautiful grey feathers.

Not to mention, budgies make inexpensive pets.

In other words, budgies combine so of the best qualities you could ask for in a pet. 

It’s easy to tell the male or female apart once it’s six months old.

Furthermore, there are many adorable habits that the budgies exhibit that endears them to their pet parents.

So, without further ado, let’s talk about some common ways that budgies act.

Familiar Ways Of The Budgies

Much like other pets, budgies show some traits that are common in most parakeets.

And, yes, budgies are also popularly known as parakeets in the US.

Budgies love music, they relish mimicking sounds they hear from you, and they adore to play with you.

So, most pet owners claim that keeping a budgie is much like having a dog as a family member.

It doesn’t stay aloof and withdrawn.

Instead, budgies are flock birds.

Which is why they make lovely pets.


If your parakeet adores you, it’ll be happy to show you.

If you find that your budgie is constantly rubbing its beak against your cheek or lips, then it is showing you affection.

Now, preening is what birds do to clean themselves.

The preen glands secrete oil at the base of their tail.

Birds smear the oil across all their feathers.

Birds preen to clean themselves and keep the bugs away.

But, when your budgie grooms you, it’s doing that out of love.

How sweet right?

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Wing Stretching

The moment you open the door to your budgie’s cage, it’ll dash out and spread its wings wide.

Your bird is not preparing to escape.

Budgies do well in captivity as they do in the wild.

But, if you keep your budgie in a small cage, it will come out and stretch its wings to appreciate the freedom of space. 

Ideally, you don’t want to keep your budgie in a small cage

They need space and freedom

Here’s some pretty cool bird cages for budgies 


As incredible as it may sound, budgies love to play.

They don’t play catch, like your best friend.

No, they obsess over toys, much like your kids.

So, provide your parakeet with some toys and see it playing with its toys for hours at an end.

There is a specific behavior that you may find bewildering in your budgie, such as sleeping or standing on one foot for long hours.

Now, there’s no need to worry that there’s something wrong with your birdie.

It’s relatively typical budgie behavior as I’ve mentioned earlier 

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Wrapping It Up 

There’s no doubting the allure of budgies as pets – with their charming and cheeky ways.

And, it’s equally easy to see why budgies are so well-loved worldwide.

Your love for your pet is just as natural as your anxiety about its health.

We’re sure you want your budgie to be the happiest little bird in the world.

That’s why, it’s important to educate yourself about your birdie’s habits and other relevant details so that you can provide your feathered friend with the very best of care.

Even though it may sound trite – we know you’ll be happy when your budgie is living its best life.

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