How Long Should a Parrot Be Out Of Its Cage

In this article you’re going to learn how long should you let your parrot out of it’s cage

You’ll discover what you should do with your birdie when they are out of their cage

How much time should you spend with your parrot

So if you want to build that beautiful bond with your bird then you’re going to love this article!

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Should I Let My Parrot Out Of The Cage?

Yes of course!

It’s not nice to keep a parrot in their cage all day

They need to fly about and be free

I’m not saying to keep your parrot out and roam around the house all day

Although some parrot parents don’t have a cage at all

But if you have a cage then it’s important to know how to manage your parrots time

Letting your parrot out of the cage will allow you to spend some good quality time with your bird

They can sit on your shoulder

Even eat with you – Yes, they love eating what you eat

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Now the question is

How Much Out Of Cage Time?

This is a common question most bird owners ask

Something like “How long should I let my parrot out of the cage?”


“What’s the minimum hours my parrot should be out of their cage”

Here’s my answer to this

It’s not about how many hours you should let your parrot fly around the house

But what matters is how you spend that time with your birdie

You see, out of cage time for your parrot is a time for you and your parrot to spend some quality time together

Your bird wants to be with you

There’s no point having your parrot out and you let them stand on a perch or in a corner whilst you’re on the computer

This should be spent with you and your bird

Just the two of you to do things together

And you should really make this count

Now I know what you’re thinking

What can you do with your parrot?

What games can you play

Not to worry because I’ve got you covered

Before I talk about the games you can play with your bird

How about teaching them funny things to say!

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Carry on reading..

4 Awesome Games To Play With Your Parrot 

Here’s some 4 pretty cool games to play with your parrot and keep them entertained

Not to mention the awesome bond you will create

But do remember, not all parrots may want to play

Have a go though because you never know your parrot might love it!

Fetch And Retrieve 

Some parrots love to play fetch

Just like a how a dog does – Except parrots do it better! Lol (Kidding)

This is how to play

Throw a small koosh ball or something lightweight of their toy and throw it in the direction of your parrot and shout “Catch it”

And if you’re lucky your parrot will go run after it and pick it up with their beak

If your parrot does do this then make sure to shower praise and say “good bird!”

You can then teach your bird to bring it back by throwing it again until your parrot gets the idea of bringing it back to you.

When your bird does finally bring the toy back to you, make sure to praise your bird in a happy and excited tone saying “great job!” – give your parrot a little scratch at the back of the head too

This should do the trick and motivate your parrot to bring the ball back to you all the time

A great way for your parrot get some exercise and have some fun too!

Staircase Dash

This is an awesome game which will need two people

If your parrot has a favorite person in your family then they will need to join in (that favorite person could be you of course)

Here’s what you do

The favorite person stands at the bottom of the stairs while the other person takes the parrot to the top

And with a slight nudge to encourage your bird to go down the stairs the favorite person at the bottom of the stairs calls the parrot and says “Climb down the stairs!”

Your parrot will normally climb down the stairs using their feet and flapping their wings providing lots of exercise

Once your parrot reaches the bottom make sure to say “Great job!”

Then the favorite person puts the parrot down and quickly walks back upstairs and calls the bird

Usually most birds will run after their human

If your parrot does this and reaches the top of the stairs make sure you praise him

Of course this will only work if your parrot has a good relationship with you

Try it and see how your birdie reacts!

I’m Going To Grab Your Tail!

This fun game works by putting your parrot on your bed

And slowly reach for your parrots tail but don’t touch it

In a excited voice tell your parrot “I’m going to touch your tail!”

Your bird will run in another direction away from you and all over the bed

Let your parrot rest again and then do it again!

Make sure to not let your parrot think your bed is their territory

So when you want to end the game offer your parrot a tug toy dog rope and let your bird climb on by saying to your parrot “climb on the rope”

When your parrot gets on top of the rope, you can then slowly take your bird off the bed

Bird Basketball

Do you love basketball?

I personally bought a small hoop and a basketball to play

But you could play with your parrot too!

You can get a small basketball hoop for parrots

Something like this

Bird Toys, Bird Trick Tabletop Toys, Bird Training Basketball

Your parrot could be the next Michael Jordan!

Set up the toy on the floor

And put the ball through the hoop and say “toss”

Then give the ball to your bird and say “toss”

If your parrot puts the ball through the hoop say “Good job!” in a very excited tone

If your parrot ignores you then try again and keep showing your parrot

Chances are your parrot will eventually figure out what to do

Check out this video

These are some good games you can play with your parrot

It’s a good way of spending quality time when your parrot is out of the cage

Don’t try and force your parrot to play

If you do then your bird will just resist you

What you should do is demonstrate and make it look fun and I’m sure your parrot will want to join you

Once you find out what games your parrot loves make this into a routine

Not only will this make your parrot active but your parrot will want to spend more time with you

Kim Bear who’s a Florida bird behavior consultant says, “Exercise and play not only improve the quality of life for your parrot, but also help to strengthen that special bond between the two of you”

How true is that right?

That’s what all parrot owners want

A healthy happy bird that loves to bond with their owners

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How Much Time Should I Spend With My Parrot?

This is a very important question because you don’t want your parrot to become so used to being out of the cage because this can cause nuisance behavior

There has to be a limit

So try to set a maximum time for your parrot to be out of their cage where you spend time with him

Yes your parrot will want to spend as much time with you but you don’t want your bird to be overly attached

Because being out of the cage all day can lead to boredom and this then leads to bad behavior such as

Biting people, chewing up furniture, screaming, getting in fights with the rest of the flock

You know your parrot better than anyone so keep a routine on how long your bird will be with you and then put them back into the cage

Maybe let your parrot out an hour or 2 before they go bed

This way, your parrot will become tired from playing and will have a nice sleep!

It’s a good way of putting your parrot back into the cage

Remember though, it’s not about the time spent out of the cage but focus on the quality of time

You know out of cage time is really important

Try to provide as much out of cage time possible and don’t stress on the exact amount of time rather shift your focus on making it more fun, interactive, exercising and stimulating for your parrot

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Final Words

Parrots need out of cage time especially for them to fly about and exercise

You should not think about how many hours you’re going to let your parrot be out for

But focus on what you can do to make it as fun as possible for your bird

How can you spend this time creating a special bond between the two of you

Play games with your parrot or train them to do new tricks

There’s plenty of things you can do

So tell me, what games do you play with you parrot?

Or how do you spend time with your parrot when they are out of the cage?

I’d love to know so leave me a comment!


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