My Budgie Gets Grumpy At Night

In this article you’re going to discover why your budgie gets grumpy at night

You’re going to learn the possible reasons your little birdie is getting all cranky

How you can stop this behavior too

So if you’re tired of having an angry bird at night then you’re going to love this article!

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Possible Reasons You Have a Grumpy Budgie At Night

Hey, I get grumpy too at night so your little birdie is probably just like me!

I can get cranky when I’m tired and the same can go for budgies too

Budgies need to sleep for 12 hours a day 

And this has to be good quality no disturbance sleep

If your budgie is not getting this then chances are your budgie is going to be grumpy during the night

What can disturb a budgies sleep?

Well light and noise

So how do you stop this?

It’s easy

If you can keep your budgie in a separate room – basically have their own bedroom this would be ideal

That way it’s dark and they don’t get disturbed

If this is not possible then you should cover their cage with a cage cover

Something like this

Colorday Good Night Bird Cage Cover for Large Bird Cage

This would be ideal for your budgie

It makes it dark for them to sleep

Darkness is important for your budgie

The material made for this is breathable and is 100% non toxic

You can find out more and get your budgie one of these over at Amazon by clicking here


Another reason your budgie may be getting grumpy at night is simply because they are just sleepy and want to go bed

Try to stick to a routine when it comes to bedtime with your birdie

So at a certain time, put them to sleep

Otherwise they could get grumpy

I mean, when I’m tired I get grumpy too!


If you have plenty of budgies, some budgies just want there space before they get to sleep

If you don’t already, a large bird cage should do the trick

You can check out my article – Best large cage for budgies for some really great bird cages

A large bird cage will also allow you to add different toys too

The reason why I suggest a large bird cage is because you can add more perches higher up the cage


Because budgies love to sit on the highest perch, have their own spot to get some sleep

This could be a reason why your budgie may be getting grumpy at night

You can get them over at Amazon

They look like this

Click here to check it out on Amazon


Try to keep a bedtime routine for your budgie

So at a certain time you can get your budgie back in their cage (If they are out and about in the house)

Take their cage to their bedroom if this is what you do

Otherwise you can turn off all the lights, turn the TV off and cover their cage

That way they know it’s time for bed

Whatever you do, don’t disturb them

Let your birdies get their full 12 hour sleep

Why Is My Budgie Moody?

Budgies can get moody for a number of reasons

If your birdie is still young then it could be a hormonal phase

You could call it “budgie puberty”

As they get older they tend to grow out of this moody behavior

Another reason could be your budgie may be getting used to their new environment (If you’ve just recently adopted him)

How can you help your moody budgie?

It’s all about bonding with your bird

Spend some quality time with your budgie

Give your birdie treats

Praise your budgie and tell them how much you love them

This will all help with keeping your budgie happy but also stop the moody behavior

Have a read of my article – How do I bond with my budgie

Wrapping Up

If your budgie is grumpy at night, you need to identify what is causing this issue

Maybe your budgie is not getting the sleep they require

If you haven’t got a cover for your bird cage, I would recommend buying one

They can get disturbed in their sleep if it is too bright

Try not to make any noise when your budgie has gone bed time

If you have more than one bird, then I would recommend a larger bird cage with plenty of perches that are higher up

Budgies love sleeping on perches that are high and if you have more than one budgie, they need their space


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