Can My Parrot Sleep With Me?

Do not ever take the risk of sleeping with your feathered friend!

Some parrots love the cuddles and snuggles of their owners, and it’s understandable, considering they are born attention-seekers. 

It’s possible to fall asleep with your parrot contentedly nestled into you.

However, have you ever thought that sleeping with your parrot can put its life at risk? 

There is a high risk that you might roll onto your parrot and suffocate it.

Your poor feathered friend may end up getting injured with wounded organs or fractured bones.

If you are dozing off while playing with your birdie, be sure to put him back in its cage to avoid all these risks.

Letting your feathered friend sleep on top of you is acceptable, but you shall never return the favor!

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  • Should you let your parrot sleep with you (Answered in detail)
  • Is it okay to cuddle with your parrot?
  • Can parrots sleep with the lights on?
  • How to tell if your parrot is comfortable with you?

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Should I Let My Parrot Sleep With Me?

You might think that sharing a bed with your parrot will help create an unbreakable bond. 

But what if you discover a lifeless parrot beside you the following day?

How would you feel? 

Even the thought of it gave you a shiver, Right? 

Remember, the risk of killing your feathered friend outweighs all the benefits of sleeping with your parrot.

As much as it is possible, never let your parrot sleep with you.  

Besides the risk of suffocating your parrot, you may harm yourself too if you sleep with it. 


Not all, but some human beings are vulnerable to developing allergies or asthma when near their parrots. 

Parrot dust is the major cause of allergies, which might get worse if constantly exposed to it. 

You will end up having watery eyes, itching, sneezing, and even severe respiratory issues if exposed too often. 

There is also a possibility of you developing Bird Fancier’s lung.

You may be wondering – What is bird fanciers lung?

It is a disease experienced by bird owners, and sleeping with your parrot will increase exposure to this disease.

Allowing your bird to sleep with you might also alter its sleeping patterns making it prone to exhaustion and behavioral issues.

What if your parrot wriggles out of your grasp while you are sleeping?

It can escape to a room with electrical appliances, or in the worst case, it may fly out, never to return.

The cons outweigh the pros

Although it may be tempting, It’s best you don’t

Better to be safe than sorry

Can I Cuddle My Parrot?


Parrots love being cuddled and snuggled by their owners.

These physical intimacy ways are the most common conducts to develop a comfortable and loving relationship with your parrot. 

How do you feel about cuddling with a loved one?

Cuddling your feathered friend makes you go through a rush of mixed emotions.

Some owners observe significant drops in anxiety, depression, and stress levels when they hug their cute little friend. 

Hugging your parrot is nice, but make sure you do it properly!

Remember, birds have strong bones that cannot be easily broken, but their respiratory systems are way too fragile.

So, be very careful when you are near them. 

Also, note that adult parrots perceive ‘all over patting’ as sexual foreplay.

You can scratch the head or the neck, avoiding complete body contact.

You want them to feel loved and not feel another sort of way (if you know what I mean Lol) 

Can Parrots Sleep With Lights On? 

Just like humans, parrots need complete darkness and quietness to facilitate a proper sleeping cycle. 

If you keep the lights on, your feathered friend will stay vigilant to the activities in the nearby surrounding. 

With lights on, your parrot may be able to rest, but it will not fall into a deep and comforting sleep.

Parrots require at least 10 hours of deep sleep, or they will face behavioral issues like stress and a weaker immune system.

Would you want your parrot to become lethargic and cranky?

Obviously no!

So just let it have a proper sleep in a dim room without any nuisance.

How Do You Know If Your Parrot Is Comfortable With You?

If your parrot is comfortable with you, your parrot will allow you to cuddle and peck him whenever you want.

Also, your parrot will have a relaxed body posture in your presence.  

If you are close to the cage, your feathered friend will either fluff its feathers or stretch its wing towards you in excitement.

If your parrot is not comfortable with the surroundings, they may start chewing your hair, your ear, or anything else on your body. 

Parrots are the most charming creatures that are good at communicating their needs.

Anybody can easily tell whether a parrot is comfortable with its owners or not. 

Wrapping Up

Bonding with your parrot is excellent, but sleeping with it isn’t the best way to do it. 

Sleeping with your parrot is highly dangerous for you as well as your parrot.

You may end up crushing your adored friend or stay wide awake, ensuring you don’t roll onto it. 

Look for other, effective ways to create a comfortable, loving relationship with your parrot.

Try understanding its comforts and discomforts.

Provide your friend with its own space to play, eat and sleep without any disturbance.

Soon, you will feel a deep, comfortable connection with your parrot, and that’s all your parrot needs to live happily in its new home! 

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