Best Large Cage For Budgies

In this article you’re going to learn about what is the best large cage for budgies

You’ll learn what size cage is the best for budgies

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So what is the best large cage for budgies?

And why should you get a large cage? (more about that later on)

The best large cage I would recommend you get for your budgie would be

Prevue Pet Products Wrought Iron Flight Cage

Why would I recommend this particular bird cage for your budgie?

It’s simple

Look at how large that is!

Let me tell you the dimensions

It’s 53 inches high but the cage itself is 42 inches which is pretty tall

It’s 31 inches long

And 20 1/2 inches wide

The wire spacing is 1/2 inch which is perfect

Looking at just the dimensions it’s pretty large for a budgie

Not only just for one budgie

This birdcage can accommodate for up to 4!

That’s right you can keep 4 budgies in there no problem

This is good because it’s best to have more than one budgie

If you just have one budgie then that isn’t a problem too

I’ve  actually written an article about keeping single budgies alone in a cage

You can check it out by clicking here  

Anyways, this bird cage can hold multiple budgies which is pretty awesome

The wiring space is only 1/2 inch which is perfect

You won’t have to worry about your budgies head getting stuck or sticking their heads out of the cage

Another problem that budgie owners worry about is keeping two budgies in the same cage

It can become territorial

But because this is a large bird cage it should be okay to keep 2 budgies together

Just give them separate feeding bowls and keep the feeding bowls at either side of the cage

This will ensure no fighting takes place!

Another point to mention is the front doors are very big

So it won’t be a problem to take your budgie out even if they’re stubborn

You should let them roam around in the house and give them that free flying space

Make sure the doors and windows are locked!

Birds can get bored in cages which is why you should allow them out of the cage too

This cage comes with 4 plastic double cups and 3 wood perches

Did I mention it’s easy to assemble

If you’re like me and hate DIY or just lazy then this birdcage is ideal for you because it’s easy to assemble – happy days!

The material for this cage is wrought iron which means it’s made of very high quality

That means it will last long!

It’s also easy to clean which is a bonus

Now you must be thinking this is very expensive

But you’ll actually be surprised

You can check out the price by clicking the link below

Check Price On Amazon

What Size Cage Is Best For a Budgie?

The best size cage for a budgie would be a large one

There is no specific size

The best thing to do is get the biggest bird cage

The larger the cage the better

Reason being is your budgie has more space

So they can fly about

Walk about

It gives you the chance to add a variety of toys so they don’t get bored

You can check out my article about toys for budgies by clicking the link below

How many toys does my budgie need in it’s cage 

That helps keep them entertained

If you have more than one budgie then of course you’d want a large bird cage

That’s why the one I have recommended is the perfect cage for your budgie or budgies

Do Budgies Like Big Cages?

Of course!

Who wouldn’t love space and freedom


I’m not saying to keep your budgie inside the bird cage all day

They should be let out

This gives them the chance to fly about

It also gives you the chance to spend some quality time with your bird

Your budgie would love that and it keeps them happy which is really important

How many budgies can fit in a cage?

I depends on the cage

Like I always say, the bigger the cage then the better

You can fit in a lot of budgies

For example

The Prevue Pet Products can hold up to 6 budgies

That’s a alot!

It’s a great way of your budgies having companions so they don’t get bored

Do Budgies Need To Fly Around?

Every bird needs to fly around so yes budgies need to fly about

You shouldn’t keep your budgie in the cage for 24 hours

They need some freedom

I’m not saying it’s wrong to keep them in cages providing you keep them entertained and happy

But letting them out of the cage allows them to fly about

It’s a great way of spending time with your budgie too

Allowing your budgie flying time keeps them happy and healthy

You see budgies are curious sociable birds and being outside the cage allows them to exercise and explore

Can You Put 3 Budgies Together?

You can put 3 budgies together

Heck, you can put 6 together

Budgies are sociable birds and they love each other company

And it’s good to put them together

They can keep each other entertained

They won’t get bored and your house won’t ever be quiet! lol

But yes, you can put them together no problem

Make sure you have a large cage though

I have recommended one already in this article – worth to check out

It’s important to keep an eye out on them because they could fight

You should also try and spend as much time as you can with each budgie

Here’s a video of 3 budgies in a cage

I wouldn’t recommend getting a cage like the one in the video though

There’s no toys or anything

Just showing this video to show how 3 budgies can stay in a cage

A large cage filled with toys will be ideal!

Wrapping It Up

The best large cage for budgies are those that are big of course


There are many things to consider when buying a large bird cage for your budgie

The material of the cage – You want to make sure it’s strong and easy to clean

This means it will last longer so a good investment

If it’s easy to clean then happy days! You don’t want a bird cage that is difficult to clean

That will not motivate you clean the cage and your bird may end up with a dirty cage (I’m sure you don’t want that and nor does your pet budgie!)

Price also is important

You don’t want to get a birdcage that breaks apart within a months

So yes, a high end bird cage will last long and is a great investment

It’s all be of high quality

Don’t your budgie deserve the best cage right?

They’re so cute and deserve to be spoilt!

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