How Often Should I Clean My Bird Cage?

In this article you’re going to learn how often you should clean your birds cage

You’ll discover what is safe to use to clean a birds cage

Also, you’ll learn how to keep a bird cage clean

So if you want to have a toxic free sparkling bird cage then you’re going to love this article!

Sound good?

Let’s dive in

Keeping a bird cage clean is a important factor in keeping your bird happy and clean

There are different components to a bird cage

Some need to be washed daily while others need to be done either on a weekly basis or monthly

That is why it’s important to set up a routine

It just makes things easier

Now the question is

What Should I Clean Daily?

Let’s look at what needs to be cleaned daily and how much work you have to do! (Just kidding)

Daily Liners

This should be replaced everyday

Pretty easy to do because it may just consist of a single layer of newspaper

But make sure your birds waste has not gone through the newspapers when you’re replacing them

Keep an eye out for that

Birds Food And Water Dishes 

This needs to be cleaned everyday

Ideally with hot soapy water

It should be cleaned in a place that is not close to where your food is being prepared

Before putting the dish away Is’s important toe ensure the cage is completely dry

This helps prevent mold gathering on top of the food pallets

It might be a good idea to have more than one dish set

This allows you to clean one dish and have another dish set ready

I guess it just makes things easier right?

Side note – Make sure there is no traces of detergent left after cleaning

What About The Cage?

The bird cage should be cleaned weekly (if this is a large cage)

It’d be a good idea to remove the birds out of the birdcage when cleaning

It protects them from being exposed to any chemical

You should also remove the accessories from the cage too

Is Vinegar Safe For Birds?

I’m no expert in terms of this question

But I think it’s best not to use vinegar


Some pet bird owners use vinegar to clean the cage and it has not caused any harm to their birds

So some pet bird owners say it’s okay to use vinegar

I think it’s safe to ask your vet for advice on this issue

The best thing is to use something that’s safe just to be on the safe side right?

You can use a disinfectant but make sure it’s something that is safe

Best thing is to use water

How Do You Keep a Bird Cage Clean?

Its’ easy and simple

You should have a timetable that you follow

If you do when it’s needed then it’s possible that you may miss cleaning out

And it’s not very organised too right

If you have a timetable to follow then you know the birdcage will get cleaned everyday

Now that you know what needs to be cleaned weekly and daily it’ll make it easier for you

It’s important to keep a bird cage clean

I’m sure you bird would appreciate it

No bird will want to stay in a dirty cage of course

A clean birdcage means a healthy happy bird

Now you must be wondering what birdcage is best for keeping it clean and maintained

I’m sure you’d want to get a birdcage that is easy to clean

Well, lucky for you I’ve actually written an article of the top 3 bird cages to buy

And in this post all the cages I recommend have very good material that are easy to clean

You can check it out by clicking the link below

Top 3 best bird cages you need to buy

What Happens If You Don’t Clean Your Birds Cage?

Cleaning the bird cage is very important

If you don’t clean their cage then this can lead to serious health problems with your bird

It’s not healthy for your bird to walk around in droppings and food

Think about it – we wouldn’t want to stay in a room that is dirty and filthy

The same goes for your budgie too

It’s uncomfortable too

Same goes for the food bowl

If it’s not cleaned then bacteria can grow in it which is dangerous for your bird

A clean bird cage means a healthy bird and a healthy bird means a happy bird!

Wrapping It Up

How often should you clean a bird cage?

Some things need to be cleaned weekly like the bird cage and other things need to be cleaned daily

It’s important to clean it regularly and maintain it


Because your bird would not want to stay in a bird cage

That will not make them happy and a unhappy bird can lead to your bird becoming unhealthy

A clean bird cage will keep your bird healthy and happy and that is the ultimate goal

You should get a bird cage that has good material and is easy to clean

If you’re lazy like me and want something easy to clean then a bird cage that has high quality material will be very easy to clean and will last long too



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