Why Do Seagulls Fly In Large Groups?

Seagulls are probably among the bird species that we often see, specifically in cities and near the coastlines.

It is not surprising to see these birds together, flying and circling in the sky.

With this in mind, have you ever wondered why gulls fly together in large groups? 

Even other bird species love to fly together and in large numbers.

This is to keep themselves safe and protected from other predator birds that they may encounter.

The larger the group, the better protection they have.

This is also true for seagulls, but they also fly in large numbers for other reasons too. 

So let’s answer the question – Why Do Seagulls Fly in Large Groups?

Gulls migrate from time to time and they move from one place to another in large groups.

They usually only go back to one specific place once they have found it as a perfect area to stay and mate.

Furthermore, these seagulls also fly together to hunt for food.

When a large flock of gulls stay in an area where food is abundant, they may attract other flocks of seagulls and create a large pool of these coast birds. 

I guess they work as a team when it comes to looking for food

Let’s get into more detail in this article

What Does It Mean When Seagulls Gather? (In Detail)

Wondering why there are a lot of seagulls in your place or favorite spot?

Well, it usually means that there is a lot of food to consume!

Seagulls usually gather in places where they can hunt for food and feed their whole family. 

Gulls usually stay in cities and near the coast where they can always hunt, steal, and eat food.

In no time, you can even notice that the flock staying in these places keeps growing as they tend to merge with other seagulls too. 

This is because a flock of seagulls tends to attract other groups when they are staying in an area.

After all, seagulls will not stay in an empty place where they cannot find anything to eat. 

Why Do Seagulls Fly In a Mass? 3 Possible Reasons 

You can usually spot seagulls in large numbers, flying in the sky.

Sometimes, they gather together in large groups which gives an overwhelming and intimidating feeling.

But why do seagulls fly in mass numbers? 

1. For Protection 

Seagulls also have a lot of predators and they need to fly in large groups for better protection.

After all, having companions when flying will allow them to fly safely in the air.

Gulls also have unique calls to one another and that includes an alert call when there is a predator nearby. 

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2. Food hunting 

Gulls also gather when it is about food.

They may fly in the air, potentially looking for any food that they may hunt and consume.

This is pretty common in the coastlines where gulls have to fly in the sea to spot a fish or any ocean creatures they can eat. 

Ever see seagulls flying around your house?

It’s because of food

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3. Migration 

One of the reasons why you can see a lot of gulls flying together is because it is the migrating season.

These birds travel to places, migrating and looking for an area where they can spend their winter.

In fact, gulls even travel as far as continent to continent where they can have a place with food and perfect climate where they can stay and mate. 

Why Do Seagulls Flock Together Inland? 

If you see gulls flocking together inland, it is highly possible that they are staying for food.

As mentioned, these birds gather in a place where food is abundant.

Gulls usually stay on land or in an area where food is easily accessible. 

Another reason as to why they are remaining in the ground is because of shelter.

Gulls travel to a lot of places in search of comfort and secured shelter.

It is possible that the place where they are staying is something they find suitable to rest and recover from long flights (what I mean is continuous flying!) 

What Does It Mean When Lots Of Seagulls Circle? 

You can also witness seagulls not just inland, but also flying in circles.

This means that they are actively looking for food they can hunt while also keeping a watch for any possible predators. 

But gulls also have a unique ability where they can sense the air pressure and use it to their advantage.

When these birds are flying in circles, it is also possible that they are adjusting their sense of balance based on the pressure in the air and any slight changes in the weather.

This grants them the ability to also figure out storms and take shelter right away.

What Is A Herd Of Seagulls Called? 

A group of birds have their own names

For instance, a large group of crows is called a murder or congress.

A group of birds of prey such as hawks and falcons is called a cauldron. 

Flock is not just the only term to use in calling a large number of birds.

For seagulls, their group is commonly called colony, scavenging, or squabble. 

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Do Seagulls Sleep While Flying? 

There are actually birds that can sleep while flying, such as Frigate birds.

Seagulls, however, do not have that kind of ability. 

As you know, gulls are diurnal birds – meaning, they are mostly active during the day.

Like any other diurnal birds, gulls are doing their activities while the sun is still up, then sleep when it is already dark.

When sunset comes, these birds are already busy preparing for a good night’s rest they need after a long, tiring day.

Where do seagulls sleep at night? 

And do they fly at night too? 

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Do seagulls fly at night?

Where do seagulls go at night? 

Wrapping Up 

It is quite common to see gulls flying near the coast or in the cities, flying together.

Gulls usually fly with their companions to hunt for food, seek protection, and to travel long distances to other cities or even continents 

You can also spot them flying in circles whereas they might be hunting down foods, checking for any predators, and even adjusting themselves to a slight change in weather. 

Gulls also stay inland when they are already preparing to rest or are currently looking for food.

This means that the land is abundant with food sources and a perfect place for them to rest. 


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