4 Budgies In One Cage

Budgies are such cute birds

And the more you have the merrier

In fact, you should keep more than one budgie


Because they are very sociable animals and they love company

The question budgie parents ask is

Can you keep 4 budgies in one cage?

The answer to this is yes!

Of course you can

Though it depends on the size of the cage

If you have a small sized cage then keeping 4 budgies in one cage is not a good idea

A large bird cage will allow all 4 budgies their space and to move around

They won’t feel crowded in there

This is very important

In this article we’re going to talk about

  • Can you keep 4 budgies together?
  • What size cage do you need for 4 budgies?
  • How many budgies can live together?

In short – If you’re thinking about putting 4 budgies together for the first and feeling overwhelmed then you’re going to love this article

Sound good?

Let’s get started!

Can I Keep 4 Budgies Together?

You can keep all of them together in one cage

It actually improves their quality of life

Budgies are happy together as a flock

Although you can keep a budgie alone too which is not a problem

But with more than one budgie, your birdie has a companion

The more budgies the merrier

They all should get along

This way you know when you’re not at home, they are not alone and will not be bored

What Size Cage Do I Need For 4 Budgies?

Honestly, there is no specific size

What you need to look at is the bigger the cage the better

I mean, you’re going to have 4 budgies in one cage

So you need a huge cage!

A cage that will allow them to fly about

Play around and move about

You don’t want them all cramped up

I would recommend a cage like this

Prevue Hendryx Wrought Iron Flight Cage with Stand 

Now look at the size of that!

It’s huge and will accommodate more than 4 budgies!

So 4 budgies in this cage would be ideal

Don’t forget budgies are small so this cage would be perfect

The brand is really popular too

And it has really good ratings on Amazon

You can check it out by heading over to Amazon by clicking here 

Another thing you can consider is building an aviary

There’s no limit to how big you want to build it

And if you’re a DIY person then you’ll enjoy building it

It might even work out cheaper!

Problem is – how and where do you start?

You can check out this guide called “how to build an aviary” that teaches you how to build an aviary

Click here to find out more about it! 

How Many Budgies Can Live Together?

Budgies are very sociable animals

They love company

So I guess the more budgies you have the more merrier

It would be good for your budgies

Especially if you’re at work during the day

Your budgies will have company when you’re not there

This is very important for the health and well-being of your budgies

They need company and entertainment

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Final Words

You can have 4 budgies in one cage

It’s actually a good idea if you were to do so

That’s if you could afford to look after 4 budgies

Also do remember, a large bird cage is very important for your budgie

The bigger the bird cage the better

And the more budgies the better as budgies love company and are very sociable birds

Another plus point is, if you’re at work during the day, at least your birdie has company and they won’t feel bored!

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