Can I Keep A Single Budgie Alone In A Bird Cage?

In this article you’re going to learn if you can keep a single budgie alone in a bird cage

You’re going to discover how you can keep a single budgie happy in a cage

What you can do to keep your bird happy

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Budgies make great pets.

They are pretty, entertaining, and easy to look after.

If you want to get a pet bird but are wondering “Can I Keep a Single Budgie Alone In a Birdcage?”

Keep reading to find out the pros and cons of keeping a single pet budgie.

Budgies Are Flock Birds

In the wild, budgies would normally live as part of a flock of birds.

This helps to keep them safe and provides them with a strong social system and a rich and fulfilled life.

But that doesn’t mean that a domesticated budgie can’t be happy and live a fulfilled life as a single pet bird, as long as you cater to all of their needs.

Keep reading to find out how you can make up for your pet budgie not having any feathered friends.

How To Keep A Single Budgie Happy 

Here is a list of some of the things you will need to consider if you want to keep a single budgie as a pet and make sure that they are mentally stimulated.

  • Budgies are very sociable – If you don’t take time to talk to and interact with your budgie each day then he is likely to get depressed. Depressed or bored budgies develop upsetting habits like pulling out their feathers.
  • Budgies like to preen – If you keep more than one budgie they will spend a lot of time preening them selves and also grooming each other. This is a natural social activity. You can make up for the fact that your single budgie doesn’t have a grooming partner by offering them a birdbath to play in once a week. Some budgies also love to be sprayed gently with a water bottle. This will encourage self grooming.
  • Budgie love to chat and chunter to each other – In a flock there is a lot of chatting and chirping going on. They love to communicate with each other and make a wide variety of noises. If you have a single bird you can chat to them, but there are other ways you can make up for them not having their own flock to chat to. For example, you can provide a toy mirror so that your budgie has his own reflection to chat to. You can also switch the radio or TV on, which will provide your budgie with plenty of mental stimulation and company. Why not play a YouTube video of budgie sounds for your single pet bird to enjoy?
  • Give your budgie the opportunity to fly – Birds have wings for a reason. It is because they fly in order to get exercise. If you have a single budgie then letting him to fly freely in a secured room with the windows closed will be very good for him! Not only will he get much needed exercise and freedom from the cage, but he will also have the chance to explore a whole room, foraging through plants like he would in the wild.

A single budgie will need your love and attention

You’ll be their best friend so giving them your full attention is very important

It gives you a chance to bond with your bird

This will for sure keep your bird happy

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Provide Them With a Big Cage

But I only have one budgie, why do I need a bigger cage? 

Good question

A bird needs space to roam around and fly, walk etc

Now I know you’re not going to keep your bird inside the cage all day

But when they are then they would want to fly about

They do need the space as well

You can provide them with a variety of toys so they don’t get bored

If you have a small bird cage then you won’t be able to add a variety of toys

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It is perfectly fine to keep a single budgie in a cage.

As you can see there are plenty of different ways to keep a single pet budgie entertained.

It’s important to give your budgie time and attention

Shower your budgie with love

Talk to your budgie

You can also train them to talk and do tricks for even more mental stimulation.

Spending time with your budgie helps to strengthen your bond and gives them a better quality of life.

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