Do Falcons Eat Chickens? 

Falcons are known predatory birds that prey on weak, vulnerable bird species.

These birds also have superb hunting skills and are among the species considered to be deadly and extremely dangerous predators.

Diving in for their ground prey, like chickens, is no big deal to them.

But before you worry, do falcons really attack chickens?

Although falcons are deadly and great hunters, most of them are not really fond of attacking chickens.

This is also true for any other land prey as well.

Still, there are few reports where a falcon has attacked chickens 

You cannot completely rule out the possibility that your fowls may get attacked by these raptors, but you can feel a bit at ease because these cases are extremely uncommon.

In fact, if there is a bird predator that you would need to be wary of, it is hawks. 

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Do Falcons Attack Chickens?

Falcons do not really attack chickens and there are only very few reports of it.

In general, falcons attack and hunt their prey in midair.

Circling their prey, waiting for the right time to dive, and kill their prey

Therefore, most falcons have smaller birds as their prey in which most of them are caught in mid air.

These raptors will not likely attack your chickens, primarily because they are on the ground.

In fact, falcons are considered to be the fastest hunters, even then, your fowls will likely still be safe from them because most falcons do not desire them.

How Dangerous Is a Falcon To a Full-Grown Chicken?

As mentioned, falcons don’t really care about chickens to want to hunt and kill them in comparison to other raptors.

Though it is true that you cannot rule out the possibility that these predators may just attack or take away one of your chickens. 

However, one good thing is that a falcon may likely hesitate to attack a full grown chicken.

Full-grown chickens might also be quite heavy for falcons given their small physique. 

Truthfully, it is not falcons that you mostly need to worry about, but it’s the hawks you should be concerned about.

Hawks are opportunist and deadly hunters.

They are known to attack chickens and even carry some small ones and kill them.

In fact, Red tail hawks and Cooper’s hawks, are among the famous chicken hunters that belong to the hawk family. 

These birds may attack a full-grown chicken.

It is even possible for a hawk to carry a chicken and take it away

You should be careful if you spot a hawk flying about

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Can a Falcon Carry a Chicken?

The answer is not really.

If you are referring to chicks and banty chickens, it is likely that falcons may carry them off.

However, full-grown and adult chickens will be too heavy and large for them to take. 

This is because falcons have the smallest body compared to hawks, eagles, and owls.

Naturally, this limits their ability to carry large preys, like chickens.

They may pull it off if the chickens are smaller and lighter than them, otherwise, it won’t be possible for a falcon to carry a full grown chicken 

But generally speaking, falcons would not really attack your fowls in the first place.

How To Protect Chickens From Falcons And Other Predators?

Let’s face the reality: falcons are not only possible predators for chickens.

In fact, they are only part of a large variety and number.

Chickens are generally vulnerable and weak to hunters, such as eagles, hawks, crows.

Let us also not forget that they also have land predators such as raccoons and foxes. 

To prevent predation, we need to make sure that our chickens have a safe home.

Building a sturdy and secure chicken coop would definitely be a big help.

Make sure the coop has a good chicken door that will keep your fowls safe any time of the day.

But of course, it is inevitable as you have to let your chickens free range and forage for their own food.

Simply putting electric poultry fencing would also keep their land predators away.

Covering their chicken run with mesh or wire would not let any bird predators attack your poultry. 

Lastly, make sure you also maintain the surroundings.

Do not place the chicken coop in an area full of trees that can be used by other bird species as their shelters.

They would most likely be attracted to the area where they can see your chickens foraging in the day.

Maintaining the area by clearing tall grass and bushes would not give the predators a place to hide. 

Wrapping Up 

Falcons are among the top raptors that have deadly hunting skills.

They mostly attack birds in midair with their superb diving technique.

Luckily, falcons are not generally fond of attacking chickens as their prey.

In fact, these raptors would pretty much hesitate taking and carrying a full grown chicken because it will be too much for them, given their small physique. 

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