Why Do Birds Chirp At 3am?

It is fun to own birds – their playful personality, beautiful appearance, and hearing their cute little chirps make our day absolutely wonderful.

However, having birds also has some frustrating or annoying instances.

In fact, do you know that birds chirp at 3am?

Question is – Why do birds chirp at 3am?

Most birds are active in the morning and quietly fast asleep during the night.

But there are instances where they are awake at night, loudly chirping and waking you up.

It is not because they can be nocturnal or just generally active, but they are actually in a state of panic for some reason.

Birds wake up at 3am or even in the middle of the night when they hear a strange noise, which can be frightening for them.

It might also be because they slept too early, hence they also woke up too early and the darkness in the area is freaking them out. 

Let’s get into more detail in this article

3 Possible Reasons Birds Chirping Early In The Morning

Have you ever experienced waking up early in the morning because due to the loud chirping of birds?

You might be curious why these birds make loud noises in the morning, and here’s why:

1. Loud noises

Most diurnal birds are afraid of the night because they cannot see their predators very well.

They might chirp early in the morning and as early as 3am when they hear strange noises that could frighten them.

Hence, they are chirping quite loudly because of fear. 

2. They woke up early 

Most birds sleep as soon as the sun sets down.

Because of this, these birds tend to wake up at dawn or even earlier.

As soon as they wake up, they make loud noises and beging to chirp to start their day.

There are instances where they wake up too early because they slept too early as well.

3. Dawn Chorus 

Dawn chorus is the phenomenon when birds sing and chirp early in the morning together.

No one knows the reason behind their chorus, but it is said that it is their way of showing off.

Unfortunately, dawn chorus may happen as early as 3am which is the time when everyone is still asleep. 

Now that we know the possible reasons why birds chirp as early as 3am

Is it possible to stop this from happening?

Let’s find out

How To Stop Birds Chirping At 3am? 

Unfortunately, birds chirping at 3am is a natural cycle and there is really no way to stop birds from doing this.

What you can do is simply to do some effective ways not to hear their loud chirps. 

Some people can get frustrated waking up as early as 3am because of birds.

One way to solve this problem is to put a white noise in the background to suppress the loud bird noises. (I actually have a white noise speaker at home, we play it throughout the night and it actually does work a charm!)

Putting a fan or playing rain sounds on your phone or pc can help you prevent hearing birds and stay fast asleep in the morning.

Another solution is by using ear plugs.

Wearing ear plugs effectively suppresses the noises you hear.

It is the best thing to do if you are not a fan of playing rain sounds or having any white noise in the background when you are sleeping.

Why Do Birds Sing At 3am?

Birds sing at 3am to mark territory, warn dangers, or simply just to show off.

This phenomenon is called the dawn chorus (as mentioned earlier)

Sometimes, birds singing at 3am are usually located in places with light pollution or too much light.

Birds are normally triggered by the sun to sing since they usually start their day as soon as the sun rays come out.

So, if your area is a place full of lights, it can disorient the birds thinking that it is already day time.

Hence, they will start singing as early as 3am. 

What Time Do Birds Usually Start Chirping? 

Birds usually start chirping by the time they are already starting their day.

There is no specific time when they will start chirping.

However, birds usually wake up by dawn and start chirping as early as 4am or an hour before sunrise. 

Their chirps are typically louder and livelier during their dawn chorus.

It is said that birds are singing early in the morning to either mark their territory or simply show off to other birds. 

Why Do Birds Chirp At Night? 

Birds often chirp at night because they are afraid of the dark.

Since most birds are active during the day, they are most likely to freak out when they wake up unable to see because it is too dark.

Other possible reasons as to why birds chirp at night is because of some disturbing noises or presence like predators. 

It is also said that birds chirp at night to ward off other birds that enter their territory and keep themselves protected and sheltered. 

Wrapping Up

Birds chirping loudly at night can be pretty frustrating especially if you’re in deep sleep and you wake up!

Getting back to sleep is another mission on it’s own!

Know that these birds are making noises because they either hear a loud, strange noise, are disoriented by darkness, or they are warding off other birds.

They can also sing as early as 3 to 4am called the dawn chorus to start their day marking their territory or showing off to other birds. 


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