Can Chickens Eat Rosemary?

Chickens have a great appetite for food and they typically forage for anything they can consume.

Asides from seeds and their usual feed, chickens can also eat flowers and even herbs!

We all know that herbs are all healthy for humans, but do they bring the same benefits for chickens?

One famous herb that a lot of people love is rosemary.

This herb not only provides health benefits, but also has great repellent properties due to its strong scent.

If you have rosemary herbs in your garden, you can also let your chickens have it too.

In fact, fowls love eating rosemary and it is a great choice of herb for them.

Rosemary herbs are packed with anti-inflammatory compounds and some antioxidants that aid chickens in pain relief, improved immune system and respiratory health.

Health Benefits Of Rosemary For Chickens

Rosemary is a great herb in ensuring that your chickens are healthy.

This herb is easy to grow and is really perfect to have in your garden.

You may also consider planting it near the chicken coop to maximize the benefits.

1. Pain relief

Rosemary is beneficial for injured chickens or those suffering from internal pain.

This herb is known for giving pain relief among flocks, making them feel more comfortable, relaxed, while also having a speedy recovery since this herb has healing properties.

2. Improved Health

If you want your chickens to have an improved immune system, it is recommended to give them rosemary.

This herb is also nicely packed with nutrients, such as vitamin A, antioxidants, and fiber which promotes a good immune system.

Rosemary herb is also excellent in solving digestive problems, keeping the digestive health of your chickens in top condition.

3. Promotes good respiratory health 

Chicken coops are usually infested with fleas, flies, and other insects that will not only make the coops uncomfortable, but also dirty.

The odor and the bacteria that your chickens may get inside their coop can affect their respiratory health.

Luckily, rosemary is a natural and effective insect repellent.

It works excellently as a deodorizer and repels any insects that may come in your chicken coop.

It keeps the shelter aromatic while also free from bacteria or disease-carrying insects.

How To Give Rosemary To Chickens?

Feeding rosemary to your chickens is pretty straightforward.

If you have rosemary herbs in your garden or somewhere near the coop, you can just freely let your fowls run wild and consume the leaves on their own.

Having a rosemary herb near their coop also gives aromatic benefits, such as warding off insects.

However, you can also simply pick the leaves and simply toss it into their feeder.

Try experimenting as well with other foods by cutting the leaves in tiny portions, and sprinkle it all over their food. 

Okay so chickens can eat rosemary, but how much should you give?

Let’s find out

How Much Should You Give?

Remember that herbs are still considered as treats for chickens.

Hence, no matter how beneficial it is to feed your fowls this herb, do not let them consume too much amount.

After all, too much rosemary may instead cause stomach upsets which you would not like to happen. 

As a general rule of thumb, give your chickens healthy treats only for around 10% of their total diet.

This ensures that your chickens are still receiving delicious and healthy treats to keep them happy, while also making sure that they are still consuming the right amount of feed they need.

How To Serve It To Chickens?

As mentioned, you can just let your chickens forage it on their own if you let them roam in the fields.

Either that or simply cut it into tiny bits and sprinkle it to their food for additional flavor.

You can also give rosemary to your chickens by directly putting them into their feeder.

Take note, however, that if it is their first time eating rosemary, it is better to only serve a small amount until you determine that they like it. 

Other Awesome Herbs You Can Give Chickens

Rosemary is an excellent herb that you can give to your chickens whether fresh or dried.

However, there are also a lot of alternatives you can feed to your fowls to give them various tastes.

Some amazing herbs you can also try on your chickens are thyme, oregano, cilantro, bay leaves, basil, lemon balm, peppermint, and sage.

These herbs are pretty straightforward to feed as well, and are densely-packed with health benefits for chickens.

Wrapping Up

Rosemary is an excellent herb that you can offer to your chickens as treats.

This herb is good for improving immune system and digestive health, healing wounds, relieving pain, and also for warding off insects in chicken coops.

Simply letting the chickens eat on their own or directly tossing it in their feeder are just some ways to properly serve this herb.

Make sure that you are still keeping your chickens healthy by providing them a complete, proper diet. 


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