Do Crows Keep Hawks Away? 

All animals in the world have their own enemies they consider to be really dangerous.

Similar as to how other small bird animals consider crows as wicked predators, these black birds also have their own hunters: hawks.

But do crows only crouch in fear against hawks?

Or do these mischievous birds courageously chase these raptors away? 

Crows treat hawks as one of their mortal enemies and they absolutely have strong hostility against them.

This is because they see hawks as a threat to their nest and eggs, thinking that this bird of prey would snatch away their eggs.

Thus, crows often chase away hawks whenever one has stepped into their territory.

These black birds would gather and mob together to offensively drive away the predator. 

Mobbing is a tactic crows use

They basically get together and work as a team dive bombing a bird

Here’s a video of it in action – It’s pretty awesome!

What Keeps Hawks Away? 

If there is one bird species that is famous in keeping the hawks away from their territory, it is the crows.

These cawing birds often go both defensive and offensive whenever they spot a hawk in their place or territory

This is because they see hawks as a serious threat that they need to chase away and basically get rid of 

These crows will help each other target these raptors.

They would mob together and loudly force the hawk to leave their territory and leave them alone.

Crows are highly protective of their young, the reason why they are also viewed as birds which are dangerously territorial. 

So does that mean

Do Crows Hate Hawks? 

Crows express strong hostility to hawks due to their instinct to protect their flock, especially the nests.

This is because they recognize hawks as a strong bird of prey that can easily steal and kill their eggs.

Once a crow sees a hawk, it will immediately alert the whole flock and prepare for mobbing. 

These crows will now simply and aggressively chase away the bird from their territory.

Though it does not really mean that crows will attempt to hurt and attack the hawk with an intention to kill it.

Since hawks are strong predatory birds, crows know that going overboard and trying to kill these predators is too risky. 

That is why they gang up and force a hawk to retreat and back off

You see how intelligent crows are!

Amazing right?

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Do Scarecrows Work For Hawks?

There are also bird deterrents available for hawks.

One of the most commonly used bird deterrent is scarecrow.

However, it is known that not all scarecrows are effective against birds, especially those with high intelligence like crows. 

For hawks, some scarecrows and decoys are effective against it.

Installing an owl decoy or a scarecrow in your yard or area would keep hawks away as they will view these deterrents as a threat.

However, just make sure that you are moving these deterrents from time to time, so the hawks would not realize that these decoys are actually harmless 

Because if they find out these deterrents are fake, they’d just keep coming back

What Are Hawks Afraid of? 

No matter how strong a hawk is, they still have their own enemies and other birds they need to be wary of.

Hawks are commonly afraid of owls, eagles, and sometimes crows.

They will try not to encounter them as much as possible as they know they might be involved in a fight that is pretty possible to lose.

Aside from their bird predators, hawks also have threats on land.

These raptors are also afraid of snakes and raccoons, not primarily because they can be killed, but for their eggs.

Hawks will find a spot where they can build nests that are safe against these ground predators. 

How Do I Get Rid Of Hawks? 

If there is always a lurking hawk near your place, you can install some hawk deterrents to keep them away. 

Most hawks will avoid areas that have owl decoys and scarecrows, as long as they don’t realize that these fakes are harmless.

You can also install roosting spikes on possible perching areas, so they would be discouraged to stay at your place. 

Make sure that you keep your place clean of any possible food sources, so hawks will not remember your place for food.

If there is a hawk near your area, you can also install noise deterrents that emit distressing calls that would scare these raptors away. 

Wrapping Up

Crows and hawks usually have a bad relationship, especially from crows’ perspectives.

These cawing birds show strong hostility against hawks as they think that the raptors would steal and kill their eggs.

Hawks are normally being chased away by these black birds through mobbing. 

These hawks, despite being strong, still have their own predators.

These raptors are usually wary of crows, eagles, owls, snakes, and raccoons in fear of getting injured or having their eggs stolen. 


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