Chicken Staying Away From Flock

When you have a bunch of chickens you’d always see them together

They love being in a flock

But what does it mean when you see a chicken staying away from the flock?

Is it something you should be worried about

There are a couple of reasons for this

One reason a chicken is staying away from the flock is because your chicken is sick or could even be stressed out

In this article we will go into more detail why your chicken is staying away from the flock

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Why Is My Chicken Staying Away From The Flock?

When a chicken is not feeling well they tend to isolate from the rest of the group

It’s not normal for a chicken to spend time on their own

They are always in a flock, eat together, sleep together run around together

They do everything together

So when you see your chicken away from the flock, it actually is a worrying sign

The first thing you need to do is take your chicken to the vets to get checked up

By acting quick you can help your chicken recover from any illness they may be suffering from

Now the question is – What are the signs of illness in chickens?

Let’s find out

What Are Signs Of a Sick Chicken?

It’s very important to notice any signs of sickness in chickens

Of course one of them is when a chicken is away from the flock

But there are other signs to look out for too

  • Ruffled or unkempt feathers
  • Self isolating from the flock
  • Chicken is not pecking, scratching or eating
  • Egg laying in hens is ceased
  • Pale comb and wattles
  • Cough, watery eyes, raspy breathing

If you notice any of these signs, you should take your chicken to get checked up immediately

What Can You Give a Sick Chicken?

I think the best thing you can do is take your chicken to the vets as soon as possible

Let the expert decide what is best for your chicken

It’s possible they will give you medication such as Oregano (antibiotic) to put in their feed and water

Another reason a chicken may be staying away from their flock is because of stress

Stress can be a factor for self isolation

So what causes stress in chickens?

Top Causes Of Stress In Chickens

  • Travelling – Moving your hens can be very stressful for your chickens
  • Hot and cold weather – Hot weather can cause a lot of challenges to your hens as they need lots of fresh water to cope with the weather. Cold weather again can be stressful especially for those chickens that are not as healthy as they should be
  • Settling Into a new house – A new environment can cause stress to chickens. I mean when we move into a new home or new environment we feel anxious and nervous too. Same goes for chickens!
  • Physical Stress – The way you handle your chickens is very important. Some chickens don’t like to be handled, after all they are prey species so it’s natural to not want to be picked up. (Have a read of my article – Do chickens like hugs?)

What are the signs of stress in chickens?

Let’s find out

Signs Of Stress In Chickens

These are signs of stress you need to keep an eye out on your chickens

  • Behavioral changes and fighting
  • High mortality within the flock
  • Poor feed conversation on a higher high feed intake
  • Lower egg production with a high proportion of thin shelled or defective eggs
  • Chickens stop laying eggs
  • Low or slow weight gain
  • Night eggs, floor eggs or outside laying
  • Cannibalism and feather pecking
  • Feather loss
  • Pest, parasites and disease more prevalent

These are signs to look out for stress in chickens

So how do you help a chicken that is stress?

How To Calm a Chicken (That Is Stressed)

Sometimes it’s the smallest of things you can do to help calm down a stressed chicken

Here’s one thing you can do which might even surprise you!

Use Lavender! 

That’s right!

Lavender can have a calming effect on your hens too

They’re not just for humans!

What you can do is place some bundles of dried lavender into their nesting boxes which can help keep your chickens calm

Spend Time With Your Chickens 

Chickens can get bored too and this can cause stress

There are plenty of ways you can keep your chickens relaxed and amused

For example you can create homemade chicken pinatas, adding hay, chicken swings,

You can add a pile of hay in the chicken coop and then watch how that will keep them entertained for hours!

Have a read of this article for some awesome ideas to keep your chickens busy!

Wrapping Up

If your chicken is staying away from the flock it can be a cause of concern

It would be a good idea to take your chicken to the vets to get them checked up because most likely they may not be feeling well which is why they isolate

Another thing you should look out for is stress as stress can cause chickens to isolate

The quicker you take action the better chance of helping your chicken be back to normal

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