Chicken Holding Wings Away From Body

A chicken that is holding their wings away from their body can be a cause of concern

It’s not normal for a chicken to do this

Question is – Why is your chicken holding wings away from the body?

One of the reasons why your chicken is holding their wings away from their body is because they are in danger of heat exhaustion

If this happens you need to act immediately by cooling your chicken down

Heat exhaustion can cause your chicken to die

How Do You Tell a Chicken Is Overheated?

During the summer months it is very important to keep an eye on your chickens

If they get overheated they can become stressed, lethargic, suffer from a heatstroke and even worse death

Your chicken would also be panting heavily and crouch slightly

They reason for crouching is it helps in removing heat from their body through the un-feathered areas under her wings

That is why you would see your chicken holding their wings away from their body

These are all signs to look out for if a chicken is overheated

So what should you do if you see your chicken become too hot?

Let’s find out

How To Keep Chickens Cool In The Summer? 6 Awesome Ways!

Keeping your chicken cool in the summer will prevent heatstroke and keep your chickens cool of course

Here’s some pretty awesome ways in how you can protect your chickens from the heat in summer

Provide Shade 

An obvious one but an important thing to remember

Make sure you have shade available in their coop or wherever your chickens hang around

If it’s open land then you can put up umbrellas.

If your chicken finds it hot they can take cover under the umbrellas

Another thing you can do is use reflective materials to cover the roof of their coop

You can also buy a parasol

They’re pretty huge and will provide lots of shade for your chickens

Access To Water

Make sure there is fresh water available everyday

Leave it in the shade so it doesn’t get hot during the day

Adding ice would be a good idea to keep the water cool

Place the water close by your chickens wherever they hang out

This will keep them hydrated

Cool Treats

Who doesn’t love frozen treats on a hot day

I’m sure chickens would love them!

You can give your chickens some frozen fruits and veggies

Get Some Misters

Misters are a cool way to keep your chickens cool

Did you know misters can cool the surrounding air by 10 to 20 degrees!

Another idea you can try is attach your hose either on top of a branch or the top of your chickens coop and leave it on for the day

Do be careful because you can definitely run up your water bill

Increase Airflow

During the day, you can leave the windows open in your chickens coop to allow air movement

You can also set up fans to ensure air is circulating

Baby Pool

If you don’t want to use the misting method how about getting a baby pool and fill it with ice cold water

Your chickens would sure enjoy dunking themselves in icy cold water on a hot day

A great way to keep your chickens cool

Hopefully by adopting these methods, it will keep your chickens cool during the summer months

How Hot Is Too Hot For Chickens?

In general temperatures over 90 degrees Fahrenheit can increase the risk of heat stress and other heat related illness in chickens which can include death

Try to keep their temperatures below this to ensure they don’t get too heated

Can You Spray Your Chickens With Water?

Look, chickens would not like to be sprayed with water and it’s something you shouldn’t do

But if the temperatures are really high and you see the symptoms of heat stress in your chickens then you should lightly mist them with water to keep them cool

Otherwise if they are okay then there is no need to spray them with water

Do Chickens Stop Laying In Extreme Heat?

You may notice during the hot days your chicken stops laying eggs

This is because they reserve their energy in the heat because the heat is taking a toll on their body

That is why it’s important to ensure your chickens are kept cool during summer

Wrapping Up

If your chicken is keeping their wings away from their body it’s a sign they are suffering from extreme heat

It’s very important to act quickly and cool them off because if they get overheated it can result in death

During summer you should try your best to keep them cool

I’ve listed 6 awesome ways on how you can help keep your chickens cool which should help you

If you are still worried about chicken if they are feeling hot you should take expert advice from your vet on what you should do

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