Cockatiel Keep Opening It’s Mouth

Cockatiels are amazing pet birds and make great human companions.

If you want to create a great friendship with your pet bird, you should also understand its personality and quirks. 

Also, you should learn the habits or body postures that indicate your cockatiel is uncomfortable or unwell which will help you better understand your birdie 

Which is why in this article, you will learn why your cockatiel keeps opening its mouth.

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Cockatiel Keeps Opening Mouth – Possible Reasons 

There are several reasons why your cockatiel keeps on opening its mouth.

Understanding your bird’s body language will help you determine whether there’s a cause of concern or not. 

Here are reasons why your cockatiel may be opening its mouth.

It’s Too Hot

Cockatiels, like most birds, do not sweat.

One of the ways birds get rid of excess heat is by breathing heavily.

That way, it will open its mouth, release excess hot air, and breathe in cooler air.

That may be one of the reason why your cockatiel is opening its mouth. 

Do not disturb your cockatiel if you see this behavior, especially on hot days.

If you initiate some exercise or vigorous activities, it may lead to more heat production, which can lead to heatstroke and death.

When this happens, take your cockatiel to a cooler room.

You can use air conditioning if the temperatures are too high.

If you do not have air conditioning, you can spray cool water on your cockatiel.

Your Cockatiel Is Yawning, Chirping, Whistling, or Sneezing

If your cockatiel is opening its mouth to do any of the above, there’s no need to worry.

It is normal bird behavior of course!


Another possible reason why your cockatiel is opening its mouth is due to stress.

In this case, your bird might look calm, their temperatures is normal, and it does not appear sick. 

If your cockatiel is stressed, it will keep its mouth open while panting.

Stress alone can cause the death of a bird 

To help your bird get rid of stress, provide some stimulation.

For instance, you can give it stimulation toys, have it watch TV (bird documentaries!), listen to the radio or do any other fun activity that will keep your bird happy. 

Also, you can get it out of the cage and try to show it some affection.

You can offer it some treats and play with your bird 

Spending quality time will definitely help

Your Cockatiel Is Probably Unwell

If you believe your cockatiel is opening its mouth because it is sick, see a vet immediately.

Your cockatiel might have a bacterial infection, a parasitic infection, or has respiratory issues.

Be on the lookout to identify when the opening of the mouth is a medical emergency. 

Also, if your cockatiel opens its mouth and constantly clicks, it is probably due to mucus or a sore throat.

In some cases, it can be pneumonia.

It can display this behavior when something is stuck in its throat.

Poor diet, season changes, the hygiene of its cage, or change in sleep patterns can cause this behavior too.

Crop Adjusting

Another reason your cockatiel is opening its mouth and shouldn’t be something to worry about is when its crop is adjusting.

In this case, your cockatiel will open its mouth wide and stretch out its neck.

Sometimes it will open its mouth, stretch the neck, and shake its head.

Don’t panic as this is normal bird behavior.

It is Fatigued

Your cockatiel could be opening its mouth because it is fatigued and needs to rest.

When your bird is exhausted, breathing slows down.

So, it will frequently start yawning to allow more oxygen intake.

To avoid your bird getting fatigued, allow it to rest in the dark for 12 to 14 hours.

You can cover its cage to keep it from getting distracted by the light during rest time.

Trying To ‘Talk Silently’

It usually happens when your cockatiel is calm or sleeping.

And at the same time, opening and closing its mouth while grinding its beak, it is probably practicing to ‘talk silently’. 

I guess they’re trying to whisper!

Maybe trying to tell you a secret!

Why Does My Cockatiel Look Like He’s Yawning?

There are several reasons why your bird is yawning.

It could be tired, trying to get rid of excessive heat in its body and cool down, something is stuck on its throat, or worse, it could be sick. 

Learn to identify the different types of yawns in your cockatiel and seek medical attention immediately if you suspect it is sick.

However, not every yawn signifies a problem or discomfort.

Some birds can yawn when they are happy too

Why Does My Bird Keep Opening And Closing His Mouth?

As mentioned above, birds, including cockatiels, do not sweat.

They breathe heavily to intake cool air and get out the excess heat from their bodies.

Panting and breathing through the mouth helps the bird cool off quickly. 


Cockatiels and birds in general open their mouths for many reasons.

In most cases, when your cockatiel is opening its mouth, there is no need for a cause of alarm.

However, if you suspect your cockatiel is opening its mouth due to an illness or discomfort, immediately take it to the vet. 


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