Why Do Ducks Keep Coming To My House?

Ducks are great and cute animals, but they can still become pretty invasive and annoying.

This is especially true for people who always experience getting visits from ducks from time to time, especially during warmer months.

But why do ducks visit houses in the very first place?

Getting frequent visits from the ducks can be pretty troublesome, especially for anyone that does not own nor are interested in these birds.

If you are one of the people whose houses get invaded by ducks, there must be a reason why.

Ducks look for bodies of water that they may swim into.

If you have a pool or a pond in your yard, then get ready for being targeted by ducks.

They may even establish a nest in your property once they feel that your area is safe, protected, and has access to water.

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What Can I Do To Keep Ducks Away?

While ducks make great companions, not all people are fond of them.

Despite the fun of feeding and mingling with ducks, it also has drawbacks.

They may become pretty invasive in your ponds or pool areas, limiting or ruining your activities.

People also hate cleaning up their droppings!

If you want to keep these ducks away, the best way is to keep your water areas inaccessible.

This includes putting up barriers around your pool or covering your pond with any chicken wire that will not let these ducks play in the water.

You can also put up deterrents such as sprinklers, fake predators, or something that will continuously disturb the water surface of your pool or pond.

What Smell Do Ducks Hate?

If you want to have a duck deterrent that is cost-effective, try putting up items that emit strong smells that they hate.

This includes peppermint, vinegar, smoke, garlic, chili, and lemon.

These smells naturally deter ducks, so putting them up near the areas where they frequently visit will help you keep them away.

What Does It Mean When a Duck Visits You?

Ducks are known for being sociable animals and are capable of bonding with a human.

This is why many poultry owners love ducks too.

A duck that has deep connection and trust with a person may even follow them whenever the owner goes.

But what if it’s a random duck or a flock consistently visiting you?

Does it mean that they are just trying to befriend and become sociable with you?

The answer is… that may not be the case.

Ducks, especially the wild ones, are not really that approachable and friendly enough to visit a random stranger’s house.

It is possible that these ducks visit you for your house because they see something that is worthy to visit – bodies of water.

If you have a pond or a pool in your house, then it is likely that these ducks visit your property to swim into them.

This is even more possible if these birds consider your house as a place that is warm, safe, and protected enough to take shelter and lay eggs.

Should I Feed Wild Ducks In My Garden?

It is okay to feed wild ducks, but make sure that you do not feed them quite frequently.

These wild ducks may become overdependent on you and the food that you give them.

If you are planning to give them food in your garden, make sure that you try to research and find out the list of food that they can eat and not.

Feeding ducks inappropriately may only bring harm to these birds unintentionally.

Can Ducks Recognize Human Faces?

Ducks are highly sociable and quite intelligent birds.

They make great companions and have shown amazing ability to bond and connect with people.

These waterfowls are also smart enough to be able to recognize human faces.

In fact, ducks can also remember and recognize your voice.

They are also highly trainable as they can be taught various commands due to their supreme memory and ability to recognize voices.

How Do You Tell If a Duck Likes You?

It is actually quite easy to identify if a duck likes you.

These waterfowls are sociable and quite affectionate birds.

As mentioned, they are easy and great companions as they are natural in forming a bond with humans.

If a duck likes you, they will often go near you trying to follow you all the time.

They may also initiate playing with you as much as possible.

Ducks will also not hesitate to sleep near you when they fully trust you.

Lastly, ducks love cuddles.

They will often climb into your lap, trying to snuggle in your arms as closely as possible.

They are quite affectionate and adorable animals.

Wrapping Up

Ducks are intelligent and sociable watefowls.

However, no matter how adorable and amazing they are, they can become quite troublesome for some people.

Ducks tend to visit houses, especially the ones with accessible water sources like ponds or pools.

These birds always look for bodies of water where they can swim and hang out.

This can be pretty inconvenient for many since ducks may also create a nest inside the property and take shelter.

To prevent this from happening, it is better to put up barriers in your pool or pond that will make them inaccessible for these birds.


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