Do Chickens Sleep During The Day?

In this article we’re going to answer the question – Do chickens sleep during the day? 

In short:

All chickens at some point in their lives will sleep during the day.

It is completely okay for them to do so, especially if it’s a younger or older chicken.

Even healthy adult chickens might sleep during the day for a variety of reasons including lack of sleep or general boredom.

Here’s what you’re going to discover in this article

  • Is it normal for chickens to sleep in the day? (Answered in detail)
  • What time should chickens go to sleep?
  • What time of the day are chickens most active
  • Discover what chickens during the day (If you’re curious!)

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Do Chickens Nap During The Day? Is This Normal?

It is completely normal for chickens to sleep in the day.

This is more likely when a chicken is younger or older.

Younger chicks are growing and sleep more often during the day than their adult counterparts.

The amount of time they nap in the daytime should reduce as they get older.

Similarly, older chickens are likely to have naps too.

They tend to get quite sleepy and therefore nap more than younger adult chickens.

On the other hand, healthy adult chickens aged around 20 weeks to 2 years don’t tend to sleep much during the day.

If they do, they’ll normally nod off for just a moment during the day.

A healthy adult chicken will not have much time to sleep as it will be busy grazing and searching for food all over the floor.

Some adult chickens do sleep in the day and there are a few reasons why they might do.

For example, if your chicken hasn’t had enough sleep during the night, it stands to reason that it will catch up on its sleep during the day.

Boredom can be another contribution to daytime sleeping.

If the chicken doesn’t have enough space or much to do, it might sleep as there is nothing else to do.

A chicken should be able to graze and keep itself busy all day.

Yet another reason for chickens sleeping during the day is that it is unwell.

If your chicken is sleeping for a prolonged period during the day, it might point to something that needs to be checked out.

You’ll notice other symptoms in a sick chicken such as fluffed up feathers.

It’s a good idea to get your chicken checked out if you’re concerned

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What Time Should Chickens Go To Sleep?

Chickens don’t lead their lives by the clock as we do.

Rather, their schedule is ruled by the sun rising and setting.

Chickens will generally take themselves to bed in the safety of their coop when it starts to get dark.

Depending on the season, this might be as early as 5 pm or as late as 8 pm.

In the coop, the chickens may cluck about for a while before they eventually fall asleep.

Once they settle, they’ll stay asleep until the sun comes back up.

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What Time Of Day Are Chickens Most Active?

A happy and healthy chicken should be active pretty much the whole time they are awake.

They may take a moment every now and again to lay down in the sun or take a tiny nap, but the majority of their waking moments should be spent pecking around and scratching for food.

Chickens like to be busy and you’ll rarely see them sitting around doing nothing.

If your chicken is acting very lethargic, it may point to an illness, so it’s best to question that behavior with your vet.

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A Chickens Sleeping Pattern – What You Should Know

Chickens will usually sleep from dusk till dawn

This means, the moment the sun goes down your chickens are going to roost and go to sleep

And when the sun rises, your chickens will be up foraging for food and ready for the day!

Depending on the season a chicken will usually sleep between 8 and 12 hours a day – this depends on the season

But here’s another thing – Your chickens will also nap during the day

Another thing to remember is not all chickens are the same

Older chickens may want to nap for longer or get up later whereas young chickens will get up as soon as the sun rises

Do Chickens Sleep Standing Up?

No chickens don’t sleep standing up

Chickens sleep either sitting down, curled up in a little ball or stretched out on the ground with their legs stretched and necks stretched

Here’s a video someone recorded of their chickens sleeping at night

It’s so interesting so have a watch!

Can Chickens Sleep In The Rain?

Chickens won’t mind sleeping in the rain

I know it sounds weird, but light rain won’t bother a chicken when they are sleeping

Well, if it’s a thunderstorm or heavy rain, then yes, it will bother them

But I know you won’t ever let your chickens sleep in light rain let alone a thunderstorm!

I’m sure you have an awesome coop to let your chickens sleep in

If your chickens are out foraging or taking a short nap during the day and it’s light rain, it won’t affect them so you don’t need to wake them up and put them in the coop!

What Do Chickens Do During The Day?

Chickens are very social creatures that will stay in groups throughout the day and move together.

They like to keep themselves busy and will occasionally sit down to enjoy the warmth of the sun in the afternoon.

Generally, however, a chicken’s average day will consist of laying eggs, grazing, and preening.

Chickens love to forage, so they will spend the majority of the day pecking and scratching for food on the floor.

This could be their feed that you’ve scattered all over for them to find or a tasty insect they’ve found crawling in the dirt.

They will spend even hours picking for little treats and they’ll normally even have a favorite foraging spot.

Besides foraging, chickens also spend a lot of their time preening and dustbathing.

Like most birds, chickens take pride in their appearance and they will preen their feathers in order to get them back into shape.

Happy chickens will preen daily, so one of the first things you’ll notice in a sick chicken is its unruly feathers.

Chickens also love to dustbathe.

This removes debris and parasites from under the chicken’s feathers.

Where Do Chickens Sleep In The Wild?

Chickens in the wild will not sleep on the ground

They prefer to roost on tall trees and off the ground

This is to protect themselves from predators

They would even sleep in bushes too

Basically, they would sleep in places where they are not seen

Wrapping Up

Chickens are active and social creatures that love to spend their days grazing and preening.

Sometimes, however, chickens also like to simply rest and take a little nap.

Little naps like these are common as they may be enjoying the sun or feel a bit tired.

So if you find that your chickens are sleeping during the day, no need to worry – it’s completely normal.

You should only be concerned if they are sleeping excessively.

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