Can I Put My Budgie’s Cage Outside?

Budgerigars (affectionately known as budgies) are the third most popular pets worldwide – behind canines and felines.

These little chatter-boxes are pint-sized, low-maintenance, and overall adorable. 

If you’re a budgie parent who’s looking to gain some info about how to best care for your little pal – you’ve come to the right place.

Just as a budgie’s diet is super-important to its welfare, its environment and cage placement are vital to its health.  

You see, budgies are native to Australia, where the summer and winter months can get quite intense.

Budgies do very well in temperatures ranging from 60 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you’re planning on keeping your budgie cage outside, it’s recommended that you monitor the temperatures carefully and not place its cage in the direct path of sunlight or gusting winds. 

There’s so much more to consider when it comes to your pet parakeet’s cage placement.

And, before you get too anxious, the good news is we’ll be discussing whether you can place your parakeet’s cage outside in-depth.

This article will answer in detail – Can I put my budgies cage outside?

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  • What temperature is too cold for a budgie?
  • What temperature is too hot for a budgie?
  • Do budgies like to be outside?
  • Where you should put the budgie cage

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Can I Put My Bird-Cage Outside?

Let’s kick off this article by discussing the main question – can you place your budgie’s cage outside?

As stated earlier, budgies tend to thrive in temps ranging from between 60 to 70°F.

That means these birdies thrive in mild temperatures that are not too hot or cold.

As a matter of fact, anything below 60 degrees may be too much for your pet to bear – especially if it’s a lone ranger. 

If you’re looking to broaden your budgie’s horizon and don’t want it bored throughout the day, you can make arrangements to place its cage outside for a few hours. 

Remember, just as parakeets don’t do well in temperatures below 60 degrees, anything above 70°F isn’t good for your pet either.

If you’re placing your birdies cage outside during the day, make sure it’s not the path of direct sunlight because budgerigars in the wild tend to hang out in the shade. 

Overall, there’s nothing wrong with placing your pet’s cage outside – but only for a few hours and within the right temperature range.

If you feel like your budgie’s getting bored staying cooped up indoors for too long, try getting it another budgie companion.

Your budgie will love that just as much, if not more!

What Temperature Is Too Cold For A Budgie?

Budgies don’t hail from a cold environment naturally, and temperatures below 40 degrees Fahrenheit can be life-threatening for your pet.

Budgies can develop hypothermia when it gets too cold, and dealing with such a concern will require help from a specialist vet. 

Additionally, when you consider that your pet came to you either from a pet store or breeder – you’ll realize that it has been raised in captivity and isn’t equipped to deal with climate changes or the outside environment. 

That’s why, if you live in a place where even the summers can get a bit nippy, it’s best to keep your budgie indoors.

Another pro tip is to keep a check on the temperature of the room where your pet’s cage is placed.

And, you always have the option of buying an avian lamp to keep your pet warm and toasty. 

Something like this

Avian Adjustable Floor Lamp for Bird

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What Temperature Is Too Hot For A Budgie?

Budgies can withstand warm temperatures that fall in the range of 60 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit without developing severe health concerns.

But, anything beyond 85°F is dangerous for your little parakeet.

Just as they are susceptible to hypothermia, budgies can also suffer from heatstroke on hot days.

In fact, experts estimate that in the 80 to 85 degrees range, a budgie can succumb to heatstroke in a mere 15 minutes.

That’s why it’s essential to be extra vigilant about your parakeet’s health if you live in extreme climates and make sure your pet’s cage is never ever in direct sunlight in such situations. 

Do Budgies Like To Be Outside?

Budgies come from tropical climates – which means they’re genetically predisposed to warm and moderate temperatures.

I mean, parakeets in the wild live outside and love it, but budgies raised in captivity should only be kept outdoors for a limited amount of time. 

As animals have an affinity with nature, there’s no doubt your pet will like observing the outside world.

But, always take precautions before leaving your parakeet’s cage outside.

For example, place the cage in a secure spot that’s safe from predators, do not keep your budgie’s enclosure in direct sunlight, and keep it indoors if the weather is windy and cold.  

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Should I Build An Aviary?

Many people love DIY and building an aviary could be a very exciting project for a bird parent!

(Me personally, I’m not very DIY)

But hey, if you are into DIY then building an awesome aviary for your bird would be pretty awesome!

It could probably be a lot cheaper than just buying one

If you do decide to build one – you’re best following a guide (Unless you can build it from scratch!)

A guide like this for example

How to build an aviary 

You can find out more about this guide by clicking here 

Where Should I Put My Budgie Cage?

Ideal cage placement involves several aspects, and here’s what they are:


Placing the birdcage in the middle of a room is always a bad idea because your budgie won’t feel secure.

It’s best to place your pet’s cage in a corner between two walls so that your parakeet feels safe and cozy.

Also, try not to put your budgie’s cage too close to a window because seeing other animals outside may make your pet anxious. 


Try and place your parakeet’s cage in a location where it’ll see you and your family go about your daily lives.

Nobody likes being ignored, and that’s exactly how your pet will feel if you place it alone in an empty room.

However, try and avoid putting your pet’s cage in areas like the living room, family room, or anywhere too close to the kitchen.  


If you’re trying to look for new ways to keep your budgie happy and content, you can always get your feathered friend Ms.Budgie. 

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to place your pet’s cage outside for a few hours to help your budgie get some fresh air. 

But, before doing so, make sure you pick a moderate day, place the cage in an appropriate spot, and keep checking on your budgie to check on its well-being. 

Ideally, you’d want to keep the budgie inside the house where the family spends most of their time because budgies are very sociable animals and they love company!

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