My Budgie Is Biting The Cage

Is your budgie biting the cage?

Did you know it can actually be dangerous?


In this article you’re going to discover

  • Why your budgie is biting the cage (Possible reasons)
  • How to stop your budgie from biting the cage

So if you want this behavior to stop then you’re going to love this straight to the point no fluff article

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Why Does My Budgie Bite The Cage?

There could be many reasons why your budgie is biting the cage

One of the reasons could be your budgie is just bored

So out of boredom, they’re biting the cage

This is not good



First, it’s dangerous

Second your budgie is bored is not a good sign

Let’s start with why it’s dangerous

You see, the cage could be covered with paint

And paint most of the time has zinc in it

Zinc is very dangerous for budgies

In fact, it could kill your little birdie

So you need to stop this behavior

This leads me to the next point – boredom 

If your budgie is bored, this can cause depression

And depression is not good for budgies

This could be the main reason why your budgie is biting the cage

So what should you do?

How can you stop this?

Let’s find out

Carry on reading..

How To Stop your Budgie Biting The Cage?

If your budgie is bored then you need to make sure they’re not

How do you do this?

It’s simple

Keep them entertained

Yes I know you can’t be there with them 24/7

But when you are at home, allow them to have out of cage time

Let your budgies fly about in the house (Make sure it’s safe to do so, have a read of my article Budgie flying around


This is a great way of making sure your budgies are having some fun and exercise at the same time

Flying has plenty of benefits

It’s also a great time to bond with your bird

Let your bird sit on your shoulder

Maybe you can do some clicker training or play some games during out of cage time

But what about when you are not there?

First you need a large bird cage (Check out my article Best bird cages for budgies)

A large bird cage will allow your budgies to fly about in their cage when you’re not there (don’t allow them out of the cage when you’re not present, it’s just not worth the risk)

Another benefit of a large cage is you can add a variety of toys for your budgies

This will keep your budgies entertained and distracted when you’re not about

If you only have one budgie then I would recommend getting your birdie a friend

That will make a huge difference!

Budgies are very sociable and love company

If your budgie has a friend, that would keep them both busy

I mean the more budgie the merrier

And yes, they all can stay in the same cage (check out my article 4 budgies in one cage)

The mission is to keep your budgie distracted enough so they stop chewing the cage bars

Maybe you can get some chew bars and cuttle bones for your budgies to chew on

What If Budgie Still Bites The Cage?

Sometimes it doesn’t matter what you do your budgie will still chew on the cage bars

Maybe your budgie just seriously likes chewing on the bars

Have a closer look because sometimes birds will clean their beaks with the cage bars so that’s something to see

But if your budgie still bites the cage then the best thing you can do is make sure the bird cage is not painted and is safe for a bird to chew on

I would ask your vet to get some advice regarding this

Ideally cages should be made of stainless steel or power coated

This way at least you know it’s safe to chew on

The best thing you can do is buy chewy toys and use this as a distraction

Have a look at this toy which I think would be an awesome way to distract your budgie from biting the cage bars

KATUMO Bird Toys, Bird Foraging Wall Toy, Edible Seagrass Woven Climbing Hammock Mat with Colorful Chewing Toys,

It looks very interesting and eye catching

You can stick on the cage and let your budgie go wild with it!

It’s safe too so you got nothing to worry about

You can get it over on Amazon by clicking here

Is My Budgie Stressed?

Some budgies may think their budgies are stressed which makes them bite the cage bars

But usually it’s done out of boredom or it’s just something they enjoy doing

And boredom can mean stress too

That’s why it’s important to make sure your budgies are entertained

As budgie parents, it’s important to know and understand what the signs of stress are in budgies

So here’s what you need to look at

  • Stress bars
  • Feather picking or self mutilation
  • Aggression
  • Loss of appetite
  • Change in vocalization
  • Repetitive behavior
  • Fear
  • Boredom

You can find out more about all these points by visiting theprucepets

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Wrapping Up

Budgies biting the cage bars can mean they are bored

It could also be your budgie just likes doing this

The best thing to do is try and distract your budgie

You can do this by buying chewy toys for your bird to chew on

If your budgie is bored it may be a good idea to get your bird a friend

Do make sure to spend quality time with your budgie everyday

Try to set out a routine everyday

That would certainly help!


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