Why Does My Budgie Fly Around Its Cage?

Budgies, like all birds, like to use their wings.

Your budgie might fly around in its cage to get some exercise.

Flapping their wings in this manner gets their blood flowing so it’s a healthy thing to see your budgie using their wings.

You can even let your budgie out of its cage to stretch its wings and explore more of its surroundings.

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Why Do Budgies Flap Their Wings In Their Cage?

As a budgie owner, you would have seen your bird flapping its wings in its cage many times already.

You might not pay too much attention to it, but it’s quite interesting to know why your budgie does this.

In fact, it would be good to know as its owner as it may be your budgie’s way of telling you something.

Most of the time, your budgie will flap its wings in order to get some exercise.

Especially if your budgie is in its cage most of the day, this is their way of getting their blood flowing.

They will sit in place on its perch, flap its wings, and may even make some sounds while exercising in this manner.

For the little budgies, it feels like a good stretch after a long day of work sitting at the desk.

Through all of this, one thing to think about is the cage size.

Make sure your budgie has a cage that is big enough for it to live comfortably and to flap its wings.

It’s very important to have a large bird cage for your little birdie

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Should I Let My Budgie Fly Around?

Budgies are birds and birds need to fly around.

They need this exercise in order to stay healthy.

Any kind of bird that stays in its cage all day with no out-of-cage time is going to develop diseases and sicknesses.

It is not easy to let go and let your budgie fly around, but they need to stretch their wings.

It is good for them to explore their environment and to use up their pent up energy by flying from one end of the room to the other.

The first thing to note is that your budgie should be supervised at all times.

You never know what kind of trouble these little birds can get into.

Secondly, budgies live in flocks in the wild, so they will naturally want to spend time with you.

Letting your little budgie out of its cage will give it the opportunity to have cuddles and to play with you.

Third, be sure to choose a safe room for your budgie to fly around in – one with not too many obstacles so it doesn’t hurt itself.

Letting your budgie out of the cage may be difficult particularly if you have an untrained bird, but in this case, what you can do is take it to the vet to have its wings clipped temporarily until you can guarantee its safety when it flies about in the chosen room in your house. 

Can Budgies Roam Around The House? Is It Dangerous?

If you want to introduce your budgie to roaming the rest of your house, do it bit by bit.

You can’t let your budgie free out of the blue as it could fly straight into a window and hurt itself.

Try releasing your budgie in a small confined space first and see what happens.

It is not dangerous to let your budgie roam free as long as you take the necessary precautions.

There are a few tips to follow in order to ensure that your budgie stays safe as it flies around your house.

You should cover up any windows and mirrors so that your budgie doesn’t get confused and fly straight into them.

And especially for the curious budgies that love to put things in their beaks, make sure you remove all toxins and wires around the house.

If you have other animals in your home, it would be best to keep them out in the beginning so that they don’t scare your budgie.

And most importantly, leave your budgie alone and let it get used to the environment by itself.

The more comfortable your budgie is, the safer it will be flying around your home. 

You should make this process of letting your bird roam your house be as stress-free as possible for both your budgie and yourself.

Take it slow and take it easy.

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Why Is My Bird Flying Around The Cage At Night?

Many budgie owners experience this phenomenon: you say goodnight to your budgie and in the middle of the night, you wake up to frantic flying about in the cage.

What is going on?

Your budgie most likely has night fright.

This happens when your budgie falls asleep and is woken up by something in the middle of the night.

Budgies have terrible night vision, so when it is dark and they can’t see what is going on, they get spooked and start flying.

Any slight movement or sound such as a car or shadow passing by is likely to be seen as a threat by your budgie because it is dark.

As they panic, flying about in their cage blindly, the budgies can hurt themselves.

This is incredibly dangerous behavior and you should do your best to mitigate it.

A common solution is to provide a night light for your budgie.

This provides just enough light for them to be able to see if they are woken up by something.

With the night light, they’ll be able to assess the situation properly instead of flying about blindly.

You can get something like this

Birdcage Night Light

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Another solution that might work for budgies that are scared of shadows is to cover the cage at night.

This way, the cage will be dark enough for the budgie and they won’t see any movements outside of the cage as they sleep.

How about something like to cover the cage

Colorday Good Night Bird Cage Cover for Large Bird Cage

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Wrapping Up

Budgies use their wings for a variety of different situations.

They might use them to flap about to stretch their wings as they sit on their perch.

They might use them to fly about in the room during out-of-cage time.

And they might even use them as a defense mechanism when they are spooked.

Get to know your budgie and you will learn more about why they act the way they do in certain scenarios.

I have plenty of articles all about budgie behavior on this website so do have a browse around!

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