Why Does My Parrot Dip His Food In Water?

Has your bird been dunking its food in water? 

This behavior is more common than you’d think.

Many first-time parrot parents come to experts with this question! So, be assured that you are not alone in this struggle. 

So, why does my parrot dip his food in water?

Experts believe that birds put their food in water to make it more digestible.

It takes them back to the time when they were babies with underdeveloped beaks, and their parents had to feed them soft food. 

This blog post will go over everything you need to know about your parrot’s peculiar behavior. 

Keep reading to know more.  

It’s a strange behavior right?

And it makes you think why does your birdie dip their food in the water

If you’re curious and would just love to know then you’re going to love this article

Why Do Birds Put Their Food In Water?

Let’s take a quick look at a few reasons why parrots put their food in the water. 

To Soften the Food Up 

Experts believe that parrots put their food in water to soften it up, making it easier to chew and eat.

This is especially true if your parrot has been dunking dry food items like seeds in his water. 

You can try to introduce more soft foods in your bird’s diet and see if the behavior occurs again. 

To Create a “Parrot Soup” 

Some parrots enjoy eating a soupy meal and add some seeds to their water.

People don’t usually understand this peculiar behavior, but a lot of parrot parents have reported it. 

Other pet birds, too, seem to enjoy some of this soup. 

Of course, this means more work for you as you need to regularly change your parrot’s water and clean the dishes! 

To Make the Food More Digestible 

Another reason for parrots dipping their food in water is to make it more digestible.

Avian veterans think that by adding some water to their food, parrots improve its digestibility and save themselves from gastrointestinal issues. 

A lot of parrot species indulge in this behavior. 

Adding fresh fruits, vegetables, and lentils to your parrot’s diet should put a pause on this behavior. 

Because They Like It That Way!  

Some parrots just seem to like how their watery food tastes.

They dunk everything in water before eating it.

You can write this behavior off to personal preferences. 

Overall, it’s nothing to worry about

If it’s something you’re concerned then yes talk to your avian vet and see if there is any problem

But it should be okay

I guess it just makes you love your parrot more with this odd behavior!

Why Does My Parrot Throw His Food?

Not only do parrots dip their food in the water

But they can even sometimes throw their food too

You know what that means right?

More cleaning up for you!


Here are a few reasons why parrots do this: 

  • To disperse the seeds: Parrots throw their food around in the wild to disperse the seeds, planting them in the process and giving rise to new plants. 
  • Your parrot may not like the food: Some parrots throw their food if they don’t like it. Adding more fresh fruits, vegetables, grasses, etc., will help curb this behavior. 
  • The food may not be ripe: Parrots have a tendency of intentionally wasting their food–especially if it isn’t ripe or doesn’t match their taste. 
  • It’s fun: You shouldn’t play with your food, but you cannot teach that to your parrot! Sometimes, parrots start throwing their food because they like it! 
  • They’re bored: Your bird will start throwing its food if it does not get enough physical and mental stimulation during the day. If that’s the case, addressing the underlying issue will resolve the problem. 

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Wrapping It Up 

Did you find what you were looking for? 

It is funny to watch your bird dip its food in the water.

Most birds dip dry food in water to make it more chewable and easy to digest.

You don’t need to be worried about this behavior–it is quite common. 

In most cases, parrots dip their food in water to make it easy to swallow and improve its digestibility.

However, there are a few more reasons why your parrot may be doing this as mentioned in this article 

Does you parrot dip their food in the water? Let me know in the comments below!

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