Why Does My Budgie Like My Phone?

We are already living in an era where technology runs the world and phones are, perhaps, one of the greatest inventions of this century.

Naturally, the convenience that technology brings has already reached the way we interact with animals as well. 

If you own a budgie, there might be times when they seem interested in your cell phone.

Pecking or going a little wild on the screen as if it also wants to play and touch on some apps or games.

Of course, it can be alarming knowing that your bird might be exposed to radiation that the phone emits.

But your parakeet’s actions might not really mean that they like your phone as they could likely see their reflection on the screen, thinking that it is another bird. 

Why Is My Budgie Obsessed With My Cell Phone?

Some budgies might appear a little crazy whenever they see your cell phone.

They are likely getting excited seeing the other bird they could see on the screen which is only their reflection.

It might be because they think of it as a playmate or another companion.

But of course, it still depends on the personality of your bird.

Rather than a friend, your parakeet might also see the reflection on the screen as an enemy and they become pretty wild or aggressive. 

Can I Let My Budgie Play With My Cellphone?

We have seen a lot of animal videos, like cats playing on cellphones or tablets.

It is only fair to think that birds can also have an upgraded version of playing time with technology.

But, it is better not to let your budgie play with your cell phone as personal interaction with owners is still the best. 

Furthermore, budgies are not really good with cell phones since they can only see their reflection on the screen.

They might start acting destructive, trying to be aggressive and territorial because of the ‘other bird’. 

Why Is My Budgie Possessive Over My Phone? 

The possessive behavior that your budgie is displaying might not really be a good indication.

If your pet parakeet behaves wild and troublesome whenever it sees your phone, then your device is probably a trigger for your pet. 

Your parakeet might be asking for your attention, only asking you to discard your phone and play with him instead.

It is also possible that your pet is acting territorial because it has already associated your phone with another bird, thanks to the reflection. 

Can Budgies Watch a Cell Phone? Is It Safe For Them? 

Although there are a lot of interactive videos you can find online for your bird, giving them a cell phone is not the best choice.

Budgies appreciate it more if they can be with you and have lots of playtime and interaction.

You can also purchase bird toys that can keep them entertained and happy. 

There is no really evidence nor studies suggesting that cell phones are bad for budgies.

However, it is best if you don’t allow your budgie to have any electronic devices that emit radiation near your birds as it might bring a negative ill effect on their health.

They might also be triggered by the reflection on the cellphone, resulting in destructive and unwanted behavior. 

Wrapping Up 

Playing is one of the must-do daily activities you need to do when you own a budgie.

However, it is easy to replace interactions with mobile phones and just play something that can entertain your birds, especially when they are acting overly excited. 

However, your pet parakeets might not really be feeling positive about your phone, but rather triggered due to the reflection they can see on the screen.

Playing with bird toys and personal interactions are still the best quality time you can offer to your precious feather friends. 


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