5 Surprising Ways To Create a Strong Bond With Your Budgie – You Won’t Believe #5!

In this article you’re going to learn how to bond with your budgie

You’ll learn how to gain your budgies trust

So if you want to bond with your budgie and get your budgie to love you, then you’re going to love this article

Sound good?

Let’s get started!

Budgies are very sociable and they make a very good pet

At the beginning it can be difficult to bond with your budgie because they’re in a new environment

So they will be scared

It’s a matter of time and patience

But once your budgie starts to trust you and love you

That bond between the two of you will be precious

Before you bond with your budgie

The first thing we need to look at is trust

How can you get your budgie to trust you

Especially if you’ve just bought your budgie

How Do You Get Your Budgie To Trust You

Patience is important here

Don’t expect your budgie to straight away jump on your finger and sit on your shoulder

It doesn’t work like although we all wish it would!

Basic Needs Are Met 

The first thing you need to make sure is that your budgie is comfortable in their surrounding

That means making sure your budgie has a good cage

What is a good cage for a budgie?

One that is large and spacious

The bigger the cage for your budgie the better

There’s so many benefits of having a large bird cage

  • You can add a variety of toys
  • Your budgie has space to fly about
  • You can add multiple budgies
  • They can move freely

Just to name a few advantages

If you have the space in the house then go for it

You can check out my recommendations of some pretty awesome bird cages for your budgie by clicking the link below

Best bird cages for budgies 

Along with a large bird cage

You just got to make sure your budgies basic needs are met

Easy access to water and food

Make sure the room temperature is good

If the room temperature is good for you then it should be okay for your bird

Don’t Try To Tame Your Bird Right Away 

Give your budgie some time to get used to their new surrounding

So keep your bird cage in the room where you and the family spend most of your time

This will get your budgie used to seeing you and other family members

When you talk to your budgie

Talk in a soft manner (Which I’m sure you already do)

This will create a positive association with you

Which is a great way of building trust

This can take time

Or it can happen very quickly where your budgie trusts you in a matter of days!

Each bird is different though right?

Once you have gained your budgies trust

Then you can now start to create a sweet bond with them

5 Tips On How To Bond With Your Budgie

Now that you have your budgies trust

You can start to bond with them

Hand Taming 

This is the best time of bonding and I’m sure you would love this too!

A cute little budgie on your hand

So how do you go about doing this?


Here’s a step by step instruction you follow

  1. Slowly introduce your hand by touching the cage near your budgie – This should done in a non threatening way
  2. Once your budgie is comfortable with this, put your hand near him inside the cage. Let your budgie get used to your hand being near him
  3. Now start to offer treats to your budgie as your budgie gets used to your hand being near them
  4. Use the treats to encourage your budgie to step onto your finger

That’s it!

This takes time so have patience

Stay committed and do this daily

Spend at least 15 minutes twice a day

It could several weeks

Each bird is different

But the wait and this training will be well worth it

Because by the time you know it, you’ll have a budgie who will trust you and stand on your finger coming out of the cage

This is a great way of bonding with your budgie

As you can let them out the cage and they will sit on your finger and your shoulder too

Let Your Budgie Spend Time Out Of The Cage

Once your budgie has settled down and is not scared of their surroundings

You should let them out of their cage

Keeping them all day in their cage is not a good thing because they can get bored

And if they get bored then they can become stressed or depressed

This can lead to health complications

Letting your budgie out of the cage will allow your bird to fly about

They can be free in a way too right because they’re not in a cage

Also, you get the chance to spend time with your budgie and bond too

Do make sure the doors and windows are closed

You don’t want them flying outside!

Talk To Your Budgie 

Budgies love chirping and are very sociable

Talking to your budgie will make them used to the sound of your voice

This is another great way of bonding with your budgie

Your budgie will probably even try to mimic you!

Look After Your Budgie And Give Them Toys 

Meet their basic needs as I mentioned earlier

Have fresh water and food with high nutrients always available

Add lots of toys for your budgie to play with

You could use these toys to bond with your budgie too

Make sure to have a variety of toys and to rotate them so your bird will not get bored

There are many toys you can get for your budgie

Check out my article What Do Budgies Like In Their Cage 

Groom Your Budgie

Groom my budgie?

Yep that’s right!

Your budgie may enjoy being pet gently or head scratching as they sit on your finger

Stroke your budgie and let them know how much you love them

It will only increase the bond between the two of you

In Conclusion

Getting your budgie to bond with you is easy but can take time

The best part?

When they bond with you it will be worth it for sure!

You just need to have patience as some budgies are different to others

Make sure you meet the basic needs of your budgie

Spoil them with toys and a large bird cage

And let them out of the bird cage as much as you can

This will give you the chance to bond with your budgie more

Also, talk with your budgie as often as possible

This will get them used to the sound of your voice

As long as you are taking care of your budgie this is a form of bonding with your budgie

And this will make your budgie love you!

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