Best Bird Cages For Budgies

Budgies are very sociable birds and they are very popular

To be honest,

Looking after them is not a hard job

Easier than looking after a cat or dog

But one thing for sure is you need to meet their basic needs and shower them with love and affection

So how do you meet their basic needs?

By providing them with the best bird cages

And in this article you’re going to learn what are the best bird cages for budgies

What Is The Best Bird Cages For Budgies?

I don’t want to waste your time or anything

So let’s look at my very top 3 bird cages for budgies

Although I have reviewed 10 these are my very best recommendation

All of them are great of course

I have reviewed 10 so it gives you more options in case you don’t like the ones I recommend (but I’m sure you will!)

Prevue Hendryx F050 Pet Products Wrought Iron Flight Cage – Overall Best 

go2buy Wrought Iron Select Bird Cage Parrot Cockatoo Birdcage Stands  – Runner up 

Prevue Pet Products Wrought Iron Select Bird Cage Black Hammertone3rd Place

These are my very top 3 I would recommend

They are pretty awesome bird cages

But don’t worry I have reviewed more for you to have a wider option

Now before we get into my top 10 best bird cages for budgies

It’s important to understand what your budgies expects from you

So let’s look at understanding your budgies requirements

Understanding Your Budgies Care Requirements

The best way to keep your budgie healthy and happy is to provide them a healthy diet, show love and affection to them and choosing a bird cage that is big and spacious 

You see,

Budgies are small and very active

They love playing around and chirping

So they need space – a lot of space 

That’s where a large bird cage comes in

What happens unfortunately is because budgies are small and they are not expensive

They’re kept in a cage so this can lead to neglect towards them

This will only shorten their live span and create health problems like obesity

When it comes to looking after your budgie

A healthy diet and a spacious cage are very important 

How To Choose The Best Bird Cages For Your Budgies

Your budgie will spend time in the cage

Although you should let them out and fly about

But when they are in their cage they need space and some toys too

A large bird cage will allow them to fly about and you get to add a variety of toys

Also, you can add more budgies!

Here are some thing to look out for when getting your budgie a bird cage

Cage Size 

The minimum size a cage should be for a budgie is 18 x 18 inches and that is for a single budgie

If you have more than one budgie than it should be 40 x 20 x 20 inches

The larger the cage the better

Bar Spacing 

Budgies are small so the spacing between the bars should not be more than 1/2 inch

Otherwise it could be dangerous for your budgie as they could get their head stuck by accident


It’s good to have two different perches in your budgies cage depending on how many budgies you have

The perches should be made from different materials and different thickness

This is because it helps keep the birds feet strong and their nails filed down

Width And Height 

Budgies may be small but they are very active

They love to fly about and move around in the cage

So a wide and tall cage will allow your budgie to fly about and hop from different perches

In short:

A large cage is the best option for a budgie

Your budgie has a lot of space so they can fly about and play around in the cage

I always say

The bigger the cage the better

So now that we know what to look out for when buying a bird cage for your budgie

Carry on reading to see our top 10 recommendations for the bird cages for budgies

Top 10 Best Bird Cages For Budgies

Prevue Pet Products Wrought Iron Select Bird Cage Black Hammertone 

First on the list is the Prevue Select Bird Cage.

This is one of the most sought-after and in-demand bird cages in the market.

This high-quality birdcage is made of wrought iron construction that assures the owner of the durability of the cage. 

This durable material is coated with a non-toxic powder finish that comes in 8 different colors which include black hammertone, cobalt blue, chalk white, garnet red, cocoa brown, sage green, jade green, and pewter.

This also comes in 4 different sizes – 18x18x57 inches, 24x20x60 inches, 30x22x63 inches, and 36x24x66 inches— to accommodate different sizes of budgies cockatiels, parrots, and other breeds.

The cage has removable bottom grille and drawers that allow easy cleaning.

It also has rounded-corner seed guards to keep the mess around the cage in control.

On top of the cage, is a play stand where your budgie could practice some tricks and be entertained as well.

However, you need to assist your pet is going to the area as they cannot do so by themselves.

This cage is secured with a strong and long-lasting door lock that you can easily open and close with just a push button, keeping your birds locked in safely inside.

The package also comes with a cage stand, a play top, 2 wood perches, 4 stainless steel cups, and rounded seed guards to give you and your feathered pet everything that you need. 

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of this awesome bird cage


  • It is very easy to install. 
  • The cage comes in a variety of colors and sizes that you could choose from. 
  • The overall construction looks sturdy and pet-proof. 
  • The bottom tray is deep that can handle a big deal of mess. 
  • It is very easy to clean.


  • This cage is not recommended for small birds as they are able to stick their heads out.
  • Birds cannot go to the play area without assistance. 
  • The bars along the side of the tray need to clean often.

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Prevue Pet Products Wrought Iron Flight Cage with Stand F040 Black Bird Cage

Prevue has once again been included in this list (The brand is awesome!), but this time with its Hendryx Flight Cage.

This is a flight cage that can perfectly accommodate and house multiple canaries, parakeets, or finches.

This bird-friendly cage is made of wrought iron that comes in two contrasting colors – black hammertone and chalk white.

The cage also comes in different sizes from large, large 2-pack, large 4-pack, and x-large that you could choose for you and your birds’ needs.  

In addition, the cage features two large hinged front doors. It also has a bottom shelf that can be used for additional storage space.

For more convenient cage up-keep, it has a bottom drawer and grille that easily slide out. 

The package also includes 3 wood perches and 4 plastic double cups for your birds’ needs.

Plus, it also comes with a cage stand on rolling casters that allows you to easily maneuver the cage wherever you want. 


  • The overall built of the cage is durable and seems long-lasting and the measurements are indeed true to what is being described. 
  • Their customer service is abrupt, accommodating, and very helpful. 
  • It comes with extra perches and bowls suitable for your bird’s needs. 
  • Putting the cage together is simple and easy. 
  • The bar spacing is nice and appropriate that keeps the birds securely inside the cage. 


  • There were several sharp metal burrs near the edges. 
  • There were also some rough areas on the horizontal edges and vertical bars that need filling. 
  • Some parts came out bent upon delivery. 

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Yaheetech 61-inch Playtop Wrought Iron Large Parrot Bird Cages with Rolling Stand


One of the most trusted birdcage brands in the US and across the globe in terms of durability and long-lasting construction and safety is the Yaheetech.

Which is why Yaheetech Playtop Wrought Iron Large Parrot Bird Cages is included in our list of the best cages for our birds. 

This first-class cage is made of wrought iron finished with 5 different colors.

They also offer different sizes for this cage, from 36, 47, 54, 61, and 63 inches, fit for your cockatiels, budgerigars, golden parakeets, and monk parakeets, depending on what your birds require.

This spacious cage has a 0.6-inch bar spacing which provides a safe yet spacious area for your bird to fly and rest.

The large door allows easy access for your birds to and from the cage while the heavy-duty button lock keeps them securely inside. 

In addition, the cage comes with a detachable mesh panel and a slide-out tray that can be easily removed for stress-free and effortless cleaning.

The mesh panel, situated between the birds and the tray, wards off birds from directly walking onto their droppings, ensuring tidiness and hygiene both for your pet and his house. 

It also includes play top to keep your pets entertained and a wooden perch to allow better interaction among your pets inside.

Plus, you get to have 2 bowls for the feeds and a slide-out tray to prevent droppings and feeds from messing. 


  • The construction is sturdy and durable. 
  • The finish is excellent and not slippery which allows your bird to have more traction. 
  • Removable trays and mesh panels are very easy to clean. 
  • The door latch is strong and doesn’t easily open out. 
  • It is easy to install. 


  • The instructions were not at all helpful (But if you are a DIY person then it shouldn’t be a problem!) 

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Mcage Large Double Flight Bird Wrought Iron Double Cage w/Slide Out Divider 3 Levels 

If you want a cage that can be divided to separate your birds if needed to yet still keep them together, then this Mcage Large Double Flight Bird Wrought Iron Double Cage is the one.

This well-designed cage is made of wrought iron frame housed in a tough stand with casters to ensure you of the durability and sturdiness of your cage and easy maneuverability.

It is then coated with a non-toxic powder-coated finish which makes the cage look nice and, at the same time, safe for your beloved pet. 

In addition, it has a slide-out center divider that allows you to separate the birds temporarily but still keeping them in one cage together. 

The cage also has a slide-out bottom grate and pan that allows effortless cleaning.

It also has a bottom shelf that serves as storage for treats, toys, and even more.

It also has two huge, hinged front doors that have a heavy-duty spring lock where your Budgies, canaries, lovebirds, parakeets, finches, conures, cockatiels, pionus, or any small birds can easily get access to.

This cage has a ½ inch bar space mainly built for small to medium-sized birds. 

This is ideal for budgies


  • It is a fairly beautiful cage to look at that easily blends anywhere in your home. 
  • It can be divided into two which temporarily separates birds without really splitting them up. 
  • It has a reasonable price. 
  • The overall construction is sturdy and seems long-lasting. 
  • It is pretty easy to assemble the cage. 


  • The instructions for construction are not really helpful. 

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Go2buy Wrought Iron Select Bird Cage

Looking for a birdcage that will keep your beloved birds safely and securely inside?

Then, you should consider this Wrought Iron Select Bird Cage by go2buy.

With its premium metal wrought iron construction and solid structure, you are guaranteed that your pet will be kept safely for a longer time.

Plus, it is coated with a non-toxic hammer paint finish which ensures that the cage will be resistant to rust, corrosion, and wear. 

This 62-inch birdcage allows adequate space for your feathered pets to fly and play and at the same time safe, thanks to its 0.6-inch bar spacing.

Its wide door allows birds of different sizes like parakeets, cockatiels, or budgerigars to conveniently pass through while its heavy-duty button lock keeps them securely inside.

Feed doors also have hook locks to allow safe food replenishment. 

For more convenient and easy cleaning, the cage comes with a bottom grille and 2 removable sand trays to prevent droppings and feeds from getting the cage filthy. 

This cage also comes with 4 sturdy and durable 360-degrees swivel casters for convenient and smooth rolling of the cage wherever you want.

In addition, the package also includes 2 wooden perches for bird interaction and 4 stainless-steel bowls for food and water.

It also has a play area on top with an ascent ladder to keep them entertained as well. 


  • It is fairly easy to put up together. 
  • The cage seems sturdy and durable. 
  • It has a decent price. 
  • The cage is very easy to clean. 
  • It can be easily moved around, thanks to its swivel casters. 


  • Some of the pieces came out bent and needs a little fixing. 
  • The instructions are not very detailed. 

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Yescom Bird Parrot Cage 


This rectangle-shaped double-deck Yescom Bird Parrot Cage made out of durable metal construction, finished with a non-toxic epoxy and powder-coated wire is perfect for your favorite pet bird 

It does say for Parrots but you can use this cage for budgies

Reading the reviews, budgie owners have said they have used this cage and their budgies love it!

This comes with a cart stand with rolling casters that allows easy maneuverability of the cage everywhere you want.

It also has a large front door which allows more convenient entry and exit of your cherished pets.

The 30 and1/4 inch width,18 and 1/9 inch diameter, and 36 and ½ inch height allows a good space for your birds to play, while its approximately 5/8-inch bar spacing ensures your pet can safely fly without constantly fearing that they may injure themselves or escape from the cage. 

The cage also has a bench, a ladder, and 2 wooden perches that allow interaction and entertainment for your birds.

It also comes with 4 feeding bowls where you can store the feeds for your pet birds.

Plus, it has 2 side doors that will allow you to replenish fees safely into the cage. 

The cage comes with an ABS Tray and removable grate that are easily removed for more convenient and less hassle cleaning.


  • The overall built is well-thought-of and sturdy. 
  • Building up the cage is quite easy and can be done in less than 30 minutes. 
  • The cage is pretty large and the coating seems sturdy. 
  • All four casters in the stand have brakes to ensure safety and avoid accidents. 
  • The storage rack is a great addition to the cage. 
  • the cage fits well into the cart which makes it more stable and hard-wearing. 


  • The smaller door for food opening is a bit flimsy. 
  • This cannot accommodate large birds. 

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Best Choice Products New Large Play Top Bird Cage 

For some reason, the image does not show

It’s a pretty cool bird cage

You can check it out by clicking here

If you want to buy a large, non-toxic cage for your birdie without having to spend a fortune, then this Best Choice New Large Bird Cage is ideal for you.

It is constructed using a steady and durable metal mainframe finished with a non-toxic coat to ensure that your bird is kept safely inside.

Its 24 inches x 22 inches x 37 and ½ inches dimension and ¾ inch bar Spacing allows adequate space for your birds to fly high without fearing that they may escape from the cage.

Its large door with a snapping door lock keeps your treasured pet birds securely inside. 

To ensure that your cage will be mess-free, the cage has 2 sliding metal trays, one on the bottom and one on top, that are easily detachable to make cage upkeep a very easy task to do. 

The cage also comes with a pyramid rooftop play area with a ladder that will keep your pets diverted and amused at the same time. It also has a perch within the cage to allow more bird interaction. 

The package also comes with 3 stainless-steel bowls that do not rust for dry and wet feeds. 


  • A fairly great cage that is very easy to put up. 
  • The additional toys and perches create a natural environment that your birds will surely love. 
  • The bar spacing is not too wide nor too narrow. 
  • The horizontal bars are close enough to make your birds climb up without any problem.
  • The drawers easily slide in and out for more convenient cleaning. 


    • Some of the pieces that come in the package were bent slightly. 
    • The instruction material that comes with the package was not very clear. 

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Giantex Bird Cage Large Play Top

This Giantex Bird Cage Large Finch Cage is constructed out of sturdy and durable metal wire bar finished with a non-toxic coat, making it a safer area for your favorite pet birds.

It comes with a lockable wheelset that helps move the cage conveniently around the house and more stable and safer.

The cage has enough space to allow several birds to play and fly in it.

It can be easily accessed through the large steel door on the front with a snapping lock to ensure that your birds will be kept safely and securely inside. 

The cage also includes 2 sliding metal trays, one at the bottom and one on top, and a removable sliding grate for less hassle and stress-free cleaning.

It also comes with 3 large stainless-steel feeding bowls for dry and wet feeds which can be easily accessed through its 3 feeder doors.

In addition, the cage as well contains 2 wooden perches to allow birds to rest and interact. 


  • The size of the cage is adequate to allow several birds to play and fly. 
  • The built is durable and has a quite attractive finish. 
  • Hinges on the door are integrated and strong while the latch is handy yet strong. 
  • The play top perch is durable and lovely. 
  • The solid steel-sheet construction of the trays ensures that they are sturdy, hefty, and will not easily break. 


  • Some of the paint on the cage flake off, especially on the parts that bent too far. 
  • Instructions are misleading. 

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Mcage Large Wrought Iron Bird Parrot Cage Double Ladders Open/Close Play Top, Include Seed Guard and Play Top (Black Vein)


Again, Mcage has earned a spot on our list with the Large Wrought Iron Bird Parrot Cage not only because of its high-quality construction but also with the extras that come with it. 

This sturdy cage is made of elegant wrought iron coated with a non-toxic powder finish that is safe for birds.

This pretty huge cage has a length of 24 inches, the width of 22 inches, the height of 35 inches, making it an ideal housing to your treasured pets safe and sound. 

In addition, it has about 5/8-inch bar spacing and a huge swing-out door with metal spring safety lock in front that assures your beloved birds will be safe from injury and not escape from the cage. 

It also comes with a slide-out metal tray and a removable top panel to allow access to the play area and for trouble-free cleaning as well.

Furthermore, the cage also includes a standing wooden perch, double ladders, and two stainless steel bowls to keep them amused and distracted at the same time.

Plus, when you purchase this cage you get to have four stainless steel cups for feeding your birds. 


  • The cage is quite large and the built is made of high-quality iron that ensures the cage is tough and strong. 
  • The stainless-steel dishes can easily be changed without having to open the cage door. 
  • There is enough room to put toys, perches, or anything that will keep your pets regaled. 
  • The bottom trays come out easily which makes cleaning super-duper easy.


  • The instructions are a bit vague. 
  • Some parts were a bit bent near the edges. 
  • Some screws don’t seem to fit.  

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Gaintex 63’’ Rolling Bird Cage with Stand & Storage Shelf Large Wrought Iron Cage

This Gaintex 63’’ Rolling Bird Cage is made of high-quality steel that is further finished with exquisite powder coating to ensure that the cage will not have rusts in the future, making your birds safe inside.

The cage secures well with a stand that has four 360 degrees swivel casters that allow smooth rolling movement wherever you want.

Two of the casters have lock used to keep the cage and its stand in place.

The lockable door in front also adds protection to your birds, to prevent them from unintentionally going out of the cage. 

The cage includes a removable metal tray and grates at the bottom to allow more convenient cleaning of your bird’s home.

The cage also has four interior wooden perches to give ample space for your birds to rest and interact with one another.

The different heights of the wooden perch bars will meet your birds’ needs for height, all the while adding more fun and entertainment for them as well. 

The cage also comes with feeding cups for feeds and water that can easily be accessed through the four feeding doors.


  • The cage is quite easy to assemble. 
  • The metal built gives the cage a sturdy and beautiful look. 
  • It is priced reasonably. 
  • The overall size of the cage provides ample space for the birds to play and fly around. 


  • Some pieces of the cage came out bent on the edges. 
  • Some of the paintings were chipping off. 
  • The directions are quite unclear. 

What Should You Keep In Your Budgie Cage

If you have a large cage like the ones mentioned above you have the opportunity to add a variety of toys

Budgies need toys in their cage

It keeps them busy and entertained

Otherwise they may end up getting bored

Add as many perches as you can too so your bird can hop from one perch to another

Of course you need to add a feeding bowl and a water dish or dispenser


To sum up, looking for a high-quality birdcage is a bit difficult, given a lot of options in the market so this can become overwhelming

We have highlighted the best bird cages nowadays to help you with your choices.

The main factor to look out for is the size

I know I keep saying this but the bigger the cage the better

If you’re not sure which one to buy then you have some 10 awesome budgie cages we have just reviewed to choose from!

Seeing your favorite pet flying and playing on the cage safely and securely will make all the hassles of choosing worthwhile. 

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