What Is The Best Cage For a Budgie?

In this article we’re going to look at what is the best cage for a budgie

You’ll learn what makes a good bird cage

What to look out for

Sound good?

Let’s get started!

What Is The Best Cage For a Budgie?

Budgies are awesome right?

They look cute and make a wonderful pet for sure

Now if you already have a budgie then it’s important to have the right cage for them

What’s the best cage for a budgie?

Good question

You need one that is big of course

I always emphazise on a large cage


Because birds need space

Space to roam around

And fly around too

I would recommend

Prevue Hendryx F050 Pet Products Wrought Iron Flight Cage, X-Large, Hammertone Black

This birdcage is awesome

Just take a look at that

Your budgie would fall in love with that right?

It is 60 inches tall

24 inches long

20 inch wide

That is plenty of space for a bird to fly

Your budgie ca roam around

Also, with a large bird cage you can add plenty of toys

I actually have written an article on how many toys your budgie should have

You can check it out by clicking the link below

How many toys does my budgie need in it’s bird cage

That is why I would recommend Prevue Hendryx

What I love about this cage is it can accomodate a group of budgies

It’s ideal to have a few budgies because this way they can interact with each other and they won’t get bored

But if you do only have one budgie then I’ve written an article about this too

Can I keep a single budgie alone in a bird cage

Another important point to mention is the material this cage is made from

It’s made from wrought iron which basically means this bird cage will last for long

It’s easy to clean too

It really is the best cage for a budgie

Now I know what you’re probably thinking

This bird cage must be expensive

And to be honest it is slightly at the higher end

But if you want a high quality bird cage then you need a good investment

And this bird cage will last long

It’s a good investment

You can check out the price by clicking the below

Check Price On Amazon

Now that we know what is the best cage for a budgie

Let’s look at some frequently asked questions

How Do You Choose The Best Bird Cage For Budgies?

When you think of a pet bird

You think cages

Now I know some people are against birds in cages

But birds can be happy in them

It’s just a matter of how you maintain them

Keeping your budgie happy in a cage

You can read my article on

Can caged birds be happy

One of the most important factors in keeping birds happy in cages is

The cage itself

Which is why it’s important to understand and know how to pick the best bird cage for your budgie

The cage needs to be large and spacious

This gives your budgie space to fly about, roam around

A large bird cage also allows you to add a variety of toys

If you have a large bird cage you can have more than one budgie

The more budgies the better right?

They each have company

And they won’t get bored

It’s a great way of keeping them entertained

Another factor to consider when purchasing a bird cage for your budgie is the bar wiring space

This shouldn’t be no more than 1/2 inch

You see budgies are small and it is possible their head could get stuck in between the wiring space of the cage

You’ll also need perches inside the cage

It’s best to have two different perches in your bird cage (depending on how many birds you have)

The Prevue Hendryx has 3 wood perches in them already which is a bonus (You don’t need to buy extra perches)

I know I already mentioned having a large cage but I’d like to mention

Getting a bird cage that has a wide width and good height

Budgies are very active and they love flying about

Having a bird cage that is long and high will allow your budgies to fly about

Keeping this in mind will help you choose the best bird cage for a budgie

Although you don’t need to go researching because I’ve recommended the best out there!

But if you like to have your options open then here are other bird cages that are awesome for budgies

53”/59.3”/63.5” Rolling Bird Cage Large Wrought Iron Cage for Cockatiel Sun Conure Parakeet Finch Budgie Lovebird Canary Medium Pet House with Rolling Stand & Storage Shelf

This bird cage is pretty awesome too

Here’s a quick product spec


123.6 x 16.9 x 51.2



Material Type

Wrought Iron

What I love about Rolling Bird Cage Large Wrought Iron Cage

The material that it’s made out of is wrought iron which is very long lasting

You know you’re getting your money worth

It’s a good size for budgies and at a very good price

This birdcage also comes with a rolling metal stand and a slide out tray

Overall it’s a very good bird cage

It’s great on price so for those pet bird owners who are on a budget it’s very ideal for them

Check Price On Amazon

Yaheetech 36-Inch Medium Size Quaker Parrot Bird Cage Cockatiel Indian Ring Neck Sun Parakeet Green Cheek Conures Lovebirds Budgies Canary Finch Parrotlet Portable Bird Cage, Black


119.3 x 18.1 x 6.7



Material Type

Iron and Plastic

I love this birdcage and here’s why

It’s lightweight and durableso very ideal for travel and portability

It has 2 large side opening doors which is great for cleaning and feeding

The price?

Very affordable

The only problem I have with this birdcage is

The material as it may not last long as other birdcages that are made of wrought iron

You can check the price by clicking the link below

Check Price On Amazon

These are some of my recommendations

Overall I would recommend Prevue Hendryx

I believe it’s the best out of all the birdcages I have recommended

What Else Should You Include In a Bird Cage


And lots of toys!

Do you see why having a large birdcage is important

You have the chance to add a variety of toys in the cage

This is healthy for your budgies because it keeps them entertained

And a entertained bird means a happy bird which means a healthy bird

It all comes down to a large cage!

Birds can get bored and it’s up to you to keep them happy and entertained

Wrapping It Up

When choosing the best budgie cage then it’s important to look at the size

The larger the cage the better

It allows you to have more budgies and gives them space to fly around and roam about

Also, you can add a lot of toys to keep your birds entertained and happy





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