Can Caged Birds Be Happy?

In this article you’re going to learn about if caged birds can be happy

You’ll learn if it’s okay to keep birds in cages

You’ll also learn how to keep a bird happy in a cage

Sound good?

Let’s get started!

There’s always a debate

Can a caged bird be happy?

Should you keep birds in a cage?

Is it cruel?

They should be let free and fly around

Yes of course they should fly around

I agree with that

But I also think they can be happy in a cage

That depends on you

How you can keep your bird happy in the cage

Because yes, birds do get bored in cages

The good news is

They don’t need to get bored

That’s where you come in

You can keep them entertained

And ensure they’re happy



Spend time with them

What do I mean by that?

Let them out of the cage

And let your bird sit on your shoulder

Spend some quality time together

Let your bird chill with you

This is a great way of bonding

Another way to keep them happy and entertained is

Add a variety of toys to their cage

Or you can rotate them

This will keep your bird happy in a cage

Another important point to mention

The size of the cage

You need to get a large cage for your bird

The bigger the cage the better

Yes I know it can be slightly expensive

But trust me, this will be a very good investment

The main thing is that your bird is happy right?

So a large cage will allow your bird to roam around

And also will let you add a lot of toys

Now the question is

Which is the best large bird cage?

There are so many out there

And it’s important you get the very best

Last thing you want is to waste your money

Not to worry though because I’ve done the research

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It’s actually really large

It stands at 60 inches tall which is tall!

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You have so much space to add plenty of toys

Your bird can fly around in there no problem

The best thing I love about this cage?

The open top area

Your pet bird can play at the top of the cage

I find that really unique

It’s pretty awesome

You must be thinking this bird cage will cost a lot!

You’d actually pretty surprise

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If you want to look at other bird cages that are still very good then you should check out my top 3 bird cages

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Top 3 Best Birdcages To Buy

Should Birds Be Caged?

Look, I’m not saying to keep your bird in a cage 24 hours

But they do need one

It’s a place for your bird to feel secure and safe

If you have guests coming over and your bird is alarmed by the noise then at least they have a cage to hide in and feel they can’t be touched or anything

You should let your bird out of the cage and roam around

Let them fly around

But you should also have a cage available

There’s nothing wrong with a bird in a cage

As long as you make sure they are happy and entertained

You should spend quality time with them

Don’t just leave them in a cage and forget about it

That’s when it becomes wrong

How To Keep Your Bird Happy In Their Cage

The important thing is the size of the cage which we have covered

So getting a large spacious cage is important for your birds happiness and well-being

It doesn’t just stop there

Your bird needs to be entertained

So having a variety of toys will surely keep your bird entertained when they’re in their cage

Don’t add all the toys at once

Add some and then after a little while remove the old ones and add new ones

Keep rotating them so your bird doesn’t get bored with the same toys

How many toys should your bird have?

I actually have a article which answers this

You can check it out by clicking the link below

How many toys should your budgie have in their cage 

Another way of keeping your bird happy is by spending time with them

You can’t just leave them in the cage and expect your bird to be entertained

They need your attention

Spend quality time with your bird

Let your bird out too and give them some flying time

Try to get your bird to sit on your finger and on your shoulder to build that special bond

Check out my article on how to bond with your budgie 

How To Tell If Your Bird Is Happy?

So if you’re keeping your bird in a cage you want to make sure they are happy right?

But how do you know?

There’s a couple of signs to look out for


If your bird sings or just loves talking then this is a sign that your bird is happyof course

If you hear your bird singing, whistling or talking then know that your bird is happy


When a bird chatters it can be a sign that your bird is content

Wing Flapping

When you bird flaps their wings then this can be a way for your bird to show you happiness

These are just a few signs from your bird to show you they’re happy

Do Birds Get Depressed In Cages?

Birds can get depressed in cages according to thesprucepets

And it’s actually more common than you think

You should keep an eye out on your birdie to see if it is depressed

Here’s are some symptoms to look out for

  • Fluffed up feathers
  • Loss of appetite
  • Change in droppings
  • Irritability
  • Feather plucking
  • Aggression
  • Changes in vocals
  • Constant head bobbing
  • Stress bars on the feathers

If you notice any of these signs in your birdie then you should book an appointment with the vets asap!

If there is no medical condition then most likely it is depression

The good news is – your bird is healthy physically

Bad news is your bird could be depressed

But here’s the deal

You can help your bird get out of the blues and be happy again

It will take time and patience but it sure will be worth it

Here’s some steps you can take to help your bird get out of depression

  • Change the position of the cage. Keep the cage in the room where most of the family time is spent. That way your bird can see your family as they are very social. It will keep your bird busy too knowing the family is about and will help with their mental stimulation
  • Make sure the cage is cleaned regularly – Check out my article – How often should I clean my birds cage?
  • Fill the cage up with plenty of toys. Add a variety of toys and keep changing them around so your bird doesn’t get bored with the same ones. Have a read of this article – How many toys does a budgie need in it’s bird cage 
  • Spend quality time with your birdie. This is very important. Let your bird out of the cage as much as you can. Let your birdie sit on your shoulder – that could provide a big boost to your birds mood. Always have time for your bird. This will also create a special bond. Related article – How do I bond with my Budgie?
  • If you only have one bird then it may be a good idea to add another. Birds love company

Hopefully by following these steps, it could help your bird get out of depression and be happy again

It may take time and patience but it’s definitely worth it


Caged birds can be happy as long as you provide them with the entertainment they need

You should keep them busy by adding toys in their cage

Rotate the toys or add new ones

This will keep your bird entertained

It’s important to have a large cage that is spacious

This will give your bird space to fly around and also you’ll be able to add a variety of toys

Let your bird out of the cage and let them fly about in the house

Spend some quality time with your bird when they’re out of the cage

Always keep the bird cage door open so your bird can come back in when they want

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