Prevue Hendryx F050 Review

My “Prevue Hendryx F050 Review”- Here’s What I Really Think

In this article, I am going to review a birdcage model Prevue Hendryx F050 for all its features, accessories, pros and cons as well as exactly why I think it’s worth your consideration. 

Now, if you were to randomly ask me what size of cage you should buy for your bird, my immediate response would be to get the biggest one you can find. 

Because a cage is much more to a pet than ‘your home’ is to you as you can always open the door and stroll around but your bird cannot. 

Besides, a big enough cage is the safest place for a pet bird to experience flight.

That said, you wouldn’t wanna live in a big but ‘uncomfortable’ mansion.

However, you’d still prefer some discomfort over a ‘cosy castle’ with an unstable structure. 

Ideally, you’d want your winged companion to share the same living standards.

Now, back in the day that meant building the ‘biggest cage’ on your own using wood panels.

But pet birds have a habit of chewing down wood, and a loophole was usually discovered after the bird had escaped or a cat had already enjoyed its colorful dinner. 

Then, came the era of ‘iron cages’ where Macaws and Cockatoos were kept in ‘secure’ steel crates that were not even big enough for sparrows. 

Though predators rarely ate those pet birds, they still died early because there wasn’t enough room to even stretch their feathers, much less to have a healthy flight exercise. 

The cruelty of it was soon realized and bird shelter homes became commonplace.

Today, when capitalism is at its peak, finding a range of ready-made cages is fairly easy but selecting one isn’t.

After all, a wrong cage is not just a bad investment, it can take a toll on your winged companion’s health. 

One cage cannot be recommended for all kinds of birds.

For instance, a hyacinth macaw needs a room-sized cage with at least 5mm thick steel bars that it cannot chew down.

Meanwhile, a lovebird can live in a cage with dimensions as small as 18” length x 18” width x 18” height and a bar spacing of 0.5 inches.

However, certain birds are more frequently chosen as pets compared to others.

These include budgies, parakeets, parrotlets, cocktails, finches, lovebirds, canaries and conures. 

So, I decided to recommend a single easily available cage that is spacious, secure, and economical, as well as has all those desirable features to host the ‘usual pets’. 

This is precisely why I have chosen to write about Prevue Hendryx F050 because it meets all the standard criteria for an appropriate cage.  

Now, if this is your first time looking for a cage, I’ll walk you through all those things you should look for in a cage and why I think Prevue Hendryx F050 may or may not suit your needs. 

My Review – Here’s My Thoughts And Opinions On Prevue Hendryx F050 Bird Cage

To be fair, Prevue Hendryx F050 is not this brand’s best-selling model as the title belongs to the Prevue Hendryx F040.

However, Prevue Hendryx F050 is just a bigger version of model F040.


Model F050 has all the desirable features of model F040 but with more space.


While F040 is slightly more reasonable, F050 is far more convenient.

But this discussion still doesn’t reveal why I think F050 is a good enough cage.

So, let’s start with the basics, 

What Is Prevue Hendryx F050?

Well, it’s a rectangle-shaped hammerstone-coated wrought iron birdcage. 

Now, there are two variations of sizes within Prevue Hendryx F050:

1. Large Size – Prevue Hendryx F050 

Weighing about 20lbs i.e. 9kgs, this cage has standard dimensions of 31” length x 20.5″ width x 53″ height and a bar spacing no more than 0.5 inches.

The interior space accounts for about 30 ¼” length x 20 ¼” width x 40” height. 

This cage is appropriate for small birds like finches, canaries and lovebirds.

2. Extra Large Size (X-Large) – Prevue Hendryx F050 

Weighing about 40lbs i.e. 18kgs, this cage has standard dimensions of 37” length x 23″ width x 60″ height and a bar spacing no more than 0.5 inches.

The interior space accounts for about 36 ⅛ ” length x 22 ⅛” width x 47” height. 

This cage size is appropriate for relatively large birds like parrotlets, conures, budgies, and Eclectus parrots.

However, you may have noticed a stark difference in the interior and exterior height of both cage sizes.

And so, you may be wondering: Why’s that?

Well, the difference in height of the cage interior space and exterior size accounts for additional storage space at the bottom – beneath the grilled tray containing waste materials. 

How Does It Work? 

Well, birds live on the upper portion of the Cage where they have enough space to eat, fly and play.

Their faeces and waste materials trickle down from the grilled bottom to a removable tray, making it easy to clean the cage.

Meanwhile, the bottom shelf gives space to keep bird pallets, toys, treats and other materials close to the cage.

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Perhaps, by how it works, you’re more interested in knowing if the cage comes in its assembled form.

Well, you’ll have to put it together yourself using this manual.

Don’t worry, it’s a pretty simple job. 

All the materials including wrought iron panels, screws and an Allen Wench are included.

You may need needle nose pliers which are not included but odds are you have one at home.

However, assembling Prevue Hendryx F050 is a two-person job.

I’m sure, you can find one of those too.

That said, some people have assembled this alone using zip ties as an aid.

But that would take time, extra physical effort as well overuse of brain cells.

While we are on assembly, you may be interested to know:

What’s included?

Aside from assembly screws and an Allen wrench, this cage comes with four double sided-cups and 3 solid wooden perches.

That said, Prevuepet is a century-old brand.

Therefore, they have a vast variety of other compatible products on their website.

But in case of damaged parts, you can just email them.

But what makes this cage appropriate is not its accessories but its features. 


A birdcage should not only be sturdy, spacious and economical but also simplistic in its interior design.

That’s because fancy may look pretty, but it is usually not comfortable. According to these parameters, 

Prevue Hendryx F050 has all the standard features of a good cage. 

These include

      • Rectange-shaped interior space as large as 36 ⅛” length x 22 ⅛” width x 47” height with a bar spacing of 0.5 inches. 
      • Wrought iron with hammerstone coating. 
      • Sturdy but lightweight only as much as 40lbs for x-large variation.
      • Two large front doors to access birds.
      • 6 Small-sized spring-open side doors, 3 on each side.
      • One bottom shelf for extra storage space.
      • Rolling casters to easily move the cage from its location. 
      • Four Double-side cups provide food and water to birds at different places within the cage. 
      • 3 Solid Wooden perches for comfortable perching space.


The features of this cage provide the following benefits: 

Benefits Details
Comfort The cage is spacious enough for several birds to move and fly around. 

The bottom gate in a large-sized cage allows you to put food in containers while finches move around on the upper portion without getting scared of human presence.

You can also put bird feeders against side doors but not for large birds as they can swing open side doors.


Portability The wheels allow the cage to be moved around the house easily. So, you can take your birds anywhere alongside you. 

The cage is also lightweight so you can easily carry it upstairs. 


Versatility The cage can host several birds of usual pet species including parakeets, canaries, finches, parrotlets, lovebirds, conures, caiques and cockatiels etc.

However, it’s not appropriate for macaws, cockatoos, or       African greys.


Material Wrought iron covered with a black hammerstone coat is non-toxic and elegant at the same time. Also, the hammerstone coat makes it rust-resistance.

In contrast, galvanized steel cages are toxic. 


Accessibility 2 Front Doors and six side doors allow you to approach your bird from all directions. This also helps you rearrange the cage with ease.
Ease of Cleaning Simple rectangle design with a grilled tray at the bottom makes cleaning extremely convenient. Furthermore, it doesn’t have any sharp edges. 

The gap between the cage and floor is convenient for cleaning up purposes.


Accessories The four double-sided cups allow you to put food and water at different corners without fussing over what containers to choose. Also, the included wooden perches are a perfect size for most parakeet-sized birds.

However, Prevue has several other compatible accessories to choose from including bird swings, toys, mirrors, play stations, seed guards, and nesting boxes. 


Durability Though the bottom tray requires care against direct sunlight, the cage is sturdy enough to last several seasons.


Aesthetics Since the cage is set to human eye level, you can enjoy watching your birds with ease. 


Now that you are acquainted with what the Prevue Hendryx F050 birdcage is all about, this brings us to question if it’s worth the money.

For a cage with all these features, I’d say anything around $250-300 is worth it. 

And so, I’d say that the Prevue Hendryx F050 is value for money.

But that’s an absolute statement in a world where everyone’s wondering what’s better.

Therefore, a good way is to compare this cage with another birdcage having a similar price, comparable size and features to see why Prevue Hendryx F050 is worth your attention.

This way you will know why I made such a claim.

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Prevue Hendryx F050 Compared With Mcage 

Now, I’ll have you know I have nothing against Mcage .

But that’s like the first cage that fit my description of perfect comparison.

Mcage here is a wrought iron cage which is supposedly larger than Prevue Hendryx F050, has a grilled bottom, is shaped in a pentagon to fit room corner, has multiple doors, and has a small gap for cleaning at the bottom. Additionally, it comes with perches & containers. 

In fact, it also has those feeder doors where you pull the door open and fill the food container attached to it, and Bam! your feeding task’s done without spillage.

Technically, Mcage should be better than Prevue Hendryx F050 by various standards and therefore, it’s a perfect cage for an unbiased comparison. 

So, let’s compare the two cages in terms of features and what those features imply.

Parameters Mcage 

Corner Cage

Prevue Hendryx F050 X-Large 


Dimensions and Flight Space 37.5″ length x 37.5″ width x 63.5″ height.

But seed catcher/skirt reduces the usable space to about 30″ length x 30″ width x 63.5″ height.

Bar spacing: 0.5 inches

37” length x 23″ width x 60″ height. But the bottom shelf reduces height and makes interior space to about 36 ⅛ ” length x 22 ⅛” width x 47” height. 

Bar spacing: 0.5 inches.

Increasing height doesn’t increase flight space as birds are not helicopters that fly upwards. 

Therefore, Mcage may have a bigger volume, but F050 has more flight space.

Price $260-270 $168-270 Comparable.
Design/Shape Pentagon Shape to fit a room corner. Simple rectangle shape. Rectangle cages are easier on birds as a sphere or a cube of the same volume will not provide as much flight space. 

Pentagon shape means that the maximum width doesn’t represent the cage width overall. 

So, Mcage has less flight space compared to F050.

Material Wrought iron epoxy coated. Wrought iron hammerstone coating. Hammerstone coat appears more durable but the epoxy finish functions the same.

Both are non-toxic paints so it comes down to personal taste.

Color Variety White/Black Black only I prefer black because bird faeces is not as prominent.
Ease of Assembly Most of these have been shipped without a clear instruction manual.

Also, the product comes with more screws and nuts than needed, causing further confusion.

But one person with enough logic can assemble the cage.

Two-person assembly but instructions are so easy that even two potatoes can build a cage. Prevue Hendryx F050 is the obvious winner for its easy manual.
Durability Panels are flimsy and some come a bit warped, but trays are of fine plastic. Panels are sturdy and easily replaceable. But trays are a bit flimsy if they get direct sunlight exposure for hours. One can live with a slightly bent bottom tray but not with an escaped budgie. 

So, the F050 is the model of choice here.

I must add that most ready-made cage trays are like that.

Doors and Feeders One large swing door and a pull-down door. 

4 feeder doors with steel containers to avoid spillage.

The big door has a latch but feeder door clasps are a bit flimsy.

Two relatively same-sized doors at different heights in the Large cage but at the same height in the extra-large cage size.

6 Small spring doors, 3 on each side.

4X double-sided plastic feeders are included.

The locks are made from cage wiring but are usually sturdy enough. But Spring doors will need clasps or extra locks.

While I find Mcage feeder doors more appealing, I don’t like the idea of a bird sitting on a food container and swinging outside because of a loose door. 

So, I’d recommend you put extra locks on the feeding doors.

This is also true for F050 if you are using spring side doors as feeding doors, you would need to put locks for your bird’s safety. 

Perches 2 Reasonable perches are included. 3 reasonable perches are included. The more perching space the better.
Shelf No shelf included Shelf for keeping bird-related items including their food supplies and toys nearby. The shelf in F050 is an added advantage. 
Ease of Cleansing Has two trays to accommodate its pentagon shape. 

More corners to inspect and clean.

Enough space at the bottom to wipe the floor.

Rectangle shape with one tray, fewer corners to inspect and cleanse daily.

More space at the bottom to vacuum the floor.

F050 is easier to cleanse compared to Mcage.
Portability Lightweight and has wheels. Lightweight and has wheels.

Rubber-tipped toes, in case you decide to keep the cage in one place.

Comparable in portability but F050 gives a much clearer view. 

Now, looking at this comparison I can reiterate my claim with much more authenticity.

For a cage with all these features, Prevue Hendryx is value for money.

While this comparison does highlight various features of the Prevue Hendryx F050, it is not a comparison of its best and worst parts.

So, let’s measure this cage on a pros and cons scale:

Prevue Hendryx F050 Bird Cage Pros & Cons 

These include

Pros Cons
Simple design and assembly, with a shelf to keep all bird essentials in one place. Large Cage takes up massive Space.
Can host several birds at the same time with enough room for them to fly within. The bottom tray is not flimsy but may warp if dried in sunlight for hours.
Comes with reasonable accessories. 

The brand also offers a range of compatible toys and bird accessories. 

$250 may appear too big an investment if you own a single budgie. 
Easy cleaning means a healthy environment, and so fewer chances of birds getting sick. Six spring side doors are good for feeding finches but may need locking for large birds. 
Nesting Box can be set up against one door during the nesting season, to provide birds with maximum space.

That said, you may have several queries related to this cage.

So, let’s deal with FAQs about this cage model.

Frequently Asked Questions About Prevue Hendryx F050 Bird Cage

1. How Many Birds Can Live In a Prevue Hendryx F050?

That depends on the size of your birds as well as their temperament.

For instance, this can fit 4-6 budgies and 7-8 finches but a single pair of Eclectus parrots. 

2. Is Prevue Hendryx F050 Okay for African Gray?

While it can hold African Gray, I would advise against it.

You see, African Grays are extremely intelligent birds that can often break down cage locks.

They also tend to chew and bend cage wiring. So,

Prevue Hendryx F050 may not be sturdy enough to hold an African Gray for long.

But the cage is proper for birds including budgies, parakeets, parrotlets, cocktails, finches, lovebirds, canaries, conures, and Senegal.

3. Can I Use a Tray in F050 to Create two Cage Portions? 

Though various Prevue Hendryx F050 owners have done so by adding a home tray during assembly, I would recommend against it for the following reasons:

  1. Making it into two cages will just make less flying space for all birds.
  2. You wouldn’t know if the tray is sturdy enough.
  3. There will be difficulty in cleaning that tray, as it cannot slide out like the bottom grilled tray.

Considering all this, you’d better choose another cage rather than add a tray to create two portions. 

4. Why My Prevue Hendryx F050 Perches are not Fitting at the Panel Edges?

Well, you will have to add perches while assembling the cage.

5. Do My Prevue Hendryx F050 Panels have Missing holes?

Well, they don’t.

You see, the upper and lower portion panels are not interchangeable. So, the odds are you have mixed up your panels as the upper panels have holes, but the lower ones don’t.

5. Can I Use Prevue Hendryx F050 for Another Pet?

You can but then that depends on what kind of pet. 

This obviously isn’t about a cat or dog cause they are not supposed to be caged. So, I take it that this is about some other pet like a ferret, squirrel or hamster. So,

In the case of a small mammal, you can use this cage. 

But it’s better if you find yourself another cage. 

For instance, Prevue Pet 485 is made for ferrets and will be much more useful for a mammal compared to a pet designed for birds. 

6. Can I Assemble Two Prevue Hendryx F050 Cages Together?

Well, that’s very creative of you.

However, I recommend you get a custom-made big cage as trying to assemble two Prevue Hendreyx F050 cages may not end in a sturdy enough structure.

But you can always put cages adjacent to each other with either front doors or side doors permanently open to make extra room for your birds to play around. 

7. Can I Remove Bottom Grill So My Birds Can Walk on the Flat bottom Tray?

You can do that but I will advise against it.

Now, this bears a risk of your bird getting stuck in some minute gap. Also, flat trays are not comfy for birds. I suggest you spread a sheet of newspaper on your bottom grate to make it comfortable for your birds. 

This will also help you cleanse your cage with ease.

Other Alternative Bird Cages

Perhaps, Prevue Hendryx doesn’t fit your needs. In that case, you can skim through the following products with similar features:

1. Zeny 53-inch 

Zeny 53-inches is a wrought iron cage designed for small birds including Conures, Caciques, Meyer’s parrots, Red-bellied birds, Poicephalus, Jardine’s parrots etc. 

Dimensions:  25.2” length x 16.5” width x 53” height and 0.5-inch bar spacing.

2. Super Deal Pro 

Super Deal Pro is Heavy duty wrought iron cage with a lead-free paint coat for durability. The cage is made to hold large birds including budgies, cocktails, caiques, canaries, lovebirds, Jardine’s parrots, lories etc. 

Dimensions:  31” length x 29.5” width x 61” height and 0.5-inch bar spacing.

3. YML 600 HBLK 

YML 600HBLK has an exquisite metallic design that can host Corellas, lovebirds, parakeets, cocktails etc.

Dimensions:  20” length x 20” width x 24.7” height and 0.5-inch bar spacing.

4. PAJAROO Bird Cage 

PAJAROO Bird Cage is made of wrought iron with powder coatings for a durable and environmentally friendly cage. It can host birds like budgies, cockatoos, pigeons etc.

Dimensions: 30.7” length x 20.5” width x 52” height and 0.5-inch bar spacing

5. Yaheetech 54 Inch 

Yaheetech 54 Inch is a wrought Iron cage with Black Hammerstone coating. It can host small parrots including cocktails, conures, budgies, finches, lovebirds, canaries etc.

Dimensions: 24.5” length x 17” width x 53.5” height and 0.4-inch bar spacing

Wrapping Up

I hope this article helped you understand the parameters to look for while buying your birdcage.

Since this article outlines Prevue Hendryx F050 birdcage as a good investment, I hope this clarifies all your queries and satisfies all your concerns regarding the product.

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