Sparrow Nest

With its small size and flexible breeding habits, a sparrow is quite a successful creature that can adapt to all kinds of surroundings. Consequently, it is found throughout the world, currently accounting for about 1.6 billion birds.  But of all the places, sparrows tend to live near human settlements.  And so, they bring a sense … Read more Sparrow Nest

Baby Parrot

If you find yourself caring for a baby parrot, you ought to know it’s an extraordinary experience. However, being a pet parent isn’t an easy task. You will need to know all you possibly can before taking up the challenge of caring for a baby parrot. So, let’s jump right into the topic at hand … Read more Baby Parrot

Can Ants Kill Birds?

Ants are the epitome of the line ‘small but terrible’ since their bites are really painful despite their small appearance. These ants are also quite common and may be overwhelming if they are simply left and neglected. Is there a possibility that ants can kill your birds?  Because of their small stature, ants are normally … Read more Can Ants Kill Birds?

Ants In Bird Food 

It is not only birds that need proper nutrients for their body, but also ants. These ants will search every single corner of your house just to find food that they can gather and eat in their colony. One perfect spot? Your bird feeder.  It is not good to have ants in your bird’s feeder. … Read more Ants In Bird Food 

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