Are Robins Territorial?

Robins — one of the sweetest songbirds, found all around the 50 states fluting and chirping with the spring season. It is commonly found munching and hopping around the lawns, fields, forests, and in your backyard too. This beautiful songbird with its signature orange breast, speckled feathers in muted color tones, measuring around 8″ to … Read more Are Robins Territorial?

Do Robins Kill Other Birds?

Robins are common birds in the backyard and on the forest floor. These small red-breasted songbirds with blackheads and white-ringed eyes have a voracious appetite for worms, berries, fruits, and other small insects.  While these little birds are cute and a gardener’s friend, they aren’t friendly towards the birds lower on the backyard bird hierarchy.  … Read more Do Robins Kill Other Birds?

Can Robins Eat Cheese?

When you think of bird food, cheese isn’t necessarily the first thing that springs to mind. It’s not exactly natural and wild – but that doesn’t mean robins can’t eat it.  Did you know that birds can eat fermented foods? And, of course, cheese is one of the most well-loved fermented foods there is. This … Read more Can Robins Eat Cheese?

Can Robins Swim?

You probably see robins in your backyard all the time. You might even hear their distinctive “cheep, cheep” call almost daily.  They’re a common backyard bird, and many people enjoy watching their antics as they bravely hop about in the grass or fly from branch to branch. A Question Robin lovers tend to ask and … Read more Can Robins Swim?

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