Can Parrots Eat Curry?

Parrots make fabulous pets as these amazing creatures are loyal, fun, and affectionate. Parrots are also quite popular as domestic pets as these avian animals are relatively easy to care for and make very low-maintenance pets.  Yet, if you are interested in increasing the health and longevity of your beloved pet, then you will need … Read more Can Parrots Eat Curry?

Are Senegal Parrots Dusty?

Parrots make lovely pets. But, any avian lover with severe allergies ought to know that all parrots species produce a minimal amount of feather dust. Now, birds with oil-based coating on their feathers, usually coming from Central America, South America, and Mexico, produce less dust – barely noticeable dust.  But birds from Africa, Asia, and … Read more Are Senegal Parrots Dusty?

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