Crows Circling And Cawing

Like raptors, crows also fly in circles only to ride the rising air updrafts or “Thermals”. But crows’ success as a species comes from their ability to communicate with each other, rather than their individual strengths.  What Does It Mean When Crows Are Circling And Cawing? Odds are they are either looking for food, discussing … Read more Crows Circling And Cawing

How To Befriend a Crow?

While pet birds shower their human keepers with both attention and affection, these normally don’t fulfill a very human need of having brain-stimulating interactions. Still, certain birds have shown intelligence beyond human comprehension. Now, it would have been easier if you could just telephone a crow and invite it over for a cup of tea. … Read more How To Befriend a Crow?

Can Crows Swim?

Though crows are intelligent and dexterous enough to adapt to nearly all kinds of habitats, a crow lacks swimming adaptations including webbed feet, muscular strength, specific body density as well as shape and breathing alternatives. So the answer to the question – Can crows swim is..  Crows can neither swim nor ever learn to swim. … Read more Can Crows Swim?

Do Crows Eat Squirrels?

Crows can eat almost anything, from fresh vegetables to even dead animals. However, fresh meaty meals are always preferred over wilting plants. Therefore, If a crow can manage a squirrel, it will most certainly eat one.  That said, squirrels are extremely fast rodents. Hunting them requires a lot of energy. Consequently, crows normally get to … Read more Do Crows Eat Squirrels?

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