Old Cockatiel Behavior

Cockatiels are excellent life companions. A pet cockatiel can live beyond 25 years, while a wild cockatiel can live for 13 to 15 years. The domesticated cockatiels live longer because they are protected from predators, and their diet and health are closely monitored. 25 years is a long time So, how do you know your … Read more Old Cockatiel Behavior

Are Cockatiels Messy? 

It is undeniable that taking care of birds is an enjoyable, stress-relieving, and wonderful experience. Of course, who wouldn’t love talking and playing with these loving, small, and colorful creatures, right? One of the most common birds that are good for any bird owner is cockatiels. They are gentle and affectionate pets, though in reality, … Read more Are Cockatiels Messy? 

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