Budgie Head Drooping

Budgies make fantastic pets. These amazing creatures are resilient, extremely easy to care for, and great fun to watch. However, centuries of survival instincts in budgies, being birds of prey, have taught them to hide away any signs of weakness and illness. And, so it becomes quite a challenge for budgie owners to ensure that … Read more Budgie Head Drooping

Budgie Choking

Budgies are lovely animals, and they make great pets. And, perhaps the few things that make budgie such popular domestic avian pets are their hilarious antics and incredibly intelligent creatures. Now, these fantastic pets are very easy to care for, but Nature has somewhat designed budgies in such a way that their upkeep becomes even … Read more Budgie Choking

Can Budgies Eat Tuna?

Budgies make fabulous pets as these creatures are popular for their funny ways, affectionate nature, and being low-maintenance pets. But, even with birds as sturdy and easy-to-care-for as budgies, you still have to be cautious as pet parents. If you are wondering – Can budgies eat Tuna?  Yes, budgies can eat tuna. Yet, you have to … Read more Can Budgies Eat Tuna?

Budgie Rubbing Bum 

You might find it weird sometimes to see your budgie rubbing its bum. You don’t need to worry as this is actually a normal sexual behavior among birds. Parakeets shaking its entire butt would only signify an interest in mating. Your budgies, particularly males, will rub their bum against objects such as their toys, perches, … Read more Budgie Rubbing Bum 

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