My Budgie Hates Being Touched

When you adopt a budgie it can be very exciting!

Especially as we all know how sociable they are and how much fun they are

Easy to take care of and they bring lots of joy to the household

Now of course, you want to pet your budgie and build that close bond

But here’s the thing – You budgie hates being touched! 

This can make you very upset and worried too

You may have have your budgie for a couple of months now and yet there is no sign of your budgie being used to you and allowing you to pet it

I’m here to bring you good news

You got nothing to worry about!

This is actually normal

“What normal?!! My budgie won’t bond with me!”

I hear you!

You have to remember though, it takes time

There are many reasons why your budgie doesn’t like being touched

Let’s find out why

Why Doesn’t My Budgie Like Being Touched?

There could be a number of reasons why your budgie don’t like being touched

Here are some of the reasons


Your budgie is new and is scared

This is normal

I mean, think about it, you’re a big giant compared to your budgie

Your budgie is in new environment so they’re obviously frightened and cautious

Now imagine a big hand coming at it to pet it, your budgie will get scared

That’s natural

Just Doesn’t Like It 

Some budgies just don’t like being petted

You see, mammals like being touched

A dog, cat, a horse!

These are all mammals and touching them and petting them, no problem at all

They are used to it from a young age

For example a cat, from birth the mother would lick their kitten to give them a bath

So they’re used to it

A bird is not a mammal

Budgie parents don’t excessively touch their young

So imagine a big clumsy hand going in to stroke a budgie that’s not used to it!

But this doesn’t mean they are not affectionate

Budgies are very affectionate!

Bad Past

Unfortunately some budgies may have had a bad past

And this can cause anxiety and stress when they see another human trying to touch them

These are the possible reasons why your budgie don’t like being touched

Don’t worry! All hope is not lost!

You can work your way around this

I’ll explain

How To Get My Budgie To Trust Me?

If your budgie allows you to touch it then that means they trust you

So it’s all about trust

If your budgie is new to the house then you’re going to have patience

Patience is key 

Don’t expect your budgie to straight away let you handle it

It can take months!

Yes months!

But trust me, the wait would be worth it

What you do is, let your budgie be used to your presence

Stay with your budgie and talk with it in a soothing voice

Don’t get your budgie alarmed by making sudden movements or sticking your hand in the cage

Give your budgie their favorite food and treats

And then slowly extend your hand towards them

This part is important

See how your budgie reacts when your hand is extended out to them

It’s all about reading your budgies cues

If your budgie is happy then you can start to slowly touch it

How To Pet a Budgie

Once your budgie is used to you being near their cage and your hand inside, this is a good indication

Important – if your bird resists when your hand is extending towards them, retreat and don’t panic or force your budgie!

You can try by lightly touching and petting your budgie beak

If your budgie allows this, then slowly go to the skin of the face just behind the beak

You can then work your way around the side of your budgies head (that’s only if they are comfortable)

If at any time your budgie gets scared, stop and try again another time

Never force your budgie

This will make things worse and make your budgie scared of you

Take it easy and slow

Another you can try is to get your budgie to stand on your finger

This would be awesome!

Pretty much the same thing but this time stick your finger out and see if they hop onto it

Keep food in one hand and see if your budgie hops onto your finger to eat the food

If they do hop onto your finger, you can then try and slowly pet your budgie

If your budgie resists, stop immediately

Take it slow and easy

Remember – Patience is key! 

Before You Go..

Some budgies don’t like being touched

This is normal so if this it the case, you might just have to accept your budgie just doesn’t like being touched!

But this doesn’t mean they won’t be affectionate with you

If your budgie likes you (Which I’m sure your budgie does or will definitely grow to like you) then your budgie may land on you and press their head against your neck

This is called the budgie cuddle – Pretty cute right?

I actually have written an article about getting a budgie to like you which you can check out by clicking the link below

How to make a parakeet like you?

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