Can Budgies Be Left Alone For a Week?

Budgies are sociable animals

That means they need company – They love being in a flock

They thrive at this

And of course, you’re part of their flock too

Sometimes we can’t always be there for our budgies

But what about if you’re going on a vacation?

Or something important has come up and you need to be away for a few days

A question may arise and you may wonder – Can budgies be left alone for a week? 

In short – no they can’t be left alone for a week

Forget a week, you shouldn’t leave a budgie alone for more than 24 hours

The less they are alone the better

You see, budgies are used to company and being in a flock

Now imagine a whole week! That is dangerous

I’ll tell you why

If a budgie is left alone for too long it can cause anxiety and boredom (Check out my article – Can budgies die of boredom?

Your budgie may become stressed too

Another factor you have to consider is how will they be fed? Who will give your budgie company

Let’s get into more detail in this article

How Many Days Can You Leave a Bird Alone?

It shouldn’t be more than 24 hours

Even then, you should try to not let your bird be alone for more than 8 hours

If you’re at work then yes, you got no other option

But if you had a choice, you shouldn’t let your budgie be alone for more than 24 hours

If possible, less than 24 hours if you can

I would recommend having a family or friend come over to feed your budgie and spend some time with your budgie if you’re going to be gone for over 24 hours

Another thing to remember is, you have to make sure your budgie is used to your family member or friend otherwise they may not appreciate their company

This is because your budgie has no idea who that stranger is or if they have been around your family member or friend, your budgie may get jealous and become aggressive towards them

So if you are thinking about getting someone to check in on your budgie and spend time with them

You should do this a a couple weeks in advance if possible just so your budgie gets used to their presence

Do Budgies Like To Be Left Alone?


Budgies don’t like to be left alone

But hey, all budgies have different personalities

In general, budgies love company as they are very sociable birds

So to leave a budgie alone can cause boredom and depression

If you have to work during the day and you have no choice but to leave your budgie alone, that’s a different matter

You should, however, make sure they have plenty of toys, food and water available

Puzzles, swings (Which by the way I wrote an article about – Why do budgies like swings?) should be available for your budgie

I’m pretty sure your budgie knows your routine so would expect to be left alone for a certain amount of hours

Leaving your budgie alone for longer than a day is not advisable

How Long Can My Parakeet Be Left Alone?

As mentioned earlier, the maximum should be 24 hours

Even then I would not recommend this

Unless you have someone to come over and look after your budgie for that duration

This should be okay because at least you know your budgie is being fed and has some company

Try your best to not let this situation happen though

Yes, sometimes things are not in our control so it’s important to plan ahead and make sure your budgie is comfortable around other people too

That way, your budgie is not overly attached to you

Do Budgies Get Bored Alone?

It depends

If your budgie is used to being alone for a certain time, then they may get used to it and know your routine

Always make sure they have some things to do to keep them entertained

But if your budgie is not used to be alone, then yes, they can get bored

Boredom in budgies is not very good as this can cause depression too and anxiety

One option is to get another budgie (if you can)

This would be great because as mentioned, budgies love company

Having a friend would do a world of good for your budgie especially if you have to go work

Your budgie would have a companion and someone they can play with and I guess talk to!

It will give you a piece of mind knowing your budgie has a friend and is not alone

Another thing would be to get a large bird cage

Your budgie will have plenty of space to fly about and you get the opportunity to add plenty of toys

Check out my article where I recommend some pretty big bird cages

Best large cage for budgies 

Also, I’ve written an article about budgies living alone

You can check it out here >> Can a budgie live alone?

What To Do With a Budgie When You Go On Holiday?

Good question

The best thing you could do is have someone over to spend time with your birdie

Remember though, you have to plan this in advance and make sure your budgie is used to the person that’s going to give time

It’s very important to plan in advance

So if you’re going on a vacation in a 2 months time

Get your family member or friend that will be coming over to start to come way before you go on vacation

Get your budgie used to their presence

Allow the person to feed your budgie and play with it

That way your budgie will be used to them so when you’re on holiday, your budgie won’t miss you (Kidding, they’ll miss you of course but not as much!)

This leads me to my next point

Do Budgies Miss Their Owners?

That depends

If you have just one budgie and they’re so used to you doing everything for them and playing with them, then yes, they will miss you

Budgies can become very attached especially if they’re the only budgie

So if you going away for a day or even a couple of hours, they will miss your company as they’re used to it and have created that bond with you

Remember, you become part of their flock

But if you have more than one budgie then they may not miss you as much as a single budgie would because they have friends to keep them busy!

That’s why it’s a good idea to give your budgie a friend (if you can)

Your budgie has company and they’re not overly attached to you so you can go out of the house for a couple of hours

Sometimes a overly attached budgie can be difficult because budgies do get jealous and as soon as you don’t give them that attention they used to because things have changed it can cause bad behavior

I talk more about this in my article – Do budgies get jealous?

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