Why Do Budgies Like Swings?

Budgies are known to be playful and sweet companions.

They love interactions and interesting activities. 

These birds are one of the best pets to have since they are not only easy to take care of, but their overall personality is absolutely adorable.

However, taking care of them does not only revolve around giving them shelter, food, and care.

If you want to give the best to your budgies, providing them with some entertainment is a must.

Parakeets love swings since it gives them a thrilling and fun experience.

They absolutely go crazy about these toys as budgies love the feeling of air flowing through their wings. 

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In this article we are going to discuss the following

  • Do budgies like swings?
  • What toys do budgies like the most?
  • Do birds like swinging?
  • How to tell if your budgie is bored
  • How much attention your budgie needs

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Do Budgies Like Swing? 

If you are eyeing some toys to give to your budgies, then swings are one of the best toys to go for.

These swings are an absolute craze for any parakeet.

They hold high entertainment value and make your little birds happy. 

Budgies like swings since they enjoy moving and playing around their cages.

Swings take their plays to a higher level with their motion and let the budgies feel the air flowing. 

Does that mean, it’s their favorite toy?

Let’s find out what is!

What Toys Do Budgies Like The Most?

Giving your budgies toys to play with is very important.

They are playful and active birds, so not having any toys to play around with would make them sad and ultimately bored

Keeping your budgies entertained is one of the few necessary things included to take care of them. 

Some toys you can give to your budgies are swings, ladders, balls, perches, and ropes.

This is because they can use these toys to perch and hang on around their cages.

Your budgies would also love it if there are any bells or chimes they can hear.

After all, budgies are very vocal birds. 

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Do Birds Like Swinging?

Birds love swinging, so having swings for your pet birds is a must.

After all, birds feel one with the air similar when they are flying.

The motion of the swing and the air that flows through their feathers and wings are satisfying for them.

Not to mention, birds love perching as well.

Being able to perch while also moving in the air is thrilling and exciting for them.

Swings are one of the toys that make any birds happy because of the entertainment it gives them. 

How Do I Know If My Budgie Is Bored? 

Keeping your parakeets happy and entertained is important.

In fact, it is one of the few necessary things to consider when you are taking care of a parakeet.

It is not enough that you only give them food, water, and shelter.

As their owner, interactions and attention are important.

A bored budgie is a destructive budgie.

You will know that you need to give them extra attention when they are displaying unusual behaviors.

Some of the signs that your budgie is bored are feather-picking, biting, screaming, and any other aggressive behaviors. 

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How Much Attention Do Budgies Need a Day? 

Budgies are playful and social birds, so giving them your attention should always be done daily.

Once your parakeet feels that you are not giving them attention, they can get bored and become destructive in the long run. 

There is no specific time required to give to your budgies as it will still depend on what works for you and your schedule.

Some say that at least an hour a day will suffice, but it might be better if you can at least spend 2 hours of your day with your pet bird.

This, of course, does not need to be done one time.

It is recommended to spread these 2 hours a day in multiple playing sessions. 

Wrapping Up

Keeping your budgies entertained is a must.

You can simply make your budgies happy by spending your time with them.

After all, they are highly playful and active birds, so giving them attention is one of their basic needs.

You can also improve their daily living by giving out toys in their cages.

Some toys you can give are swings, ladders, ropes, balls, bells, and chimes.

These toys can keep your parakeets entertained most of the time. 


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