Budgie Moving Beak But No Sound

Budgies or parakeets are adorable companions, but they can also be hard to guess sometimes.

These birds have a lot of habits or behavioral patterns that can be pretty tricky to figure out the meaning behind.

For example, when they are moving their beak and mouth, but without any noise or sound. 

This can be worrying for owners

So the question is – Why is your budgie moving their beak but with no sound?

Their beaks are one of the most commonly used parts of their body and are really useful in their daily life.

They mainly use it for eating food, vocalizations, and more.

When they are moving their mouth without making any noise, there are actually a lot of possible reasons behind that.

One, they could only be yawning as birds also express their drowsiness through this.

It could also mean that something is stuck in their throat, or may also mean they are in not good condition. 

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Why Does My Budgie Move His Beak Without Making a Noise? 3 Possible Reasons 

It is important to be keen around your budgies and notice every small unusual behavior.

Likely, moving the beak without any noise can be very weird.

But what could it really mean? 

Here’s 3 possible reasons

1. Your budgie is yawning 

Like humans and any other animals, birds can also yawn too.

When they do this, they close and open their mouth without letting out any sound.

This is similar to how we and other animals yawn when we are sleepy. 

2. Your budgie has something stuck in its throat or mouth

When they are feeling uncomfortable about something in their throat, they might move their beak to resolve it.

Your parakeets will continue to move their beaks without making a noise when they are attempting to remove the food or item that is stuck in their mouth or throat. 

3. Your budgie is panting 

A parakeet that is not feeling well and cannot breathe properly will move its beak without any sound.

This is because it is panting; it means that your bird is not able to breathe properly and is desperate for air. I

t is easy to distinguish this from other reasons as your bird will obviously look like it is struggling big time. 

Why Are My Budgies Not Making Noise? 

Parakeets are known to be spirited, vocal, and playful.

When they are not making any noise, it is easy to get really worried about them.

After all, an ill budgie would not be in their usual self at all.

This is because they are too sick or are not really feeling well to become playful and vocal like usual. 

And when it has come to that point, then the situation may already be worse since budgies hide it well when something is wrong with them. 

Another reason why your budgies are not making any noises is that they are still baby birds.

A young budgie (around four weeks old) and even the ones that are slowly maturing (five to six weeks old) tend to become quieter.

This is normal and they will soon turn into the usual chirpy birds when they mature. 

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Why Is My Budgie Moving Its Mouth? 

Your budgie has a lot of reasons to move its mouth.

Do not worry, since most of these reasons are normal and harmless.

For example, when they are moving their beak, such as opening and closing it, it could be because they are yawning or regulating their temperature. 

Birds express sleepiness through yawning.

Also, they are also moving their mouths to cool their body down since birds cannot sweat.

Of course, there are possible bad reasons as well which you need to keep an eye on

Moving its mouth may also mean that they are trying to remove something stuck in its throat.

It could also mean that they are terrified or feeling uneasy. 

Why Is My Budgie Shaking Its Beak? 

When your bird is also shaking its beak, it could mean that they are frightened or in great distress.

Remember that parakeets are prey birds and they easily get scared 

A shaking beak and body mean that they are greatly overwhelmed by something.

This is somehow similar to trembling.

When you happen to see your budgie doing this, make sure you act quickly to comfort them or it could lead to severe problems, affecting their health. 

Wrapping Up

Parakeets may often move their beaks without any sound.

It is important that you know the potential reasons behind their actions.

After all, it is one way to attend to your budgies’ needs and take care of them. 

When they are moving their beak, it is because they are probably yawning, panting, or attempting to remove something that is stuck in their throat.

Discovering the body language of your birds and their meanings is a great way to understand them and take care of them better. 

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