Can Parrots Eat Chives?

There are treats for our parrots that can easily be found in our refrigerator.

Some of the fruits and vegetables we have stored are good sources of vitamins and minerals for our birds.

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Of course, like any other household, you probably have some bulbs of onions, garlic, and a few chives.

Can these vegetables be consumed by your parrot?

Can parrots eat chives?

Unfortunately, the answer is no.

Never attempt to feed your birds with these vegetables as they are toxic and lethal for their health.

Chives, like onions and garlic, can cause your parrot sick, regardless if these are served fresh or cooked.

They may suffer from a condition called hemolytic anemia, or ruptured red blood cells. 

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Are Chives Parrots Safe?

Eating chives will never be safe for parrots.

This vegetable is toxic and dangerous for your pet birds to consume.

This is because of the sulfur compound found within chives and in other vegetables in the onion family. 

When these compounds find their way into the mouth, esophagus, and even in the crop of your bird, they can cause ulcers and severe weakness in your birds.

Ultimately, the after-effects of consuming these vegetables would be anemia. 

Can Parrots Eat Chive Flowers?

Some owners believe that other parts of the chives like their flowers and seeds are safe for their parrots.

Unfortunately, this belief is not true at all and may put their bird in a grave situation. 

May it be the chive itself, its leaves and flowers, or even the seeds, they are toxic to parrots. 

Due to the high amounts of the sulfur compound, chives can cause several health problems.

This includes anemia, diarrhea, kidney problems, and other digestive issues.

Naturally, it is better if you don’t feed any parts of chives to your parrots as a caution.

What Herbs Can Parrots Not Eat? 

Most of the herbs you can find in your home are safe for your parrots to eat.

They will not only have a new taste to enjoy but other several health benefits as well.

Of course, some restrictions still exist in their diets.

If you have herbs and even spices like cinnamon, liquorice root, witch hazel, and wormwood, then be sure that you will not give them to your parrot by mistake.

These are some of the few unsafe herbs that are toxic to your pet birds. 

Which Plants Are Poisonous For Parrots?

Although a parrot’s diet is primarily made up of seeds, vegetables, and fruits, there are still some foods that are poisonous for them.

This is especially true for plants, therefore you should be careful about feeding plants to your parrots. 

Some of the toxic plants to avoid are avocados, nightshade plants, lilies, foxgloves, eggplants, ivy, mushrooms, and even oleanders.

These plants contain dangerous substances that are really lethal for your bird’s health.

Though there are plants that only have specific poisonous parts, it would be better to avoid giving any part of these plants to your birds. 

Wrapping Up

There are a lot of foods to give to your parrots that are only found within your home.

Garlic, chives, and onions do not belong to this list since they contain high amounts of the sulfur compound.

These substances are highly lethal to your parrots and can cause several health problems like anemia, kidney issues, and digestive problems. 


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