Do Seagulls Eat Pigeons?

In the world of birds, the law between predator and prey is inevitable.

There are a lot of predatory birds that continue to hunt for weaker ones, and one of them is seagulls.

These birds are known to go after animals that can be hunted for food. 

Pigeons, on the other hand, are quite scattered in various places.

They are quite large in number, which makes it possible that they are good target prey for seagulls.

So the question is – Do Seagulls Eat Pigeons?

When seagulls do not have any more options, they would hunt and kill pigeons.

The sight of gulls eating pigeons can be quite terrible, but seagulls are in a higher place than pigeons in terms of hierarchy.

They are most likely to have predatory instincts over them. 

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Do Seagulls Attack And Eat Pigeons? 

Seagulls are cunning when it comes to hunting other birds.

They are considered predators by other weaker animals, including pigeons.

Gulls hunt and eat pigeons.

They would normally wait for pigeons to lower their guard, then go for a full assault. 

In fact, it is quite not a surprise to even see these large birds devouring a pigeon’s body.

Nevertheless, gulls will not always go for pigeons as food, but only when they can no longer see any more viable food options. 

Basically, it would be their last option or last resort and if they are really really hungry!

It’s not normal for a seagull to go out of their way and hunt and eat a pigeon

Do Pigeons And Seagulls Fight?

Pigeons and seagulls do not fight, as it will only be more of a one-sided bird fight.

Gulls are stronger and have more predator instincts than pigeons.

They always remain on top of them in terms of hierarchy.

Pigeons always end up being dead and hunted by these birds of prey. 

Naturally, the poor preys know this.

Hence, they know that putting up a fight against a seagull would be quite difficult.

They would most likely have a stronger instinct to fly and escape away from the gulls rather than fight 

Will a Seagull Eat Another Bird? 

Seagulls normally have fish, crustaceans, insects, berries, and even carcasses as their daily diet.

Since they live near oceans, most of their food comes from the sea.

Still, it does not mean that gulls will not have any birds as their food. 

Reports even say that gulls are turning cannibalistic nowadays.

They are now hunting other weaker birds, such as pigeons and sparrows when an opportunity arises.

This makes sense since gulls are predators and they have that natural instinct to hunt and kill another bird for food. 

What Bird Is a Seagull Afraid Of? 

Though seagulls are predators of smaller and weaker birds like pigeons, there are other birds that are stronger than them.

Seagulls may be a predator, but from a viewpoint of a wilder and stronger bird, they are also prey. 

Seagulls are afraid of hawks, particularly the Peregrine hawks.

These gulls will also not hesitate to escape areas where owls and eagles are lurking.

These birds of prey are only a few dangerous predators that seagulls are afraid of. 

What Is The Natural Enemy Of a Seagull?

Although there are a lot of birds and other animals that could rival the seagulls, there have no official natural enemy of these birds.

They do not have any arch-enemies that have really bad blood with them, but only predators. 

Eagles, hawks, and owls are birds of prey that seagulls are afraid of.

On the ground, seagulls can pretty much get in danger with foxes, tigers, raccoons, and other dangerous animals.

They also need to be careful in the sea since sharks and other predators in the ocean can get them. 

Wrapping Up

Fish, crabs, insects, and even berries are normally what seagulls do eat on a daily basis.

However, they will also hunt and eat pigeons, especially when they cannot find any other food in the wild.

This is quite normal and to be expected since pigeons are only prey to gulls. 

Seagulls are stronger and larger birds than pigeons and they would also hunt other weaker birds for food.

If there are birds that seagulls are afraid of, they would be in front of eagles, owls, and hawks which are usually the top birds of prey in the world. 

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