Can Cockatiels Eat Biscuits?

Biscuits are one of the best snacks to go, especially if you are hungry or want to chew on some snacks because most likely you’re bored! 

Some cockatiel owners even share these biscuits with their pet birds.

But would it be safe for cockatiels to have biscuits like yours too? 

Can Cockatiels Eat Biscuits?

Cockatiels can eat biscuits and these crackers as tasty treats.

But, it is best that you will not mindlessly feed them these crackers, since not all variants are healthy and safe.

The best biscuit to give to your cockatiel is a plain, unsalted biscuit.

Remember that crackers contain salt, sugar, and unsaturated fat which are all harmful to your bird’s health. 

Overall, it’s best if you avoid giving your cockatiels biscuits

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Are Biscuits Good For Cockatiels?

Biscuits, in general, are safe for your cockatiels to eat.

As long as the cracker is plain, unsalted, or does not have any high levels of sugar and salt, it will be fine.

Treat crackers as nothing but snacks to your cockatiels and never part of their proper diet. 

Because even biscuits can bring your cockatiel’s taste buds to a higher level, they do not bring any significant nutrition to their health.

It is also better to be selective and choose bird-friendly biscuits if you want to feed them. 

Can Cockatiel Birds Eat Crackers?

Yes, cockatiels can eat crackers.

They are quite tasty and appealing to their taste, so it wouldn’t be surprising if your bird liked them.

The different flavors that come in these crackers are really appealing.

But never let your birds have crackers as part of their diet – they are not healthy.

In fact, avoid feeding your cockatiels crackers that are high in sugar, fat, and salt.

These are not good for your cockatiels’ health and will never bring any benefit to them.

Just treat biscuits as a treat that you give to your birds every once in a while. 

Can Cockatiels Eat Sweet Biscuits?

Sweet biscuits are fine as long as they stay in moderation.

Do not feed your cockatiel too many sweet biscuits since they contain high amounts of sugar.

If you insist on giving them crackers, it is far better to give plain and unsalted crackers instead.

Having too much sweets in their diet can cause health conditions like obesity.

An obese cockatiel would have health problems, particularly heart disease and diabetes. 

This can lead to an unpleasant life

What Is a Cockatiels’ Favorite Food? 

Cockatiels have a wide range of diets and they are not picky about food.

This is one of the reasons why these precious birds are easy to take care of and good for beginner bird owners.

Still, it does not mean that cockatiels do not have their favorite food. 

Some of their favorite foods are fruits like bananas, papaya, apple, cherries, and kiwi.

You will also never go wrong with vegetables as well since they love them.

Some vegetables they like are carrots, spinach, pumpkins, beet greens, and sweet potatoes.

You can also try to feed them some seeds and grains since cockatiels also like these foods.

Let your cockatiel enjoy many foods as they like and have their own favorites.

After all, cockatiels have their own preferences too.

What Food Are Toxic To Cockatiels? 

Like how they have their own favorite and safe foods to eat, cockatiels also have restrictions.

There are foods that are toxic for them, therefore harmful.

Hence, it is wise if you learn more about these foods, so you can avoid the mistake of feeding your cockatiels something dangerous.

Here are some foods that is a no no for your birdie

Avocado, chocolate, salt, onions, garlic, fruit pits, and caffeinated snacks are toxic for them.

They also cannot eat foods that are high in fat and sugar since it may lead to obesity and more serious problems. 

You should also take notes of some foods that must only be taken in moderation.

Learning about the do’s and don’t of your cockatiel’s diet would surely help you a lot to keep them healthy.

Wrapping Up 

Cockatiels make wonderful bird companions, and they are also easy to take care of.

Some cockatiel owners bond with their birds by sharing the food they eat, like the biscuits they eat snacks.

These cute birds have no problems eating biscuits and crackers, as long as it is in moderation.

After all, crackers tend to have salt, sugar, and fat content.

Since these nutritional substances are not good for their health, it is best to limit them.

Only feed crackers very rarely like once in a while and stick to a healthier diet.

You can give your cockatiels fruits, vegetables, seeds, and grains which they absolutely love and are healthy for them. 


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