Budgie Foot Curled Up 

Many bird owners would probably agree that budgies are one of the best birds to have, especially if you are a beginner.

Not only they are easy to take care of, but they are also lovely, friendly, and great companions. 

Of course, if you are a beginner, it is also possible that you still need to become familiar with diseases and injuries that your budgie could potentially have or develop in the future (Hopefully that would never happen and your budgie always stay healthy!) 

One common symptom or problem you can notice is their foot curling up.

These instances are actually never caused by foot problems but can either be rather serious internal problems like liver and kidney diseases or simply overgrown toenails. 

Let’s get into more detail on why your budgie’s foot is curled up 

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Why Are My Budgie’s Feet Curled Up? (Possible Reasons)

It is easy to assume that when your budgie’s feet are curled up, they have foot problems.

Unfortunately, the real possible reasons could be something more serious and unexpected. 

Here’s four possible reasons as to why your budgies foot is all curled up

1. Overgrown nails 

In some cases, budgies may have their feet curled up because of their overgrown and uncomfortable toenails.

Because they would already have a hard time with their feet, it might get worse and start curling up.

Make sure that you are clipping and maintaining them regularly. This is very important!

2. Skeletal problems 

One possible reason why they have curled feet is because of some skeletal problems, like deficiencies.

Make sure that you are giving your budgies a healthy diet, and better seek help from an avian veterinarian as soon as possible. 

3. Kidney issues

Curled feet might just be one of the symptoms that may appear.

Kidney issues, like tumors, may cause curling toes.

However, these are not noticeable as other symptoms are more visible such as limping and paralysis. 

4. Fatty liver disease 

Budgies that are not given healthy food and usually eat a pure seed diet would develop fatty liver.

Curling feet and other symptoms may also appear, so it is really important that you feed your parakeets a well-balanced meal. 

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What Does Bumblefoot Look Like On a Budgie?

Bumblefoot is one of the most common foot problems that a bird may have, including budgies.

If you are not yet familiar with this foot problem, it would not hurt to know what it would be like.

After all, it may help you in taking care of your parakeet should a time of need arises. 

Small, red spots would appear on your bird’s feet as bumblefoot is an inflammatory condition.

Eventually, there will be a loss of scale in their feet and the skin will appear red and thin as if they are swelling.

Check carefully their feet and there should have hard, puffy scabs that look like blisters.

If these symptoms are present in their feet, then it is possible that your bird has bumblefoot.

You should take your bird to the vet asap to make sure they are okay and get them checked up

What To Do If My Budgie’s Foot Is Curled Up? 

A curled-up foot may look simple and not really worth giving extra attention to.

This assumption can endanger your parakeet as the curled foot is not a simple problem.

Oftentimes, new owners might think that their budgie has a foot problem.

However, foot problems are not really caused by foot diseases. 

These are usually caused by something more serious.

Hence, it would be a good idea to take your budgie to your nearest avian veterinarian.

The vet may conduct examinations and some tests that can help you determine what could be the problem and help your poor bird. 

How Do You Tell If Your Bird’s Foot Is Broken? 

If your bird’s foot appears to be broken, it is likely that it is really fractured.

After all, bird’s feet are all bones and cartilage and they are really quite easy to be injured. 

Birds that have their foot injured would not try to use the leg at all.

This includes not putting weight on the leg, limping, and the leg seems to be bent and look like it’s broken.

If you suspect that your precious bird has injured their leg, it is best to take them to a veterinarian to get help. 

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Wrapping Up

If your budgie has a curled-up foot, it is possible that your bird is suffering from a disease.

Foot problems do not mean that your parakeet has a foot-related disease.

Although it is possible that it may just be because of overgrown nails, it is best to examine your bird and check for any other symptoms.

Once other unusual behaviors and symptoms appear, it would be to best consult an avian veterinarian straight away 

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