Can Chickens Eat Moldy Bread?

One good thing about chickens is that they actually have a pretty good range of diets.

They can eat vegetables, fruits, feed, flowers, insects, and even leftovers.

One of the most common foods we consume is bread, and some chicken owners feed them small amounts of this staple food.

But is it really safe for chickens to eat bread, even moldy ones?

Chickens cannot eat bread in large amounts, let alone those that have already molds in it.

Even humans cannot eat moldy food as it can cause illnesses.

Hence, this is also true for chickens.

Chickens cannot eat any moldy food as it will only make them sick quite terribly.

At the same time, they cannot also eat bread in large quantities.

This is because their digestive tract is not that capable to digest such food, unlike other animals.

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Will Chickens Get Sick From Moldy Food? 


Eating moldy and rotten food has a serious risk to our health as humans, let alone if it will be chickens feeding on these bad foods.

fAs a rule of thumb, which is quite obvious, do not feed your chickens any food that has mold in it. 

Mold technically goes from green and white color to black ones.

The moldier the food, the more dangerous it is for your chickens to consume.

If you notice that their feed or anything that you will give to them has mold already, it would be a good idea to discard it and give them fresh food instead. 

What Happens When Chickens Eat Mold? 

Mold is a fungus that produces toxins, specifically mycotoxins.

These toxins cause a sick problem in a chicken’s crop called mycosis.

Ingesting toxins also leads to several harmful results that can be really lethal.

Some of the consequences your chickens would suffer from are problems in egg-laying and egg production problems.

Their immune system and appetite would also be detrimentally affected, leading chickens to become more susceptible to various diseases.

Some of these diseases might be related to their gizzard, respiratory system, liver, and infections. 

Can Chickens Eat Bread? 

Some chicken owners have it easy feeding their chickens bread.

Most of the time, they cut the bread into smaller pieces and give the flocks the bread crust as treats.

However, this practice is not considered to be practical and beneficial at all.

Although humans have bread as one of the staple foods, this is not the same for chickens.

In fact, eating bread can cause crop blockage which might lead to health complications and suffering.

The digestive tract of the chickens cannot also digest the food properly, not to mention that bread offers little to no nutritional value to them at all. 

Is It Safe For Chickens To Eat Stale Bread? 

Eating bread, as mentioned, may cause unwanted health risks, but that will only happen if the chickens are fed too much bread.

Generally, stale bread of any variety is safe for chickens to eat as long as it is only a little to moderate amount. 

Letting your chickens consume bread will be fine if you only do it occasionally too.

Just remember that moldy bread will not do as the molds present in it will only make your chickens sick.

Wrapping Up

Chickens can eat table food and leftovers, including bread.

Feeding them bread in small or moderate quantities may not pose any sort of health problem, but ideally, it is better not to feed them at all if you have other healthier options. 

Also, you must not give your chickens moldy bread or any food that is already rotten or moldy.

Mycosis and several other health diseases may happen to your chicken, leading to serious health deterioration. 


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