Chicken Hanging Head Down 

Chickens can and will get health problems from time to time, and it is best to check and treat them quickly.

After all, any symptoms that they may display might be a sign of something that is really serious.

One of the most concerning symptoms is seeing a chick or chicken having a wry neck.

So what is a wry neck?

Wry neck is sometimes called a twisted or crooked neck.

This is when the head appears to be twisted and permanently stays upward.

Wry neck is typically seen among chicks and adult chickens.

They also display a struggle or difficulty standing on their own.

There are several possible causes of wry neck: it can be caused by vitamin deficiency, head injury, or genetic disorder. 

Let’s get into more detail in this article and see how you can help your chicken if this happens

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Possible Reasons Why Your Chicken Is Hanging Its Head Down 

If your chicken has its head hanging down, it is possible that it has a wry neck.

Some further symptoms of this condition include poor balance and a head that is consistently looking upwards.

There are many possible reasons as to why your chicken may develop this problem:

1. Genetic Disorder

Unfortunately, a wry neck can be caused by a genetic problem.

Some chickens might just really have skeletal abnormalities at birth.

It is a pain to see your chicken is suffering terribly from this condition, so to avoid having more chickens to have this kind of problem, select your chickens carefully and give them proper treatment and care. 

2. Head injury

A serious head injury can cause wry necks to chickens, leading them to also have problems with balance and coordination later on.

To avoid this risk, overcrowding your chickens is highly discouraged. 

3. Vitamin Deficiency 

Failing to meet the nutritional requirement of your chickens would put them at a risk of developing a wry neck.

Vitamin B1 and E1 are primarily the nutrients that your chickens should meet to keep them healthy and thriving away from having a wry neck.

How Do You Fix Wry Neck In Chickens?

Fortunately enough, a chicken’s wry neck can still be cured.

Although it looks fatal as the head is hanging upside down, you can help your chicken by giving them plenty of vitamins like Vitamin E and Selenium.

Taking a careful consideration of their diet and routine would also help the chicken to recover in no time. 

However, during the treatment, it is better to isolate the chickens to prevent any possible accidents and further injuries to the neck. 

How Long Does It Take For a Wry Neck To Go Away? 

Wry neck is a condition that can be cured quickly as long as proper care and treatment is given.

Improvement can be seen within several days, though it does not really mean that the symptoms would go away quickly.

Taking care of a chicken that has a wry neck is meticulous and difficult.

You need to stick with the working treatment for several weeks until the chicken completely recovers.

After the recovery, give your chicken vitamin supplements for two more weeks to make sure that it will stay healthy. 

Is Wry Neck Fatal? 

Wry neck can be fatal when left untreated.

This is because the abnormal position of the neck would make it difficult for the fowl to eat and drink properly.

Poor eating habits can cause the chicken’s health to deteriorate, which might lead to death. 

How Do You Treat Vitamin E Deficiency in Chickens?

Treating vitamin deficiency in chickens is quite straight-forward.

The best way to supply your chickens vitamin E is simply feed them with foods that are rich in this nutrient.

Some of the food that you can give to them are sunflower seeds, dandelion, nettle, pumpkin seeds, and spinach. 

Make sure you also isolate the chicken when you are attempting to treat their vitamin deficiency.

This is to make sure that if ever a chicken already has a condition related to the deficiency, it will not be able to spread the disease to other flocks.

You should also take your chicken to the vet to get an expert opinion too

Wrapping Up

Wry neck is a treatable condition that chickens may develop.

It is usually caused by genetic disorder, head injury, or vitamin deficiency.

Fortunately, despite its bad appearance as the chicken seems to have its head upside down, it can improve with proper treatment and care.

If your chicken has a wry neck, better treat it immediately as it can lead to death when left untreated.

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