Can Chickens See Red Light?

It is common knowledge that birds, including chickens, have their own amazing characteristics incomparable to humans.

One of their unique and amazing feature is their vision as it is far superior than us.

But does it also include chickens visions?

Let’s find out!

Chickens are still considered as birds.

Like any other flying birds, they also have great vision that allow them to see the world at a whole new perspective.

In fact, chickens are tetrachromatic whereas they see four colors: red, blue, green, and ultraviolet light.

Using a red light in your chicken coop would actually help maintain your chickens.

Although chickens do not see red light as something like daylight, it still helps in maintaining order and providing calmness in the coop. 

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Do Chickens Like Red Light?

It cannot be said for certain that chickens love red light, but many chicken experts say that they do not show aggressive behavior towards red lighting.

If there were any effects of red lights on chicken, it is actually the opposite.

Red light help chickens to stay calm and avoid pecking each other

This is why you may often see the lamp inside the coop as red.

Although some chickens may show preferences, generally, it helps in maintaining peace in the coop as well as developing their maturity. 

Can Chickens Sleep With Red Light?

Red light helps your chickens have a great sleep at night.

This light makes everything for them dimmer, making it easier for them to rest calmly.

It will also help them avoid pecking each other since red light is proven to be effective in keeping peace in chicken’s coop. 

Exposing your chickens to red light would do no harm and it is also great to keep them warm, especially in winter.

Some chickens may find it odd at first, especially if they are used to sleeping in the dark.

But since red light is not perceived as daylight, your chickens will sleep fine. 

Are Chickens Afraid Of The Color Red?

Chickens are not afraid of the color red, instead they are actually attracted to it.

The color red stimulates their natural instincts to peck on other chickens to draw blood or get the flesh skin.

However, it goes in reverse if the light used in the coop emits red light.

The red light will make everything in their surroundings red, making it appear grayish in their eyes.

Hence, it reduces the chances of pecking and attacking other chickens. 

Is Red Or White Light Better For Chickens?

Taking care of chickens seems more complicated than it seems.

Small details such as deciding which light to use in their coop should also be carefully considered.

There are many arguments about which kind of light is best for chickens: is it red light or white light?

Truthfully, both lights are great to use for chickens.

White light is good to use as a lamp to illuminate the coop and it is also a great substitute for sunlight.

But do not use it for too long as your chickens might have trouble sleeping, since they view white light as daylight.

On the other hand, red light is great to calm your chickens and prevent cannibalism in the coop.

It is best to use red light to illuminate the coop at night since it helps chickens feel at peace.

It also aids in sexual maturity of chickens, just be careful not to expose it to baby chickens.

What Color Light Is Best For Chickens?

If you really want to give the best light to your chickens, use red light.

So far, red light outweighs the benefits that other colors available give.

Using red light helps a lot in keeping your chickens in check, such as preventing them from hurting and attacking one another. 

It is also great to use red light to stimulate the sexual maturity and egg production of your chicken.

Although it is not perceived as daylight, it is best to use red light for your chicken coop especially at night.

What Is The Best Light For a Chicken Coop? 

Lighting plays a pivotal role in keeping your chickens healthy and thriving.

As mentioned, it is best to use a red light for your chicken coop, especially if you want to reduce fights among your chickens which can result in injuries and blood! 

This is because red light makes the surrounding appear gray for chickens, making it hard for them to see blood and any other triggers for them to attack other chickens. 

Should You Leave a Light On For Chickens At Night?

It is best not to leave a light on for your chickens when it is night.

This is because chickens appear sensitive to lighting which could cause them trouble sleeping.

Chickens are afraid of the dark, but they can feel safe inside their coop even without lighting. 

In fact, leaving a light on inside the coop would only twist their sense of time.

To encourage a peaceful night and rest, let your chickens sleep in complete darkness. 

Wrapping Up

Chickens, like any other birds, are considered to be tetrachromatic.

They are able to see four different colors namely: red, green, blue, and ultraviolet light.

When taking care of chickens, many chicken experts recommend using red light as the color to illuminate their coop. 

Red light provides great help when it comes to calming down chickens.

It significantly reduces the instinct of chickens to peck on one another and prevents any serious chicken fight.

Red light also helps in your chickens’ maturity and egg production. 


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