Can Chickens Eat Nightcrawlers?

Taking care of chickens is fun and enjoyable, but it may also come with few troubles, like properly taking care and planning of their meals.

Feeding chickens some worms have been proven to be beneficial because of protein found in worms, but you still need to become aware of some risks. 

Nightcrawlers are big worms that live deep underground, and chickens do not usually encounter them during their foraging that much.

However, your fowls would certainly be happy if they spot an opportunity to eat them.

So the answer to the question – Can Chickens Eat Nightcrawlers?

Chickens can eat nightcrawlers, and these worms make excellent treats.

However, it is better to let them find these worms on their own or only feed them fresh nightcrawlers to minimize the risk of getting parasites. 

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Can Chickens Get Worms From Eating Nightcrawlers?

There is a possibility that your chickens may get worms and parasites from eating nightcrawlers.

In fact, any earthworm may have a parasite in them that your chicken can contract.

However, this does not really pose too much risk. 

Fresh, live nightcrawlers do not have high chances of having a parasite inside.

Just make sure you avoid feeding them dying worms as these are the ones that typically have diseases and parasitic worms like gapeworms that will certainly put your chicken’s health in danger.  

Are Nightcrawlers And Earthworms The Same? 

Technically speaking, all worms are referred to as earthworms and they only vary in species.

But in our point of view, it is the nightcrawlers that people refer to as earthworms.

These are the worms that typically are 8-10 inches long and 1/2 diameter. 

Nightcrawlers are just one of the earthworms, but we typically mean the nightcrawlers as the earthworm we commonly see. 

Can Chickens Eat Earthworms? 


Chickens can eat earthworms and they would be delighted to have them as their meal.

In fact, it will be quite beneficial for you to feed your chickens earthworms as they are rich in protein.

Chickens can eat any kinds of worms an regarding earthworms, they are considered to be superfood, given their nutrients. 

You can consider raising earthworms for your chickens by creating a compost pile.

This will allow you to have a great supply of worms, necessary to keep your chickens healthy and happy.

It also gives them a chance to forage which will keep them busy too!

What Kind Of Worms Do Chickens Like? 

Chickens like all kinds of worms.

You would certainly not have a hard time feeding your chickens these worms because they all equally share the same excitement to all kinds of worms they could be given to. 

Redworms (also called mealworms) and earthworms are great kinds you can feed to them.

You can also raise and breed these worms on your own, so you can have a fresh supply of them.

Most importantly, feeding worms to your chickens would absolutely bring wonders to their health. 

Should You Let Your Chickens Forage For Bugs?

Foraging is like second nature for chickens.

It is best to let your chickens free range and find their own food in nature.

Most of the time, your chickens would forage for seeds, feed, and insects in the wild which greatly satisfies them and it keeps them busy too

There is no danger to letting your chickens forage for bugs.

It will also bring them a lot of benefits like keeping them happy and healthy as insects also carry certain necessary nutrients. 

Talking about insects…

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What Insects Can Chickens Eat? 

Chickens love foraging insects and it is also a good thing to let them eat bugs as well.

This is because bugs carry nutrients, like certain vitamins and minerals, that help your chickens thrive. 

Grasshoppers, beetles, slugs, centipedes, spiders, ants, moths, and crickets are just some of the insects that your chickens would love.

Hence, it is better to let them free range in the field or in your garden to take these wild treats on their own. 

Wrapping Up

Nightcrawlers are big worms that we typically refer to as earthworms.

These earthworms carry a huge amount of protein that will help your chicken become healthy.

It is fine for chickens to eat these nightcralwlers, as well as other kinds of worms and insects. 

Just be sure that you are feeding your chickens or letting them free range fresh and live nightcrawlers to make sure that they don’t get any parasites from them. 


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