Parrot Rescue Oregon

If you have come across a lost pet, or if you have observed someone being abusive towards their parrots, you may be in a situation where you don’t know exactly what to do

In all such cases, I suggest you contact your local bird rescue centers or shelters for guidance. 

These rescue centers do provide protection to homeless, orphaned, or abused animals.

They also sell pets which you can adopt at a reasonable price from these rescue centers

Normally, animal rescue centers limit their services for certain kinds of animals living within a single region, typically for abused cats and dogs.

Otherwise, exclusive shelters are built only for raptors.

I have been writing a series on rescue homes for parrots.

This way, I can easily narrow down bird shelters that are working within certain regions and support exotic pet birds. 

This article will explore parrot rescue options based in Oregon

If you’re looking for a Parrot rescue center in Orlando then you’ll love this article

I have gathered the information about the rescue center and also provided contact details such as contact number and address

That way, it’s very easy for you to find one as you don’t have to browse different websites

I hope you find this useful

Parrot Rescue Oregon

Hey Cute Bird Oregon Parrot Rescue

For families that love birds, Oregon’s community partner offers rehabilitation services.

They don’t have a website but they do have a Facebook page where you can get more information on what they offer

Check out their details below

Location: Salem, OR, United States, Oregon

Phone: +15033955900


Website: |

Exotic Bird Rescue of Oregon

The Exotic Bird Rescue of Oregon (EBR) is a parrot refuge managed entirely by volunteers that seeks to place every bird in a loving and secure environment.

The group, which was established in 1994 in response to a local case of parrot mistreatment, has developed over the years into a reputable and committed leader in the care and adoption of birds in the region.

Based in Portland and Eugene, Oregon, they take in unwanted, abandoned, hurt, or lost exotic birds, place them in suitable foster homes until adoption, and offer continuous information and education to current and aspiring exotic bird owners.

A great rescue center if you want to adopt a parrot or an exotic bird

You can check out their details listed below

Location: P.O. Box 184​, Springfield, OR 97477

Phone: +15412343312



Second Chance Bird Rescue

The Second Chance Bird Rescue was founded in May 2012 by Donna Costley for  the purpose of providing a loving rescue and sanctuary for homeless, unwanted and special needs parrots. 

It is a small rescue here in Bend, Oregon on ten acres. 

They have outdoor aviaries for the bigger birds to get them back to nature as best we can. 

All the birds receive quality care along with rehabilitation and hopefully re-homing.

It is not a shelter, but a place designed for relinquished parrots to experience a normal life and with interaction, resulting in less stress when they are re-homed. 

The flock experience greatly helps each bird to re-adjust from past issues and learn from each other, rediscovering joy and playfulness.

You can check out their details below

Location: 19084 Dayton Rd, Bend, OR 97701, United States

Phone: +19169562153



Feathered Friend’s Bird Rescue

The mission of Feathered Friends’ Bird Rescue is to save exotic birds and provide them with a temporary home until they can be adopted by loving families.

Location: NE Salem, Salem, OR 97301, United States

Phone: +19713881300


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