Parrot Rescue Maryland

If you have come across a lost pet, or if you have observed someone being abusive towards their parrots, you may be in a situation where you don’t know exactly what to do

In all such cases, I suggest you contact your local bird rescue centers or shelters for guidance. 

These rescue centers do provide protection to homeless, orphaned, or abused animals.

They also sell pets which you can adopt at a reasonable price from these rescue centers

Normally, animal rescue centers limit their services for certain kinds of animals living within a single region, typically for abused cats and dogs.

Otherwise, exclusive shelters are built only for raptors.

I have been writing a series on rescue homes for parrots.

This way, I can easily narrow down bird shelters that are working within certain regions and support exotic pet birds. 

This article will explore parrot rescue options based in Maryland

Parrot Rescue Maryland

Wilson Parrot Foundation

WPF is a nonprofit group whose mission is to save, care for, and rehome parrots.

Their goal is to inform people about keeping parrots as pets and how to care for them.

See their contact information below for further information.

Location: 26613 Ridge Rd, Damascus, MD 20872, United States
Phone: +13015263655

Icarus Foundation’s Chesapeake Parrot Sanctuary

The Chesapeake Parrot Sanctuary is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in Annapolis, Maryland, run by The Icarus Foundation.

Upon arrival at the sanctuary, one of their skilled avian veterinarians conducts a comprehensive assessment of each parrot.

Each and every one of their residents enjoys a daily fresh, largely organic food as well as tons of enrichment, such as toys, sunshine, fresh air, the chance to fly, and of course, a ton of love!

They currently have a wide variety of parrot species here.

See their contact information below for further information.

Location: PO Box 3036 Annapolis, MD 21403
Phone: +16673095574

Garuda Aviary

Garuda Aviary is a 501(c)3 non-profit parrot rescue and sanctuary that provides lifelong care for birds that have been abused, neglected, and abandoned.

Their goal is to raise public awareness of the serious commitment, burden, and difficulty involved in caring for parrots as pets and the sad consequences of the cruel and inhumane parrot trade.

See their contact information below for further information.

Location: 18400 River Rd, Poolesville, MD 20837, United States



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